What is a Marketing Scope of Work?

A marketing scope of work is a clear and well-designed document that contains a brief and clear description on the development plans of a particular marketing campaign project under a specific contract. It presents all elements of the business marketing campaign project which includes several marketing campaign reports, deliverables, key milestones, end products, and many more. This document acts as an integral tool in order to guide both the marketing consultant or marketer and the prospective client in having adequate knowledge and insight of the entire business marketing process, as well as necessary changes of the marketing campaign for the business.

According to a report, 75% of marketers utilize their reports to demonstrate how campaigns are directly impacting revenue in a business firm while less than 25% of marketers are not reporting how campaigns are impacting one’s revenue. This means writing reports and other documents like scope of work is valuable in a marketer’s job.

Thus, all types of marketers such as content marketers, digital marketers, email marketers, social media marketers, video marketers, and other key individuals working in providing marketing campaigns must effectively create a compelling and well-detailed marketing scope of work for the smooth flow and clear perspective of their business marketing campaign projects.

Different Types of Marketing 

Gary Armstong, Stewart Adam, Sara Denise, and Philip Kotler wrote in Principles of Marketing that putting the consumer at the heart of marketing is the common goal that top marketers today share. Marketing involves creating customer value and building profitable customer relationships by understanding the needs, wants and demands of the consumer, deciding which target markets the business firm or organization can serve best, and developing a compelling value proposition in terms of attracting, maintaining, and growing targeted consumers. Here we will explain to you about the different types of marketing plans below:

1. Content Marketing 

Are you responsible for creating and sharing online materials like articles and blogs which are mainly intended to stimulate the interest of the people about a particular brand’s products or services? A 2019 report published by SEMrush stated that less than 3,000-word articles get 3x more traffic, 4x more shares, and 3.5x more backlinks than shorter articles. Writing content for e-books, educational articles, graphics and videos, entertainment, and webinars is important in content marketing as it acts as an optimal method in turning one’s product into something that is unique and incomparable to everyone else’s. Thus, content marketing is a type of marketing that offers readers vital and informative material which provides insight and value, enticing prospective customers, and keeping them engaged.

2. Digital Marketing

Many brands, companies, and organizations leverage digital channels which include email, social media, search engines, and websites in connecting with existing and potential customers. This type of marketing is called digital marketing, being widely used around the world in encompassing all effective marketing efforts that live on the Internet. Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel, Ryan Deiss, Rand Fishkin, Larry Kim, Pam Moore, Tim Ferriss, and many others are some of the popular digital marketing experts and influencers who are professionals with years of vast unique experience in this field. One example of digital marketing strategies is creating a social media campaign which includes partnerships with influencers.

3. Email Marketing 

Avneet Kumar Singla wrote in the book Email Marketing Tips that email campaigns can be very useful tools in the online marketing industry as they involve sending periodic and information-loaded e-newsletters, and many others. Digital marketers use professionally-designed and well-written e-newsletters as a crucial component of a particular business firm’s email marketing campaign. They ensure that the information being provided to the email recipients is accurate, interesting, and informative. This will arouse the readers’ interest in the products or services of a business.

4. Social Media Marketing

Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some famous social media platforms available across the globe. A report published by Statista reveals that the top reasons why marketers see value in employing social networks in their marketing campaigns are improved traffic, lead generation, and growing fan loyalty. Also, around 70% of the U.S. population has at least one social media profile and the number of worldwide social media users is expected to reach about 3.6 billion people! Social media marketing contract is a type of marketing which can help you in finding an audience on one of the many famous social media channels that billions of consumers are using every day. It helps in improving brand authority and increasing conversion rates.

5. Video Marketing

Marketing teams in many brands and companies use video marketing by creating, curating, and utilizing videos to initiate effective marketing of products and services to their target audience. This is an innovative way of capturing the attention of the audience longer and more thoroughly than any other advertising medium. Some examples of videos for marketing are the spot, explainer, product demonstration, company culture, behind-the-scenes, customer testimonial, web series, branded mini-documentary, and branded short film.

Benefits of Using a Marketing Scope of Work

In order to initiate the budget estimation process in a certain marketing campaign project, the most important step is creating and using a marketing scope of work. It provides clear direction and purpose to every dimension of a business marketing campaign which appears to be vital information the project owners need to budget carefully. To fully strengthen your motivation and effort in becoming successful in a marketing campaign project for a company, know more about the benefits of using a scope statement of work for marketing:

1. Aim on Priorities 

You will be able to aim your priorities on the crucial areas where you think it’s important to focus for the marketing campaign project while using an effective marketing scope of work. Also, you can reference the scope for necessary details concerning any and all parts of a marketing campaign project such as key milestones, payment schedules, and special requirements for any one contract, as well as plans and specifications. So, the marketing scope of work should be accurate, and crystal clear as it can be because it is really important in providing vital information.

2. Elevates Business Marketing Campaign Success 

Through a well-detailed marketing scope of work, content marketers, digital marketers, email marketers, SEO marketers, influencer marketers, video marketers, and project managers are able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of a particular marketing campaign project plan. In turn, this will assist them in diminishing the weaknesses by further elevating the strengths in the goals tracking, targeting, planning, and execution of marketing campaign projects to be their success factor. Thus, using a simple and organized scope of work will build up the success of a marketing campaign project.

3. Clear Communication, Task Delegation, and Organized Planning

It is imperative that you clarify on the respective roles and responsibilities of the people inside the business marketing and public relations firm. Using a scope of work for marketing will help you in communicating and delegating the integral tasks and processes that must be achieved. A well-detailed scope of work is great in facilitating organized planning, ensuring that marketing project deliverables are clear and the work is done well. Remember this: “Preparation minimizes overruns, which not only keep clients happy, but also maintain a team in working efficiently, saving time and money.”

Basic Elements of a Marketing Scope of Work

In this section, you will learn how to construct an exceptionally-written and comprehensive architectural scope of work. However, an architectural scope of work has different elements. Include the following elements for you to create a profound piece of writing:

Executive Summary: One of the basic elements of a marketing scope of work is the executive summary. It provides a simple marketing campaign summary or overview of the document and the campaign which highlights the plan of the marketer that will be discussed in the overall marketing plan. It should be a compelling part as it showcases the mission statement of the marketing campaign project, plus a brief description on how the campaign will be beneficial in driving traffic and attracting potential customers. Goals and Objectives: What does the marketer and client hope to fulfill in facilitating a marketing campaign project? This is an integral part of the marketing scope of work as it contains essential information concerning the specific goals and objectives of the marketing consultant, digital marketers, social media marketers, content marketers and other individuals working on the marketing campaign project. Marketing Research and Development Analysis: Include some details about a thorough analysis of the different aspects of market and other related areas, as well as the nature and types of customers, size of market, customer attitude, buyer behaviour and many more. Anticipated Deliverables: Develop some promotional decisions regarding the advertising, sales promotion, and publicity of the client’s business products or services. Demonstrate the specific marketing strategies that will be performed throughout the campaign. Marketing Campaign Duration and Payment:While you are completing your marketing scope of work, you should write a simple overview of your marketing campaign project duration and payment. Include professional fees of your marketing team.

How to Create a Marketing Scope of Work

Developing a clear and well-written marketing scope of work should be systematic and visually-appealing which will provide you an effective framework in mapping out the significant tasks, marketing, advertising, and promotional methods and other aspects for a particular marketing campaign project. Below are some easy-to-follow tips that indicate how to create a clear and systematic marketing scope of work

Step 1: Write a Brief Overview of the Marketing Campaign Project

Al Ries said: “Marketing is not selling. Marketing is building a brand in the mind of the prospect.” The first step you should accomplish in creating a marketing scope of work is writing a brief overview of the marketing campaign project for the client or simply, creating a scope statement which outlines the overall marketing plan, especially on how you can build the brand value. This section contains a wide array of project deliverables and their special features. 

Step 2: Identify Definite Goals and Measurable Objectives

What are the fundamental steps you need to do to reach your marketing campaign project goals for the client? Which initiatives are most urgent? Identify definite goal trackers and measurable objectives to help you in achieving your marketing campaign goals and initiatives. Analyze the anticipated results and shorter routes to fulfill project goals. 

Step 3: Describe the Scope of the Marketing Campaign Project and Other Specifications

Your marketing campaign project’s executive summary should have some in-depth descriptions of all valuable processes and methods necessary in the implementation of the campaign. Include the significant milestones, program with anticipated timeframes of delivered tasks, reports, pricing, schedule, entirety of outputs, conclusions and benefits and other crucial elements that should be completed. 

Step 4: Develop an Effective Business Marketing Plan

Thus, develop a cohesive and effective plan for the business marketing project. In this method, it will allow you to find out where to aim and check the progress of your marketing campaign project from time to time, as well as expediting the attainment of project goals, vision and mission.

Step 5: Review and Execute the Plan

Carefully review the entire marketing plan for the said campaign and ascertain to totally include all the essential points in your scope of work. If you notice that you overlook some sections that require sufficient points, we suggest that you edit and revise the document. After the proofreading and revision, you can now finally execute the plan for the marketing campaign.


What are some examples of marketing scope of work?

Some examples of marketing scope of work are marketing research scope of work, marketing and communication consultant scope of work, email marketing scope of work, digital marketing scope of work, marketing and public relations scope of work, end market analysis scope of work, sales and marketing expert scope of work, market simulation research scope of work, and marketing agency scope of work.

What are the significant elements in a marketing scope of work that should be included?

The significant elements in a marketing scope of work that should be included are marketing and public relations project overview or executive summary, objectives, anticipated deliverables, key milestones, reports, and end products.

What are the different types of marketing?

The different types of marketing are content marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and video marketing.

What are the fundamental benefits of using a marketing scope of work?

Using a marketing scope of work provides fundamental benefits. It helps both the marketing consultant or digital marketer and the client to get a clear perspective about the whole marketing project. This scope of work can be advantageous in creating specifications for performance when it comes to accomplishing specific project goals and objectives. Additionally, it enhances project success ratio.

What are the duties of a marketing consultant?

A marketing consultant plays a significant role as an outside advisor for companies as he or she formulates and carries out effective marketing strategies. He or she is skilled in creating a clear and comprehensive marketing plan, determining the marketing message of a particular business firm, and identifying the proper marketing mix to reveal the message to the target market, as well as in implementing the marketing strategy and keeping track on the results of the marketing campaign and tweak them if necessary.

Maya Angelou said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This concept is applicable in developing marketing campaigns for many businesses and organizations. The overall content of the campaign should be simple, memorable, fun, and enticing to look at as it evokes people’s feelings. So, creating a simple and cohesive marketing scope of work is crucial in the work of a marketer. By using effective marketing devices such as articles, blogs, videos and many more, it aims on priorities, elevates business marketing plan campaign success, and upholds clarity in communication, delegation of project tasks and other methods, sustains organized planning. We have included several marketing scope of work samples that you can download in this article.