What Is a Gift Tag?

The first few pieces of evidence of gift-giving were observed during the early stages of civilization. In the act of appreciating the efforts of the members in the group, cave dwellers gave gifts—such as an animal tooth and beautifully shaped rocks—to the people in the tribe. Hundreds of years later, the ancient Egyptians began practicing the activity to honor the coronation day of the pharaohs. The ascendance to the throne symbolizes the transformation of the royalty, marking it the “birth” of the pharaoh’s reign. What the Egyptians did would start a norm that society still practices today. In the modern setting, a gift has an accessory in the form of a small paper covered with greetings and thank yous.

A gift tag is a piece of well-decorated paper, usually in various shapes relevant to the occasion, containing short messages from the giver of the gift. The small parchment can have different colors to set the mood, as well as font styles. Having a gift tag accompanies the present is necessary to provide input on the person handing down the box.

Out of the Box: Unique Gift Surprises

There are several ways to celebrate various occasions like birthdays and holidays. Some people spend time away from home to enjoy the views of another landscape. For instance, some friends going to the beach or mountain to relax and refresh their thoughts. On the other hand, other individuals observe the affair by choosing parties and eating cakes. When the celebrant selects the latter, most of the guests have to prepare gifts. According to a study conducted by Survey Monkey, 59% of gift-givers include cards in their presents. In that perspective, more than of the guests attach gift tags to their items. So, what are some best gift ideas to have for celebrations?

Succulents: Similar to flowers, but with a thickened surface, succulents are becoming popular among many folks. Although a little bit thorny, the plant has a beautiful aura to light up the room. People can place the pot in a corner near the window or the desk table, creating an aesthetically pleasing look for the place. Succulents live longer than flowers; it only needs a few drops of water in the following weeks to survive (note: don’t water the plant every day). Additionally, succulents can be a memorable present that the receiver can cherish for a long time.Instant Camera: In this uncertain world surrounded by fleeting emotions, capturing the moment—in that exact frame—brings a lasting feeling of happiness. With that, having an instant camera can be the perfect way to embrace the situation and capture a great image. Moreover, it might be a hobby to develop for the recipient of the gift. Later on, the person can strive to be a photographer for magazines, nature tours, and holiday celebrations.Handmade Things: Instead of purchasing something from stores and boutiques, other people can make the gifts themselves. Handmade clothing or items have significance not only to the creator but also to the receiver of the material. The effort placed in the making of the bag, shawl, shirt, or cap shows how much the creator values the recipient of the item. Some handmade ornaments are wallets, picture frames, scrapbooks, and bonnets. Although it may take time and effort, the present will be worthwhile.Custom-made Material: If the individual has too much task at hand or quite busy with work, he or she can try having a custom-made gift. In this scenario, the person can go to stores to have custom-made items as gifts. Some people can choose iridescent vases, cute jewelry, carved wooden pencil holders, and cartoon-filled sneakers. Clients have many options for the design. But first, they have to be familiar with the favorites of the person receiving the gift.Collectible Item: A collectible item costs a fortune, primarily if the fan base consists of thousands of people. Despite the pricey amount, an item with a signed autograph from a famous celebrity or athlete will be one of the prized possessions of anyone. Other collectibles are limited editions of comic books, accessories, figurines, and clothes. It may cost much, but it can be an investment also.


Tagging Along: Occasions Requiring Gifts

Even when there’s no occasion, various individuals hand out gifts to family and friends. This gesture does not happen often, but when the opportunity arrives, it sends a wave of happiness and comfort to the receiver. All year round, a variety of celebrations take place throughout nations. Despite the different names, styles, and dates, people spend time celebrating the festivities. According to Statista, Americans do gift-giving at Easter season yearly. In 2018, 48% of the respondents prepared presents for children. Moreover, during this significant holiday, families enjoy the gift of life and value time with loved ones. Now, besides Easter, what other occasions need gifts?


Easily one of the days that never go unnoticed. Birthdays take place annually, but the fun continues with the progression of age. Whether the birthday party happens at the house, restaurant, or park, people enjoy the experience of being with family and best of friends. Most birthdays have themes, especially debuts. On the other hand, kids like superheroes and lego as the setting for their birthday.


Wedding anniversaries merit standing ovations. The effort of couples staying together despite differences, frustrations, and fights—that deserves something grand. Now, anniversaries are not only for weddings, but it can also be for the completion of buildings and inventions. But for this portion, the focus stays on weddings. Here are the names of the wedding commemorations: Wooden (5th), Tin (10th), Crystal (15th), China (20th), Silver (25th), Pearl (30th), Ruby (40th), Golden (50th), and Diamond (60th).


This celebrated holiday best illustrates the meaning of gift-giving. Parents, older siblings, friends, and other relatives exchange presents to remember the essence of the festivity. Furthermore, people send love and support to others by donating gifts to other groups in need. Truly, Christmas is the time for love, care, and hope.


When kids graduate from high school or college, their parents usually prepare presents for them. Some gifts are adventures or trips to other countries, sightseeing before joining the workforce. And then other parents give cars and fancy items. Either way, young adults deserve some sort of prize for their hard work.

How to Make a Creative Gift Tag

As mentioned before, a gift is not complete without the presence of a gift tag. People can scout stores to look for a creative paper to the card for the present, or they can make one. Consequently, the task demands time and effort, but the results can be heartwarming. After all, many individuals appreciate the determination of others when it comes to gifts. So, what are the ways of crafting a gift tag?

Step 1: Know the Celebration

Always start by familiarizing yourself with the upcoming occasion. What is the celebration all about? Who are the people involved? Is there a theme at the party? When you know what to expect from the affair, you will know what gift to get and what tag to make. For weddings, you need some elegant clothes and fancy gifts. With that, the gift tag should look fabulous as well.

Step 2: Choose a Colorful and Relevant Color Theme

Now that you have a working idea for the theme of the celebration, you should start looking at relevant colors to match the party. If it’s a pool party, you can use a plastic and transparent gift tag to go with the gift. On valentines, a big and hearty theme matches the mood. In most cases, an abundance of red-colored items is available everywhere. Hence, select colors that work best with the party.

Step 3: Write a Short, Meaningful Message

In dimension, the space in a gift tag remains small. But, it doesn’t mean you can adjust the material. By using editable templates, the planner can choose a gift tag sample to apply for the occasion. With a better room, you may write a short message for the receiver of the gift. Others try a poetic approach when writing the message. And then, some use kind words of encouragement. Either way, you say the intended words or notes.

Step 4: Add a Personalized Touch

And lastly, add a personalized touch to make the card stand out. In this way, the recipient will remember the effort you placed when thinking about the gift and the message. Some examples of personalization are initials, color patterns, and DIY designs. However, do not overdo the decorations on the tag.


Can the gift tag come with ribbons?

Gift tags have various decorations and layouts. Some have lines interconnected in patterns, and others have a blank canvass. Nevertheless, you have the option to place ribbons on the gift tag. Whether you select a red or blue ribbon, all of the colors are up to you. However, make sure that the card has a hole where you can attach the ribbon.

Can I include cartoon characters in the tag?

If the receiver of the gift is a toddler, you can include a cartoon character in the gift tag. Although the child will not read the message written on the material, the parents might appreciate the gesture. In addition, the cute card will surely complete the presentation of the gift.

Can having an editable template help save time?

Yes, having a ready-made template will save time and energy for business people. Entrepreneurs with busy schedules can use editable templates to create a gift tag for friends and family. Moreover, they can change some parts of the material to fit the celebration. You can find gift tag samples here on this website.

Can I place some glitter on the card?

On special occasions, adding a shimmer can help make the material stand out. Some weddings and anniversaries have glittery gift tags as a “thank you for coming” gift for their guests. At other times, individuals with a fondness for shiny decorative items can add the material in the tags.

The essence of gift-giving has many forms and faces. It can be children exchanging gifts for Christmas or adults giving cards to one another. Nevertheless, the magic of the act stays with those individuals showing appreciation to each other. Besides the words of comfort and care, the sender should also write it down. With that in mind, a gift card plays an important role in displaying the kind words of the giver. Thus, complete the look of the present with a tag.