What Is a Bar Cleaning Checklist?

A Bar Cleaning Checklist is a list of things that can be checked off as a completed or noted task. This is a to-do list that helps bar owners know what needs to be done and where they need to start a certain task. Instead of making a long list, this checklist should be divided into categories that needs to be completed during opening shifts, closing shifts, and throughout the day. There should also be a separate checklist with tasks that need to be done weekly to ensure that every area is cleaned and spotless.

Why Is Bar Cleaning Important?

Bar Cleaning is important to keep your customers coming. If a bar is dirty or disorganized, customers will not be able to enjoy their time or worse they will just decide to say, “We’ll come back later!” which is not really what’s going to happen. A bar should meet the required local health codes and follow proper sanitation procedures.

Maintaining a clean and orderly place will make it easier for you to search for the items that you need. Being organized means you won’t be needing to restock the items on a last minute during rush times, make changes, or try to wash glasses in a panic mode.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Clean Bar?

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from cleanliness of your space. It makes you safe from food contamination, it keeps the environment clean, prevents the illnesses, allergies, and some other harmful diseases, it boosts the mental health, there is a sense of satisfaction, mosquitoes do not survive in clean areas, and of course, it reduces the cost of maintenance.

In turn, because your business cares about the overall cleanliness and health of the well-being, your own customers will become the best marketing strategy. They will tell their friends and families about your place. You will be the first choice when people think about going out for a drink. Of course, most people like to go in groups, which means, your business will boom. Customers like to give comments about certain places. They use social media to express how they feel about everything. It would be nice to be included in their thoughts mainly because you have a business that values cleanliness.

What Could Go Wrong If You Don’t Have A Bar Cleaning Checklist?

If you do not have a Bar Cleaning Checklist, it is possible that you miss a lot of areas that needs to be cleaned and you will be disorganized. Some items will be misplaced and it will be harder to keep a smooth job. Bacteria and wild yeast could possibly grow at the wet or moist areas. This will eventually lead to health risks or allergies. Likewise, a number of pests or insects will be attracted to the environment you have. This will cause a serious effect in the success of your business. Your customers will no longer patronize your bar.

What Are The Kinds Of Bar Cleaning Checklist?

There are only 2 kinds of bar cleaning checklist. Bar Opening Cleaning Checklist is done before the customers come in. This is the time where workers make sure the bar is presentable each day before opening the establishment. On the other hand, Bar Closing Cleaning Checklist is done after the last customer steps out of the door. This is the time workers clean up the whole area before leaving their shift.

Here Are The Steps Found In The Bar Cleaning Checklist:

Bar Opening Cleaning Checklist

Clean The Shelves And Refrigerators. Do not keep these areas dusty. Get a spray cleaner or wet cloth to wipe the area spotless.Stock Shelves, And Fridges. Put out some supplies or refill the products that are going to be sold for the day.Put Dishes Away. Clean them well and put them back in the cupboards or wherever else you hold dishes in your area.Wipe Down The Bar Top And Stools With Sanitizer. Keep your bar top and stools sanitized and air dry them.Set Up Service Bars. Set up the straws, picks, bar mats, and other items to make your bar look presentable and ready for service.Cut And Display Garnishes. Get your limes, lemons, cherries, and olives ready for the garnishing of your customers’ favorite drinks.

Bar Closing Cleaning Checklist

Empty The Trash Bins. Dispose the empty bottles properly and do not forget to restock the wells.Wipe The Bottles. As a bartender, it is one of your duties to wipe down all bottles by using a sanitized rag.Label The Items. Place the remaining fresh fruit and juices into the sealed containers and label with the day’s date. Put the other garnish into their original containers also labeled with the day’s date to store until the next day.Clean The Beer Tower. Wipe down the draught beer towers with a clean warm towel and use a keg-line brush to clean out the ends of the taps.Clear The Tables. Gather any remaining dirty linen (rags, napkins, etc) and discard in the linen bucket.InventoryTake a proper inventory by hand and count the items that needs refill for the next day’s use. Stock the fridges with any beer, spirits, or wine that would need to be chilled overnight before the next service. Place every unused linens and silverware roll-ups into a bin or cabinet to be used again. Lastly, stock the walk-in with any kegs that may require to be chilled for the next usage.Mop. Do not forget to sweep and mop the floor before leaving.


How do I keep my bar clean all the time?

You need to change the water in the glass washing sinks behind the bar. Use sanitizer water. Make sure the trash bins are empty. Clear the dirty dishes from the bar top and the tables. Wipe down the bar top, tables, seats after each use. Keep your hands clean.

When is the best time to clean the bar?

It is crucial to clean your bar intensively at the closing time because this helps lessen the work when you open in the next morning. Furthermore, there were a lot of different people who entered and exited your bar, it is best to not let the dirt stay in the area until tomorrow morning.

What cleaning supplies should I use?

Bars should use what is required for them. It is advisable to use food-grade multipurpose cleaning brush set and liquid soap. A bar owner should provide a sanitizing bucket, sanitizer tablets, liquid sanitizer concentrate, scrubbing brush, and window cleaner.

What is the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting?

While cleaning removes dirt, germs, and other impurities from objects or surfaces, it works by using a detergent and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. Sanitizing, however, lowers the number of germs on the surfaces to a safe level, according to public health standards. This also lowers the risk of spreading viral infection. Disinfecting kills the germs on objects and other surfaces. This works by using approved chemicals and this process does not really clean dirty areas or remove germs, but by killing the germs after cleaning, it lowers down the risk of health issues.

What are the common cleaning mistakes to avoid for bars?

Some common mistakes in cleaning a bar is mopping the floor without sweeping the floor and clearing the area. There should be no obstacles before starting to sweep and then mopping the floor. Another is, forgetting to clean the table items. There needs to be a full attention to detail. If a bar is successful, it means it is busy. Make sure your workers are not too busy to clean the menus, condiment bottles, refill the table napkins, and other table items. An additional mistake is forgetting the garbage outside. Do not let the focus of the inside of the bar take away from the external details. Avoid letting the outside garbage bins get too full. Flies and ants will gather there making your customers doubt the proper sanitation of your bar. Make sure to follow the guidelines about throwing the trash when it gets half full. Lastly, this common mistakes is not having a Bar Cleaning Checklist. Every shift, the manager or team leader should have a checklist of what needs to be cleaned and how many times should it be done. This person in-charge should be the only one to check about how clean the item or the area is. This way, it is easier for the owner to call out the attention of the manager.

The good reason about having a Bar Cleaning Checklist is the added organization in the team. Working in a bar is such a busy task especially if it is on the peak hours, holidays, or weekends. Using a checklist will help a manager remember the cleaning tasks that needs to be completed. Creating a detailed bar cleaning checklist will make each employee know exactly which tasks they are responsible for throughout their shift. The checklist should be printed out for new copies and place them on the clipboards behind the bar. This is the most convenient way for the bartenders and other employees to check off tasks as they continue and help ensure that your establishment looks as good as possible for your customers.

Having a Bar for a business means being responsible and considerate. It sure is a good business because people can have fun and enjoy themselves. Aside from the fact that it is a perfect spot for catching up with some friends or with some colleagues, bars can help reduce stress. We can’t deny that it is also a comfortable place for those who just want to spend their time alone. So, it is best to always ensure that the management is practicing a smart and safe cleaning procedure so everyone is able to enjoy their time. Keep a clean and healthy environment because this will reward your business a great success!