What is a Move In Inspection Checklist?

A move-in inspection checklist is a document that has a list of things that tenants and landlords have to inspect before tenants will move to the property. It has detailed checking for every room of the property, checking its part to know if they are properly working or not broken. Some issues may arise if tenants will make rentals to properties that always require repairs. Tenants may have to spend some money to make everything in the house or the property alright and it will cause a lot of hassles. To avoid issues, landlords must present their properties perfect, having a move-in inspection checklist that will prove this thing.

Whether you are having an apartment move-in inspection checklist or a commercial property move-in inspection checklist, you need to check whether the whole property will be good for you to use. Broken parts of the property may cause you some problems and may not be safe for you. So, a pre-move-in inspection checklist is a must so that you can ensure that you are going to rent a good property. You can do the checking even at your walkthrough so that you will know if it will be the right property to rent.

Tenants may fill out a move-in inspection form that can be provided by landlords or they can have their own checklist that they can use to check the property. They can use a free move-in checklist or an editable move-in checklist. If you do not know how to fill out a move-in inspection checklist, you can check out any free move-in inspection checklist on the internet. It can help you to conduct a more thorough checking on the rental property. You can also learn property management and property inspection. It is up to you when you want to have the inspection, whether you will have it on the first walkthrough or the final walkthrough.

After you have given your safety deposit, you must check if the place that you are going to live will be perfect for you. All the parts of the house must be intact and should be working properly. You cannot live in a house with a broken faucet or weak wall. So, checking must be done. You need to inspect if you can live peacefully in the house, knowing that it will be safe for you. Check all the parts of the house using a checklist so you can go over everything. Safety is a very important thing. And all hassles must be avoided.

Things to Address in a Move In inspection Checklist

There are some things that you need to address in creating a tenant move-in inspection checklist. These are the things that you have to check in the property that you will rent. Gather your unit inspection forms and check these things out. Here are the things that you need to address in a move-in inspection checklist:

Property Exterior

You must find the property beautiful through its exterior. But you must also check its condition. Do not overlook the exterior because it is important. You must check all areas like the pathway, patio, stair, driveway, landscaping, basement entrance, and other areas that you should note. You should consider even the doorbell. It may cause you to pay some money if you will not check it.

Interior Systems

You must check air HVAC and electrical systems. Other interior systems that you have to check are the smoke detectors and plumbing. All interior systems should be in working order. Check if the house has all the interior systems that you need and be sure that everything is working properly. It will cause you a lot of trouble if the property lacks interior systems. It will turn out that you have to spend on it, so you must check if they are present.

Living Room

You deserve a good living room where you can receive all your guests. This area needs specific attention. There are details that you have to consider when inspecting the living room. Living rooms should have good flooring, lighting, windows, outlets, baseboard, walls, and ceiling. You must check if it has a fireplace if you want to have a house with it. You should consider if the living room is beautiful because it is the part of the house that is mostly seen by visitors.

Dining Room

Not all rentals may have a dining area, but you have to check this out if it has one. Remember that the dining room should be clean and should be safe for your health. So, you cannot accept a dining area that seems to be broken or dirty. Check the condition of the floor, walls, ceilings, windows, and doors. Check for pests because it may not be good to have a dining room where pests live. Remember, you are going to eat there so the place must be free from pests.

Kitchen Area

Kitchens may be the heart of our home. We should ensure that it is safe. We prepare our food there so it has to be clean. Check for pests also in the kitchen. Rats are not good for your food and they will be dangerous for the health of your family. Check the light fixtures, ceilings, flooring, and walls. You should also check the sink, cabinets, and countertops. Include also the garbage disposal, drain, shelves, backsplash, drawers, and appliances. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen, so you must ensure that it is perfect. Check if the faucet is working properly. You will always need it in preparing your food.

Bedroom Area

The bedroom is the place where we rest. You should ensure that it is safe and comfortable. You must check the windows, doorways, ceilings, fans, closets, walls, and floors. You should also ensure that it is clean. Check all leaks because you cannot sleep in a place where rain can leak. Check if it will be spacious enough for your bed. You should also check for pests because it will be disturbing to sleep in a place that has pests.


You should be dedicated to inspecting bathrooms. Bathroom areas are important parts of our house. We should check its faucets, showerhead, mirror, plumbing, drain, tub, and countertops. Check also if there are any medicine cabinets or shelves where you can put your things for the bathroom. Bathrooms should be clean and should be in perfect condition. You will use it for everyday needs so it should not be in a broken condition. That will bring a lot of hassles to you.

Bonus Rooms

Rental homes can have rooms like a play area, office, den, or basement. You should also check these rooms and see if they are suited for your living purposes. Check the walls, ceilings, doorways, windows, and floors. If you want to have an office in your house, be sure that it can be perfect. Its walls should be painted perfectly because a workplace at home needs some decency. You may show the place to your company so be sure that it will be a great room.

Tips on Move In Inspection Checklist

Are you looking for a tenant move-in checklist template? Do you need it because you want some tips that you can use for your checklist? Well, a good thing for you. We have provided some tips that you can use in creating your checklist. Read and consider the following:

Check Electrical Works: Electricity is very important in a house. To be sure that you will not have any problem with it, you must check the electrical works at the property. Inspect the electrical outlets. Check if switches are working. Interior systems are very important. You can test the electrical works by bringing a charger. Plug it and test if the outlets are working. Flick all the switches to know if they are working properly. Inspect the main switch and the electric meter.Inspect Water Pressure: Faucets and kitchen sinks are essential in our home. You must ensure that they are properly working. Check the faucet and its water pressure. You must ensure that you will be properly supplied with water every day. Turn on the faucets and see if they will be good for your laundry, shower, or washing dishes. If you can see that the water pressure is good, then you can be sure that you can have a good supply of water.Conduct an Appliance Check: If you are renting a furnished or semi-furnished apartment, you must check all the appliances if they are working. If one of them is not working, you can tell the landlord so that he or she can replace it with working appliances. Check if the refrigerator is working great and also the other appliances. You need to ensure that they are working properly. You are paying rent for them. You have the right to make sure that all of them can be used by you in your daily life.Check Internet Reception: Whether the home that you have rented has Wi-Fi installation or not, you must check if the place is good for cellphone reception. It may not be important a decade ago, but it is very important now. You have to ensure that you can use your cellphones and laptop properly at the property. It will be hard for us to live in a place with a very slow internet connection. So, before living in a rental property, you need to check the internet reception. If you have to install Wi-Fi first, then you have to know. We cannot live without our cellphones, so we must ensure that we can live in a place where we can have a good internet connection.Conduct an Area Research: The neighborhood where you are going to live is important. You need to know if you are going to live in an area that can give you good surroundings. You have to check the neighborhood on the property. Research the place where you are going to live. Is it a notorious place where there are many thieves? You need to ensure that you are going to live in a safe place. It is better to check the neighborhood than to be sorry afterward when something bad will happen to you. Check if the place is peaceful and if essential establishments are accessible.Check the Parking Area: You may have a car that needs a parking space. Before you rent a property, be sure that it can accommodate your car. Check if it is has a suitable parking area for your car. You cannot just park your car at the side of the road. It is risky and your car may be stolen by thieves. Some accidents may also happen with your car. So, remember that in renting, you have to secure a place for your car. This way, you can ascertain that your car will be in a safe condition.

How to Create a Move In Inspection Checklist

Do you need a move-in checklist template or a move-in inspection checklist template? Are you going to create a move-in inspection checklist? If that is what you are going to do, we can help you. We have provided some steps that you can use in creating a checklist. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Screen the Tenant

    The first thing that you have to do is to screen the tenant first. Check if he or she will be suitable for all your requirements for tenancy. Conduct a simple background check. Check the employment status of the applicant. Ask for his or her credit report. If you will find that he or she will be a good tenant, then approve the application for tenancy.

  • Step 2: Sign the Contract

    After approving the tenant, you can proceed to sign the lease agreement. Find a suitable date for both of you to sign the contract. After that, you can start gathering the payments for the rent and the security deposit. You need to secure this before the tenant will move into the property.

  • Step 3: Set up Everything

    Next is you have to settle everything. You need to ensure that there will be the essential utilities for the property. You need also to take care of the insurance. These things are needed before the move-in inspection day. It is essential that you can present the property perfect to the tenant.

  • Step 4: Move-in Inspection Day

    Now, this is the walkthrough that will be meant for the inspection. Before moving in, the tenant has to check if the property will be perfect for all his or her needs. The tenant has to check every room, ensuring that all essential parts are working properly. A checklist is needed so that tenants can inspect everything important. You can provide a move-in inspection form to the tenant.

  • Step 5: Make a Follow-Up

    After the tenant has moved in, you should make a follow-up asking if they are doing great with the property. Ask if the tenant has any special concerns where you can help. If the tenant is content with the property, then you have conducted good business with him or her.


What is the benefit of the move-in inspection checklist to tenants?

The checklist can help tenants to focus on the condition of the property. It is evidence that they can use to ask for repairs if ever something is damaged in the property before moving in.

What is the benefit of the move-in inspection checklist to landlords?

Landlords can make tenants responsible for all the damage that can be done to their property. It will also lessen the risk of disputes for all broken parts that can happen to the property.

A move-in inspection checklist is a good thing on how tenants and landlords can settle everything if ever damage will be done to the property. Tenants can also ensure that they can live in a place that will be good for them. Well, do you need a template for a move-in inspection checklist? This post has 5+ SAMPLE Move In Inspection Checklist in PDF | MS Word. They are free to use. Download now!