You must be adept in presenting argumentative ideas. You must research everything on how you can make your literary work good. A complete research must also be made on every observation that you will have to put on each paragraph. You must make a good thesis statement and should have the best argument essay. And to make everything easier for you, you must have a thesis checklist. This will guide you in everything that you will do. It will give you steps that you can follow. It will also remind you of all the resources that you should use. In this article, we will tackle things about thesis checklist. It will provide you the key elements that you should include in a thesis checklist. It will give you some tips that you can use when you are making a thesis. It will also teach you some steps on how you can make a thesis checklist. Well, if you are ready to know these things, get yourself relaxed and keep on reading!

What is a Thesis Checklist?

A thesis checklist is a list of things that you have to do when making a thesis. It may be the list of key elements that you have to include in your thesis. It includes all the resources that you need to have and all the actions that you have to perform as you are doing your thesis. The checklist may depend on the complexity of your course. It includes all the studies that you have to make. It has the definition of all these studies. The thesis checklist may be a complete reminder for you on everything that you have to deal about on your thesis. It is a complete guide that can make things easier for you as you conduct your research. Examples of a thesis checklist are literature review checklist, thesis case study checklist, and persuasive essay editing checklist. There could be also a thesis evaluation checklist, thesis introduction checklist, thesis statement checklist, and thesis submission checklist. When you make a checklist, be sure that it fits the study that you are about to make. Do not make it super comprehensive. Rather, put simple steps that you can do. It is because a thesis checklist should simplify your work. It should not be some another task that you should have to handle. If you are getting a master degree, you must especially have to make a thesis checklist. It will ensure the perfectness of your work. A master thesis checklist will certainly bring you to the diploma that you desires.

Key Elements of a Thesis Checklist

If you are wondering what are the parts of a thesis, you must create a thesis checklist that has these parts. Creating one like it will have the following key elements that you should include:

The Cover Page

The key data are all in the cover page. These are the title of the thesis, the name of the student, and the date that the thesis is submitted. Make the cover page attractive because it is the first page of the thesis. The title should be compelling, enough for any reader to have a positive view about your thesis. Be sure that your name will not have any typographical error. Even the date should be clear. Sometimes, your university could have a template that is used for thesis. You have to check on this if there is any.


Next is the abstract of the thesis. It will give a summary of all your arguments. It can give predictions to your research and will provide a summary of all the methods that you will use. It can also include recommendations that you can provide for the study. This abstract should not be made exceeding more than 400 words.

Table of Contents

Following the abstract is the list of contents. Use Microsoft Word to simplify headings and captions. You can also include tables and equations in this list. Be sure that all the contents of your thesis can be enumerated by the table of contents that you will do. Make the title of each contents good and should best describe each part of your thesis.


After the table of contents, give an introduction that will present the course of your study. Give a hint of what your research is all about. This is a section that will tell the background and the objective of your study. If you are conducting an experiment, a hypothesis must be given. Do not make this section overly long also. Have the introduction with about 500 words.

Body of the Thesis

This is the most crucial part of the thesis. This is where you will present your whole study. It will contain the details of your research. Every observation that you have must be written here. Spread a few sections or chapters in this part. Your study must be presented in a comprehensive manner. You must clearly explain all the research that you had. Avoid using too many technical terms when you are doing the main text of your thesis. But you must not also not to forget to use technical terms if necessary.

Literature Review

You must present the theories that you have used in your studies. Any study that is closely related with your research can be presented as a literature review. This can bring more stability to your research. It will prove that it is clearly defined.


You have to give an explanation about the methodology that you have used. Whether you have conducted a survey or used a laboratory test, you should tell it at this section of your thesis. The methodology is important to mention because the reader should understand how you have arrived to your conclusions. It will also give them a right understanding about your research.

Thesis Analysis

Before you can come up to a conclusion, you must first analyze your research. Know its significance. Then, you will be able to give a good discussion about your study. And afterwards, you can present the results. But before presenting these things, you must look if your university has a definite style in presenting these things. Then, you should use it.


This will have the findings that you have in your research. It will be a conclusion for all the experiments that you have conducted. You can produce this conclusion through the results that you have with your study. This should be realistic views that you can get from all your observations.


This is an important section in your thesis. You must cite all the sources that you have used in your study. This can give an idea on how you have conducted your research and it will prove whether your study is reliable or not.


It is good to provide extra information in your thesis. It can be the results of the tests that you have conducted or the transcripts of the questionnaire that you have used. It can give a better credibility to your research. The reader can also have a better understanding of your research if you will provide appendices.

Tips on Thesis Checklist

Making a thesis is tiresome. If only we could have some tips to make our work lighter. The following are some helpful tips that can help you in making a thesis checklist:

Provide the best thesis statement. A good thesis statement will make your thesis captivating. The readers will have a positive idea about your study and they will be urged to read your whole thesis. To do this, you may want to use a thesis statement editor.Use a grammar checker. Your thesis must not contain any grammatical error. Use a sentence checker or a paragraph checker. It will make your thesis free from grammatical errors.Use a thesaurus. The language that you will be using must be good. Avoid repeating words. The thesaurus can provide words that you can use to substitute other words that you have already used.Use captions. To better present images and figures, use captions. You will be able to direct statements if you will do it. All your ideas will be clearer.Use different softwares. Your work will be a lot easier if you will use softwares. You can use Microsoft Word in making the whole thesis. You can also use Adobe InDesign for layouts. So you must be adept in using some softwares. Start on learning these things.Always have a back up. Remember to have a back up in all your work. Use email backups or use Dropbox. You can also use many hard drives to ensure the safety of your work.

How to Make a Thesis Checklist

Have you not seen a thesis checklist sample? Are you about to make a thesis checklist? You can use the following steps so you can make a thesis checklist for yourself:

Step 1: Formulate a topic.

The first thing for you to be able to have a thesis is you should think about a topic. Choose a topic for your thesis. It is where everything will start. To develop a topic, you must first ask questions for all the data that you have in your research. This can help you to come up with a good topic that you can have for your research. If you will have a good topic, the direction of your thesis will really point to a perfect study. Modify keywords as you think of a suitable topic. Make a statement of purpose that you can have in your study.

Step 2: Plan all the resources.

The next thing that you have to consider are your resources. How can you conduct your research if you will not have all the proper and necessary resources? You have also to make sure first that you are able to have your research through all these resources. Use Public Access Catalog (PAC) to locate all the resources that you can use. Ponder of all the resources that you should need. You can also use books, encyclopedias, databases, periodicals, and any websites that you can find on the internet that is related to your topic. Before you will have your research, all these resources must first be prepared.

Step 3: Be careful in using resources.

After you have knowledge of every resources that you can use, then you must be selective in using resources. Use only resources that could better present a good research about your topic. Match the resources to all the data that you need. You must differentiate the primary source from the secondary source. Knowing these things will make you to have a better choice of resources. For example, in picking primary sources, you must select a resource that can make your research more alive. You can use photographs or some historical documents. Picking the better resources can make your thesis more reliable. You can have the right resources that can support facts to your study.

Step 4: Gather all the information.

You have to take notes of all the research question that you can come up to. Do the summarizing and have direct quotes. Keep track of all the facts that you can get from your research. Remember all the sources you use. Take note of them as you use them so it will be easier for you when it is time to make a bibliography. You have to be careful in attaining all the information that you can have in your research. Any information can be important because it can lead to a more definite result to your study.

Step 5: Do a synthesis on the research.

You must pick a good structure in providing all the evidence that you have for your research. You must make a thesis statement. If you do not know what is a thesis statement, you can search for thesis statement examples on the internet. You can also go back to your statement of purpose for you to create a thesis statement. After making a thesis statement, you can use a thesis statement checker or a thesis statement formulator to be sure that it is good enough.

Step 6: Review the thesis.

Evaluate your thesis using different tools. Track the final product and your overall performance. Review the thesis to be sure that you have made it good enough. You must remember that every sections of your thesis must be good. You must write everything perfectly. Be sure that you have completely put the desired defense for the thesis. If you are sure of everything, then proofread it to remove any typographical or grammatical errors.


What is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement tells something about the discussed topic and is crafted for a particular audience. It is usually included at the end of the introduction. It can generate the topic and can make the readers to continue reading.

How Can I Make a Thesis Checklist?

If you want to make a simple thesis checklist, you must first know the parts of a thesis. You must include them on your checklist. Then put all the things that you need to do in conducting your research.

After a student has made his or her thesis, it is such a relief. It is so hard to do. It is something that is hard to accomplish. If you are a college student who is only about to make your thesis, do not forget to make a thesis checklist first that can guide you as you do your research. You can consider this post when making a checklist for yourself. It has 21+ SAMPLE Thesis Checklist in PDF | MS Word. These templates can help you a lot. You can have something to edit and use as you make your own checklist. Pick one and start crafting a thesis checklist now!