Power and Control Wheel, PDF

What is a Power and Control Wheel?

A power and control wheel is a circular diagram that shows the tactics of an abuser in domestic violence. Though it can also be used in other types of abuse, the main abuse that it usually helps to solve is the abuse that husbands have been doing with their wives. A power and control wheel PDF can help a wife understand the misery that she is going through. Through the power and control wheel exercises, a wife can be given some advice on how she can solve her problem. This wheel is called the Duluth power control wheel because it has been developed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project in Duluth, MN.

Some examples of a power and control wheel are a teen power and control wheel, a post-separation power and control wheel, an LGBTQ power and control wheel, a human trafficking power and control wheel, and a relationship power and control wheel. A power and control wheel of domestic violence is the top focus of this wheel. Though there can be a power and control wheel emotional abuse that deals with any situation that shows abuse on the emotional status of a person. In any type of dealing, we can see abuse sometimes. It can even happen when we have business agreements and employment contracts. But what is important is we can find the courage to fight abuse. We must do something to end this. The power and control wheel helps in these kinds of situations.

Tactics in the Power and Control Wheel

Through the power and control wheel, you can be aware of the tactics of the abuser. You will realize the things that he is doing to you. By knowing these things, you will come to your senses that everything has to be stopped. For you to get out of domestic violence, you must know the following tactics that abusers usually use on their victims:

Using Intimidation: Maybe the utmost tactic that abusers use on their victims is to make them afraid. By using looks, gestures, and actions, they make their victims fear them. It is in the daily work plan of the abuser to make their victims afraid of them. They make sure that when the victims see their face and their reactions, they will fear them and will do everything they say. So, they exercise an authority that is too much for the victim. When they want the victim to do something, they will make sure that the victim will do it in fear. They use intimidation so that the victims will be shut up for the things that they want to say. The victims cannot complain. They should do what the abuser wants. They cannot go against the abuser’s wishes. When what the abusers want is not followed, they will smash things and destroy the property of the victim. This way, the victim will fear and will do according to what they want. Most of the time, the abuser may even display weapons to instill fear in the victims. If they will not obey, the abuser will use this weapon against them. So, the victims cannot do anything but follow what the abuser wants them to do.Using Emotional Abuse: Abusers have the habit of putting the victim down. They always make them feel bad about themselves. This can happen after they get them used to being called names. They hurt their feelings so they will feel small. When this happens, they can instill fear in them. They can dominate them. Abusers can even make the victims think they are crazy. They love to play mind games with the victims. Another habit of the abusers is to humiliate the victims. Even in front of other people, they will call them names to humiliate them. Making the victims feel guilty is also one of their games.Using Isolation: The abusers do not care about the work schedule of the victims. They do not care if their wives will miss their work. They should isolate them from other people. What their wives do should be controlled. She is not permitted to talk to everybody. The victims even restrict what the wives read and where they go. Her involvement outside becomes very limited. Abusers use jealousy to justify their bad actions.Minimizing, Denying, and Blaming: If the victims complain to the abusers that they are being abused, the abusers will not take their complaints seriously. They may even just laugh about their concerns. Abusers will say that they are not doing anything wrong. What they have done are just minimal things. It is not as if they are being scammed in a sales agreement or business contract. So, the wives should not take anything seriously. They might even say that there is no abuse happening. They will say that it is the victims’ fault that they do that kind of behavior. If they are not provoked by victims, nothing bad will ever happen.Using Children: Their children can be used by abusers to continually hurt their wives. Abusers normally threaten their wives that they will take away their children if the wives will do something against the abusers’ will. They will make them feel guilty about the children. They will even use the children to relay messages. By visitation, they will continually harass their wives. We know that when children are used, the wives can do nothing but shut their mouths.Using Male Privilege: Abusers use male privileges in hurting their wives. Their usual treatment of their wives is like a slave. This comes to the point that they will make them end their employee contracts just to stay at home and be their punching bag. The big decisions are solely upon them. The wife has no part in any decisions. They act like they are the “master of the castle.” They are strict in defining the role of a man and a woman.Using Economic Abuse: As we have already stated, the abusers do not care about the career of their wives. This is because it is an act of economic abuse. They will make the wife resign from employment and will avoid future employment applications. They will be strict about any job order contracts. This is because they want the wives to ask money from them. Besides, if the wife has some money, they will take them away from her. Abusers will just give the wife a small allowance and the wife should have no right or access to the income of the family.Using Coercion and Threats: Abusers can do many things just to keep on hurting their wives. They can carry out many threats just to hurt them. Husbands will threaten their wives to leave them. They can even use the threat of committing suicide. Or sometimes, they will threaten the wife to report her. What is worse is abusers can make their wives do illegal things. If they have done something very wrong, they will force their wives to drop charges.

How to Provide Solutions to Abuse Using a Power and Control Wheel

A power and control wheel can change the life of a victim of domestic violence. But how does this happen? How can a person use the power and control wheel?

1. Be Familiar with the Wheel

Of course, you have to first see the wheel to know if you are already a victim of domestic violence. You can download a PDF document on the power and control wheel. After that, study the wheel so you can tell if your husband is abusing you or not.

2. Have Reflection

After seeing the wheel, have a reflection in your life. Are the things that the wheel is saying have been happening in your daily life? Are these tactics used by your husband? You know what is happening in your life so you can tell if you are already a victim of domestic abuse.

3. Use Equality Wheel

An equality wheel can help you solve the problem. It is the reverse of the power and control wheel. If the problem is minimal, you can use it so you can solve the abuse that is happening in your home.

4. Seek Help

If the problem is too big that the abuse is the worst case, you must start to seek help. First, try to seek help from counselors in the hope that you can save your family. But if you think that you should have to report your husband, you should do so.


What is included in an equality wheel?

To give solutions to your problem after seeing the power and control wheel, you must use an equality wheel. The strategies include fairness to prevent conflicts, avoiding threats, having mutual respect, initiating trust, accepting mistakes, continuing to nurture the children, having responsibility in the house, and having economic equality.

What are other wheels that can be used by victims to understand abuse?

The other wheels that can be used are the workplace power and control wheel, lifetime spiral of gender violence, Muslim power and control wheel, teen equality wheel, military power and control wheel, police perpetrated domestic violence wheel, and deaf power and control wheel.

A power and control wheel is a useful tool that can help any victim of domestic violence. If you know someone who is suffering from this kind of abuse, you must have the compassion to show the power and control wheel to the victim. Explain to her the tactics in the wheel and make her cope with her problem. Remember, we must help each other in times of need.