40+ Sample Kitchen Schedules

Kitchen Schedules: What Are They?

In general, a schedule is a document that contains a series of things to be done or events to occur at or during a particular period of time. The timeframe of a schedule depends on the frequency of each task or when you will do the tasks. Its main intent is to plan your daily, weekly, or monthly routine. Because a schedule covers a variety of chores, you can also use it to organize activities in your kitchen. Thus, a kitchen schedule is made.

A poll conducted by the Independent found out that the average modern adults spend 61 minutes in the kitchen making three meals a day as well as eating snacks they may have in between meals.

The Different Elements of a Kitchen Schedule

Each kitchen schedule used in a household has different elements because the tasks may vary depending on what things are needed to be done. In knowing this, you should take time to think it through and list down the activities you regularly or intermittently do in your kitchen. This will help you put your priorities first in line and set aside non-urgent matters. There are two ways that your schedule can affect your day—it can manipulate your routine or you will dictate what goes into your schedule. To get you started, here are some of the elements that your kitchen schedule should include.

Title and Labels: If you want your kitchen schedule to be easily recognizable, it should have a title. Like any other document, the title is placed on the topmost part of the schedule. More so, having a title sets your kitchen schedule apart from other schedules you have or a pile of paperwork on your desk.List of Tasks: The main part of a kitchen schedule is the body. It is composed of three parts: tasks list, time, and date. We will discuss more of the time and date below. The list of tasks is an enumerated list of activities that will happen regularly or intermittently in your kitchen and it should be written in chronological order.Time and Date: Another part of a kitchen schedule’s body is the time and date. This is very important as it indicates when the tasks will happen. To keep the activities organized, the time and date must be in place. This part may be labeled with the days of the week and the corresponding time each item of the task list will occur.Check Box: This part is optional. However, checkboxes are crucial in tracking your progress. In every task done, you can put a check on the box beside it to indicate completion. You will know if a task is not completed when there is no check near it.

How to Create a Kitchen Schedule Using a Template

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the Independent found out that the average modern adults spend 61 minutes in the kitchen making three meals a day as well as eating snacks they may have in between meals. This adds up to the reason why you should invest in making a kitchen schedule. If you want to align your daily activities to your routine, put them in a schedule. Follow the steps below to guide you create a kitchen schedule using a template.

Step 1: Choose a Template

Making your kitchen schedule is easier than you think. Jotting down the steps in preparing daily meals is already considered as scheduling. How much more if you use a template for your kitchen schedule? The most convenient way to complete any schedule is with a template. Have you checked our collection of ready-made templates above? If not, now is the best time to download a schedule template.

Step 2: Open Editing Tool

In case you did not know, you can use an editing tool to modify your template. Say bye to manual writing because finish your kitchen schedule in just a few clicks. Press the download button and the template will be stored on your device. Next is to open an editing tool on your computer or smartphone. Make sure your editing tool is compatible with your template’s file format. Otherwise, you will have a tough time working on it.

Step 3: Customize Your Template

To begin customizing, import your chosen template on the editing tool. Once the template has been downloaded this part is so much easier. If you are having a hard time modifying the stencil, refer to the list of elements above. Add them to your schedule. If can think of any other relevant elements, include them too.

Step 4: Consider Going Digital

Digitally schedules have been around in a while now since the advent of smartphones and high-end computers. You can do this too if your household is run by artificial intelligence. If that is not the case, you can produce a printed copy of your kitchen schedule and stick it on your refrigerator or paste it on a wall near a calendar so that you can easily look at it.


What are the common types of schedules?

  • Project Schedule
  • Work Schedule
  • Daily Schedule
  • Class Schedule
  • Training Schedule
  • Quarterly Schedule

Why should I create a kitchen schedule?

There are many reasons why you should create a kitchen schedule. But the increasing number of people who intentionally skip meals is why you should make your kitchen schedule or other schedules. Everyone should be eating breakfast despite their hectic daily to-do list.

How to keep on track with my schedule?

To keep on track with your schedule, it should be specifically created for your daily routine. If your day brings a ton of tasks, your schedule must be able to accommodate them. Yet, you can be above your schedule by control what task goes into it. When you have your schedule in place, stick to it to achieve your objectives. After all, your schedule is a plan for the day.

Keeping your kitchen in check does not require much. All it takes is a good kitchen schedule. No more skipping meals or leaving dishes uncleaned when you have a schedule on hand. For more schedule templates, visit our website and get the chance to sign up for any of our subscription plans now.