What Is a Tenant Move Out Checklist?

Tenant Move Out Checklist is a form that landlords use in checking the condition of a rental property once a tenant is about to move out. Landlords can use the checklist to take note of the damages (if there are any) and to see if it should be repaired by the tenant or by the property owner. They can also use this checklist to keep a document for a move-in inspection as well.

Why Is a Move Out Checklist Important?

The result obtained from the move-out checklist will determine if any portion of the tenant’s security deposit may be used for repairs or cleaning. This type of form also reduces the likelihood of conflict between the landlord and the tenant since there is the documentation of preexisting damage.

Moreover, upon signing an agreement, it is important to write on the contract the specific responsibilities of both the tenant and the landlord to keep the rental in good condition. Check the downloadable Tenant Move Out Checklist files in this page to easily access a modifiable form.

What Is In The Move-Out Checklist?

Included in the moving-out checklist is the organized content containing separate sections for each area within the rental property where you can easily do a thorough inspection. Inside the content of the said checklist, you will find the rental fee, utility fees, lease expiration, items left behind, carpet cleaning, keys, storage unit, and some parts for repair.

How To Record The Condition Of a Rental Property?

To check the condition of a rental property, ask the lessee some important questions. Have a look of the unit or if you cannot be in the area, make sure to ask for photos or videos of the place. Be direct with your questions and do not forget to ask about the water pressure.

7 Tips For Moving Out:

1. Set A Specific Date And Be Sure Of It: In order to avoid procrastination or being lazy to pack and get ready, you must set a specific move-out date. It is also important to inform your family and friends about your plan in order to get their understanding and support so they won’t stop you from leaving.2. Secure Your Budget: Living on your own is big step in adulthood. Your finances should be in order just in case problems arise. Be sure to have accumulated enough money that can cover up your bills for a couple of months. Budgeting your money ahead of time will help you manage your expenses.3. Get A Job Before Moving Out: If you do not have a steady income coming in every month, paying your bills can be extremely stressful. It is very important to secure a job before moving out to avoid debt and to avoid damaging your personal finances.4. Practice Budgeting While You Still Live At Home: Since you are not paying rent at home, it is a great way to save up some money before moving out. Having said that, this can help you determine your ways of budgeting and your spending habits.5. Get A Roommate: If you are comfortable living with a stranger or a friend, find one. Having a roommate takes out a little weight of your bills and it is easier to manage your money. They will help you reduce the amount you need to pay and you can afford a better or cheaper rental. While it will take you much time to adjust with your new roommate, you will be less lonelier the longer you get to know each other.6. Find A Place To Live: Make sure to find a place that suits your taste and preference. It should also be in a safe area and if possible, a few distance away from the places where you can get your basic necessities.7. Bring The Basic Things To Furnish Your New Home: If you have few furniture and appliances that you can bring with you, be sure to pack them securely. Taking only the essential things will help you save up money. In addition, you can also find other affordable items once you have already settled at your place.


What do I need to do before I move out?

The first thing that you will need to do is to communicate with your parents. Next, you need to come up with a move out plan and establish a good credit so, start saving money for a down payment of the new place and for your other expenses. Determine your budget and schedule your move out date. Of course, don’t forget to enjoy your time with your family and friends while you are still with them.

How much should I save up before I move out?

It all depends on the place you are going to. If it is too expensive, you can start with $1,000 to $2,000 in your emergency fund. But if it is affordable, you may start with the range of $600 to $800. You should at least save an amount that is equivalent to three to six months of living expenses before moving out so, you can easily handle unexpected or extra expenses such as your insurance deductibles, medical bills, and other emergencies.

What expenses should I consider when moving out?

When planning to move out, you should also include some other essentials like moving expenses, rental, electricity, heating and gas, cable or internet, online streaming services, groceries, car payments, or loans.

Why is moving out important?

Moving out will give you a greater freedom, control, and space for yourself. You have more chances of discovering who you are when you are on your own. Being in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces will help enhance your knowledge about so many things. Another thing is, you learn a lot from dealing with problems that come your way. Most decisions will be yours. You will meet different people who will help you mold yourself. And most importantly, you will know how to value budgeting and how “adulting” is like.

Is moving out scary?

It is normal to feel uncertain and anxious about moving out. It is also because of the attachment that we have with our family, pets, or friends that is making it hard to leave. There will be a lot of adjustments to do but, one of the most effective ways is to condition yourself few weeks or few months before moving. Do a self-talk and ask yourself why you need to move out. You also need to realize that moving out can be a bit horrifying but just know that the world is waiting for you. You should go and discover places, people, culture, and food. And of course, be mentally, physically, and financially prepared!

What questions should I ask before moving out?

Will I Afford It? Being excited about moving out can also be a bit overwhelming to your finances. Make sure that you have a job to have a stable income. Be good at budgeting and try to spend less.Is It Worth Relocating For My Job? Getting your dream job or a job that you are passionate about will all be worth the risk. Moving to a different city will definitely create a new environment that you will eventually love. Plus, a dream job and a new place? It will be exciting to explore a lot of things!Will I Like The Culture Or Will I Actually Be Happy There? Different places have different vibes. What’s important is to feel like you are home. If you are unhappy in your current place or you rather just want to celebrate life, discover the basics like the typical leisure activities, nightlife, different coffee shops, diversity of cuisine, and tourist attractions.Were Can I Find The Good Neighborhoods? Take advantage of technology and look for the kinds of neighborhoods you would like to live in, whether they be located near the nightlife or family-friendly, the choice is yours to make.Do I Make Sense With The Decision About Moving Out? It is vital to think hard about why you are moving and what you will lose or gain in the long run. If you are moving for your partner, make sure that you have a strong and stable relationship before taking the leap. If you are moving for your career, try to weigh things out and consider if it is worth everything. Discover what you need to accomplish once you are in the new environment. Create your short-term and long-term goals so you will not run out of motivation to enjoy life. Do I Have A Back Up Plan If Things Do Not Work Out? Sometimes, being unprepared can lead to a mistake. There are a lot of unexpected things that can happen. It is important to have your savings for yourself, a home to return to (just in case the city life does not work for you). In spite of so many challenges in life, moving out can be a great adventure for your future. New places often give you new opportunities to grow and be natural.

There are a lot of benefits about moving out of home in your 20s. You get to experience independence and responsibility; you will realize how much stuff you have garnered; you can do whatever you want and have things on your way; you will develop better financial management; and you will spend more time alone.

Moving out of the place you grew up in is a big decision but it will help you learn new things about life. Prepare by having a Tenant Move Out Checklist because it will help you organize your thoughts. You will know what matters and what does not. This will help you settle properly without having too many worries in mind. Lastly, you should know that part of your growth is leaving even if it is uncomfortable at first.