For this reason, they have to have a tenant checklist that they can use as they get tenants on their properties. The checklist can include the things about routine inspection, property inspection, bedroom inspection, rent inspection, move-in condition form, commercial lease, up to the termination of the agreement. It will help the landlord in all the things that they will handle as they make their properties rented. A tenant checklist is a basic thing that any landlord should have. Whether they have a condo, a real estate, or a simple apartment for lease, they need to follow a checklist to ensure that all the proper things are done. Moving in is not simple, and it means a lot of requirements to have in compliance. So a tenant checklist is a must for landlords. In this article, you will learn some things about tenant checklist. You will know what a tenant checklist consists and you will learn some tips about it. Its benefits are also introduced. You will also learn how to make a tenant checklist. So if you are ready to know these things, be relaxed and keep on reading!

What is a Tenant Checklist?

A tenant checklist is a list of things that needs to be addressed before a tenant can be admitted to a rental property. It has bullet points that are about the important things that the landlord should settle first before the tenant will move in. Though a tenant checklist is usually a tenant move in checklist, there is also a tenant move out checklist. Another form or sample of a tenant checklist is a rental walkthrough checklist. Tenant checklist is also called a renters checklist. Renting becomes a serious thing on these days and there are a lot of requirements that we have to comply first that a tenant checklist becomes necessary. With the checklist, the landlord will not forget the things that are needed to rent their property. From the walk through up to the moving in, even up to the moving out, they can refer to the tenant checklist to ensure that all the necessary things about the rental are done properly. If you really want to have a complete tenant checklist, you can even put the things about the move out inspection. Through that, you can be sure that you have a perfect checklist that you can rely on. Anyway, a tenant checklist is a sure help. It can guide any landlord or tenant in keeping the right things about tenancy.

What to Put in a Tenant Checklist

Are you wondering what a tenant checklist consist? Read on and you will know the things that you should put in your tenant checklist.

Rental Application

It is the form that a tenant should fill up to apply for rental agreement to a property that they want to rent. It is the first thing that a renter should do. Even if not all landlords have a rental application, the tenant should ask first if the landlord has this thing to comply with.

Tenant Folder

It is a file where to keep the tenant’s data. It has tables about the lease period, the price of the rent, the payments, and a checklist for all the necessary documents. It can be a physical folder or a digital folder.

Background Check

It is a form about the background check of a tenant. Before landlords can admit tenants to their property, they have to make a check about their background. They have to be sure that the tenant is a good person or has no criminal history. It is one thing that they have to be perfectly sure.

Credit Check

The landlord has to check the credit history and the credit score of the tenant. It can give the landlord information on how good a tenant is in paying. The landlord can be certain that the tenant can pay the rent. It is a history that the landlord should look after.

Employment Verification

Of course, landlords have to make sure that the tenant is employed. They need to have an employment verification. They need to be sure of that. What will the renters will pay them if they are not employed? So, they need to have a complete check about the employment status of the tenant.

ID of Tenant

Tenants have to submit a copy of one of their valid ID. It will be a proof of their identity. It can be hold against them if they will commit something bad within their tenancy. It is a proof that they are a good person that has nothing to hide.

Tenancy Rules

The landlord has to give some rules and regulations about the tenancy of the renter. The tenant has to follow these rules strictly as they are living within the landlord’s property. These rules can be rules about the rent price or rules about the house maintenance. The important thing is that the tenant should agree with these rules, or the landlord will not make them to rent their property.

Lease Agreement

The lease agreement is the agreement that the landlord and the tenant will have on the duration of the rent with the property. It will state the start of the lease and the end of the lease. It will also state some rules about the lease.

Security Deposit

The tenant should pay a security deposit. This deposit is essential in renting. All landlords require a security deposit. This thing must be included in a tenant checklist because the landlord has to gather the payment for the security deposit.

Rental Payment

The payment for the first month should be given immediately. It is one of the things that the landlord should put in the move in tenant checklist. The first payment should be ensured.

Tenant Insurance

The landlord and the tenant should talk about the insurance. If ever there will be a damage on the property, both of them will know what to do. It is one of the things that they have to settle first hand.

Pet Addendum

The two parties have to agree about having pets in the property. The landlord has the right to know if the tenant has pets. There are some landlords that do not let pets in their properties.

Benefits of a Tenant Checklist

If you are a landlord, you must bear in mind that you need to have a tenant checklist. It will help you in all your dealings with the tenancy. To convince you better to make a tenant checklist, read the following benefits that you can get from it:

You will have all the necessary requirements for tenancy. It will be easy for you to get all the requirements from the tenant. You will have a checklist that will dictate each requirement. You just have to go over it and you can have all the requirements for tenancy.You can have a roadmap to follow. The tenant checklist form or the new tenant checklist can guide you to all the things that you should do in having a tenant. From the tenant screening checklist up to the move out tenant checklist, you will be properly instructed. No need for you to grope from nowhere as you go into the process of tenancy.All will be clear between the landlord and the tenant. The checklist suggests the best things that you need to do when having a tenant. It makes you to complete forms that makes your relationship with the tenant clear. With these forms and documents, both you and the tenant have nothing to worry about.The tenant will know that you are serious in business. Tenants will feel your seriousness and professionalism in making tenancy with them. The checklist has proper instructions for you to do that denotes professionalism. The tenant will see that they are committing to a person that is serious in doing business with them.

Tips on Tenant Checklist

Are you a new tenant? A new tenant checklist may help you. And also, some tips that you can use in your tenancy. Here are some tips that you can follow:

Keep photos of the property. Before you move in, you must take photos of the property where you are going to have your tenancy. It is a thing that you should include in your tenant checklist upon move-in. Through these photos, you can keep a record of the true condition of the property before you move in. In case there are damages within the property, you will have an evidence for it. It could prevent you from paying for damages that you have not done.Have a copy of the lease agreement and rent receipts. Remember that you should keep your copy of the lease agreement. It may be needed for future use. The landlord cannot also have a forced eviction. Keep your rent receipts also, so you will have an evidence that you are paying your rent. In case the landlord will be forgetful of your rent, you will have a proof to show that you have paid your rent.Always pay the rent. If the landlord is not following your agreement, have the decency to always pay your rent. Through that, the landlord cannot evict you. You can keep the agreement by continuing to pay the rent.Keep all the terms within your lease. Be a good follower of the rules and regulations that you have agreed to. However hard is the terms of lease, you must comply to it. Do the best that you can to keep the agreement that you had. Keep your integrity by following all the rules.Have a diary. Keep a record of your daily dealings with the landlord. Record your conversations. Put the times and the dates. If a dispute will happen, you can use it in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). It will support all your demands.

How to Make a Tenant Checklist

Have you been searching for a landlord tenant checklist template or a move-in checklist template because you need to make a tenant checklist? The following are steps that you can use in making a checklist for tenancy:

Step 1: Make a lease agreement with the tenants.

The first thing that you can put in the tenant checklist is the thing that has to do when making a rental lease with the tenants. It is essential that you should first make a lease agreement that you both can sign before you can finally collect money from them. The agreement should have the terms and the rent price. Everything that you should have to agree about should be in it.

Step 2: Collect the payments.

After signing the contract, you can collect the payments from the tenant. Make them pay the rental price for the first month. The price is the rent price that you have written in the lease agreement. Make them also to pay the security deposit. It is needed before the tenant can move in.

Step 3: Show a move out tenant checklist and agree on a moving in schedule.

Next, you have to make it clear to the tenants when they are going to move out. You can better talk about this as you go along with a move out tenant checklist. After everything is clear, you can ask the tenant when they are going to move in. Agree on a schedule when they could begin their tenancy.

Step 4: Give a welcome letter.

There are certain information that you should give to your tenants as they move in. You can send them a welcome letter that contains the important things that they need to know. Some of these things are:


When is the Tenant Checklist Used?

A tenant checklist can be used from the walk through, to the screening process, to the moving in, up to the moving out of tenants. You can use a free move-in checklist, a tenant walkthrough checklist, a tenant inspection checklist, a tenant screening checklist, or a move-out tenant checklist. In all the process of tenancy, there can be a definite tenant checklist that you can use.

Who Uses the Tenant Checklist?

It can be used by the landlord and the tenant. A landlord new tenant checklist is used by the landlords. While move in and move out tenant checklist are both used by tenants and landlords.

Tenancy is a serious thing that needs proper care. To ensure that you are making the process of tenancy right, you must use a tenant checklist that can guide you as you go along the process. It can instruct you to all the requirements that you need for tenancy. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you must be apt in making a tenant checklist. This post can especially help you with that. It has 28+ SAMPLE Tenant Checklist in PDF | MS Word. You can use the templates when you create your own checklist. What are you waiting for? Download a template now! And make the tenant checklist that you need!