PDF Splitter

What is a PDF Splitter?

A PDF splitter is a tool used to split PDF files for easier file management. It can also be called a PDF page splitter, a PDF document splitter, and a PDF content splitter. We can make smaller file sizes when we split PDFs. This can be more advisable for file sharing. It can be easy to find a PDF splitter online. Together with a PDF combiner, PDF merge, or PDF compressor, a PDF splitter is available on many platforms. You will not have any difficulty finding a PDF splitter software or PDF splitter app.

Free PDF merging tools are good to minimize the size of our files, and on the other hand, the PDF splitter can enable us to separate files for easier distribution. This can be used if we are working with a team and we have to give specific documents to every team member. Any page can be separated through a PDF splitter. Opposite to the work of a merger, you can extract files and separate the pages that you want to split to differentiate unnecessary content. With this, it will be easy for us to manage PDF pages.

Best PDF Splitter Tools

To splice a PDF file, we need a PDF splitter. This is especially needed when the file is too large. There can be a requirement to have only one to two pages and not use the other content. This can be complicated if you will do this manually. With a PDF splitter, you can do this with just a few clicks. The work can even be programmed on your computer. But how can this be possible? What are the tools or PDF splitter software that you are going to use? The following are some of the tools that you can utilize:

PDF Split & Merge: This is an easy-to-use tool with multiple splitting choices. A large preview of the pages will be given. This can be free only during the trial period. So, to continue using this tool, you have to pay. There is also no Linux version. But to operate this is so easy. Just go to the main window and select the Split button. There are four choices to choose from. Each choice will have a short explanation. It is easy to save and group each page. You can eliminate any page that you want to delete. A password is used to merge, split, and edit files.PDFelement: Everything in this program is self-explanatory. So, you do not need others to teach you how to use this. If you need some files to be split, all you need is a document checklist and you can separate the files that you need. The previews are on large pages. There are many choices to split files. Browsing is very easy. You can even do other PDF-related tasks like using a PDF reader or a PDF combiner. This tool is compatible with Windows and Mac. But you can only use this with these two operating systems. To use this service, there is a payment. So, if you are just going to split PDF, you may have to pay a big amount. PDFelement is an editing tool with many choices. Full protection of your files is given. To split files, navigate to the Page tab and click Split. Do this by bookmarking the pages. Another option is possible by clicking Extract. You will have the chance to select the pages that you want to save. Automatically, the not selected pages will be removed. Saving the file in different formats like Word, Excel, HWP, or TXT is possible.Microsoft Word: We do not have to look any further. PDF splitting is possible in Microsoft Word, a tool that almost anyone uses. Here, you do not need to download anything as long as you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer. It is easy to see what each page looks like after splitting. You can even edit the page after you have split the pages. We know that Microsoft Word is not free. You have to pay for the software before you can install it. But since all use Microsoft Word, this can be economical on our side. Your file should be in texts first before splitting. There is a PDF splitter that you can use exclusively in Microsoft Word and it is very easy to use. Extracting pages from PDF can be done just with a few clicks of your fingers. The first step is to edit the documents. After that, you can easily split the file and choose the pages that you want.Adobe Acrobat: This is the most famous tool for PDF splitting. Since most PDFs are from Adobe PDF, it is most recommended to use this tool. At once, you can split multiple PDFs. You can convert them to smaller sizes. This tool is not free. Sometimes, it can be harder to use because there are a lot of options. But Adobe Acrobat is the most perfect way to split files into multiple sections. Do this by file size or by bookmarking. It is also easy to send huge PDFs to email. Even websites that do not accept large files can accept files that have gone through a PDF splitter. So, this can be good in any project management. To split files in Adobe Acrobat, go to the Tools menu, click Organize Pages, and choose the file that you want to split. It is this easy.PDFsam: Want to know the PDFsam basic tool? This is very easy to use, too. There are several choices on how you can split files. And you can choose your own version for the output. The options can be found in line sections. Plus, you can use this tool in any operating system. Before you can take a peek at the inside of the program, you need to pay the required amount. PDFsam is a tool with many services like PDF merge, PDF combiner, and PDF compressor. This can be identical to Adobe Acrobat. Any page can be split so that you can have a separate PDF. You can do this with even and odd pages. Two different documents can be separated with page numbers. You can also split through the “n” page. Bookmark files that are too big. To extract PDF, click Extract and select the pages.PDF to PNG: By using this tool, you can split 20 PDFs at the same time. It has two great image formats that you can choose from. These are PNG and JPG. Everything can be done online. But you have to be careful because it automatically extracts everything. Multiple pages are also hard to be merged into a single image. This can be only opened on a computer and not on mobile phones. This is especially useful if you want to separate files into PNG. PDF to JPG is also available. Every page can be converted into an image format. There is no need to customize options. Everything is downloadable in a ZIP format.Smallpdf: If you want a tool that is easy to understand, it is Smallpdf. It is very easy to import your files into it. Smallpdf also offers other tools. It can run in an OS browser. But this can be limited. Two free tasks each day are only possible. The method of splitting is only one. Smallpdf has a lot to offer as a PDF online tool. You can convert PDF, split merge PDF, or extract and edit a PDF document. The best thing about this is you can keep everything neat. If you have a big work plan, then nothing can be a mess. You can have two options for splitting files. That is to extract pages or to select pages. After splitting, you can have the choice to convert the pages into Word.Google Chrome: Everybody loves Chrome. We can usually get the information that we need through this tool. This program also offers a PDF splitter tool. The previews are truly large pages. You can extract even a range of pages. This PDF splitter is easy to use with a Chrome browser.

How to Use a PDF Splitter

Many of us are quite familiar with PDFs. But it is a big challenge for us to use PDF tools like PDF splitter. Because PDF files are common, we have prepared steps you can apply using a PDF splitter in Microsoft Word.

1. Open the File

The first thing that you need to do is to open the file that you want to split. In most documentation, files are in Word. If it is so, convert it to a PDF document. This is needed before you can use the PDF splitter.

2. Enable Saving

Go to the save dialog box. You need to ensure that everything is in Protected View. Then click on Enable Saving. You will be given a chance where you want to save. Give a name to your file.

3. Split the File

Go to Options. Click the bubble that you can see. Know how you would like to split the PDF. If you need to extract a page, type the number of pages.

4. Save Your File

After you have split the file, click OK. Then click Save. After that, you can exit the Word page. Your PDF has been split to the way that you want it to be. It is this easy. It will not take a lot of your time in your daily schedule.


What are the tips for using a PDF splitter?

The tips for using a PDF splitter are to check the size of the page, retain your main files, know your needs, and examine your devices.

What are the benefits of a PDF splitter?

The benefits of a PDF splitter are providing data with encryption, having the possibility to process many pages, having an interface that is easy to use, having ease in managing documents, and organizing big files.

PDF splitters can be a part of a good organizational strategic plan. Through it, you can have a good process in distributing materials. It will be easy for you to separate files and print necessary files within multiple pages. A PDF splitter is a good help in our work. It can make anyone’s work easier.