They will have an interview rating sheet where they will grade the applicants and will choose among them. There are job interview evaluation phrases that will be the criteria on how they will grade the applicants. Through the sheet or job interview evaluation form, they can come up with a performance evaluation that could be their basis whether they will hire the applicant or not. In this article, you will come to know some things about job interview evaluation. You will know the elements in evaluation forms. You will learn some tips on job interview to get a high rating on a job interview evaluation. You will know its importance. You will also know how to conduct a post interview evaluation. Want to learn these things? Get yourself relaxed and keep on reading!

What is a Job Interview Evaluation?

A job interview evaluation is the process of comparing all the job applicants within a job position. It is the way on how the HR staff members will get the best prospective employees. The job interview evaluation form enables them to assess all the qualifications of every applicant. The interview process is a long work, and in the end, they need to have procedures on how they can pick the best candidate that is suited for the job. The format gives method on how they can compare all their impressions for all the job applicants. They will assess their skills, experience, and personality. Through the interview candidate evaluation, they should provide a good questionnaire that can give them guidance on how they can award the pertinent position. The evaluation will have a sample interview score sheet or a job interview rating sheet where they will calculate the actual rating of the applicants. With the job interview evaluation criteria, they can assess which of the applicants will be the best candidate that they will choose for the job. It is a long but simple process. All they have to do is to get the fair rating for every applicant. This is necessary to get the best applicant among them.

Elements in a Job Interview Evaluation

This could be somehow a sample job evaluation form. You will know the elements that you can find in evaluation forms. They are the following:


Most of the companies look for a degree when hiring a job applicant. It is one of the things to be considered in evaluation forms. Although there are companies who considers applicants who do not finish a degree, this is a very essential part in evaluation. A good score can be given for candidates who has a degree. Even more so for an applicant who has masters. But you have to be reminded that this should not be the best criteria in your evaluation. There are unfortunate people who did not have the chance to graduate but can be good or better in their jobs.


When evaluating candidates after interview, you should also consider their training. Certifications will prove that they are skilled and that they know something about the job. It will not be hard for the company to train them with the work. Having sufficient training is a good point that an applicant can possess.

Work Experience

A background about past works is very essential. You will know if the candidate is already equipped of knowledge about the job. This is what matters about work. If the applicant has good work experience, you can be sure that he or she will be good in the work because knowledge is already there. This is one of the best points that interviewers are considering.

Technical Skills

In all sector, employees need to use different tools. They have to perform various processes. Technical knowledge is very important. You do not have to train applicants on these things if they already have technical skills. It will be a big plus for an applicant.

Leadership Skills

It will be good to know that candidates have leadership skills. It means that they are above other applicants. It also means that they could be better with their job. They have intelligence that are above others and they could lead their workmates to do better with their jobs. This is a good trait that can get an applicant to be hired.

Interpersonal Skills

You must give a good rating on applicants who can relate well with you while you are interviewing them. Good communication skills mean that they can communicate well at work. This denotes that they can be a source of a good workplace. With interpersonal skills, you can be assured that they can be a good co-worker to everyone in your company.


One of the elements that can be found in any sample job evaluation form is teamwork. Interview questions should have something about teamwork. It is very needed. You should know if an applicant can work well with other people in the company.

Time Management Skills

To know if candidates will be able to do their part of the job, you must know their time management skills. You will know if they can be productive or not. Most job are full time and it requires that every worker should be fruitful within the working hours. So being good in managing time is an essential skill that HR staff should look at.


From the time of the interview, you can see whether the applicant is motivated or not. Motivation should be there so that you will know that the job applicant is eager to do the work. It is something that can push the applicant to work better.


At the end of the evaluation forms, you must put a recommendation. It could be interview evaluation comments that could help the team to get the right assessment for the applicant. If you do not know what to put in the recommendation section, you can search for job interview evaluation comments sample on the internet.

Importance of a Job Interview Evaluation

Is a job interview evaluation important? Yes, it is. Here are some of its importance:

You can find the best candidate. Filling the evaluation forms can make you see the score of the applicants for every aspect of the job interview. You will have the proper rating for every applicant. Having the truth that you can grade each applicant better will make you to choose the best candidate for the job position.You can provide the needs of the company. The questionnaire comprised of things that can assess whether an applicant can match the needs of the company. Having a proper evaluation can provide candidates that can do the work that the company needs. The needs for the hiring process will be met.You will know the training that you will give. Assessment and evaluation is very important. Through it, you can learn the training needed for every applicant that you will hire. The questionnaire in the interview will reveal the skills of the applicants and you will know whether they are equipped or not. You can provide them the proper training that they need for the job.You can be assured of long-term commitments. Through the interview, you can assess whether the job applicant can work for the company long-term or not. The evaluation can reveal this thing. It is because you can give a proper thought on the commitment values of the applicant.

9 Interview Tips to Pass a Job Interview Evaluation

It is hard to find a job. So you really have to give your best when applying. You will be interviewed only once or twice, and it will only take a few minutes of your time. So before getting yourself for an interview, you must use some tips that can make you pass on them. Here are some tips that you can use:

Research the company. You must know the basic details about the company. The interviewer will approve if you can answer questions about the company. You can get extra points. It means that you are really interested to work for their company.Do some practice. You should consider all the possible interview questions. Research about it and practice the answers that you can give for every questions. Memorize your answers so it will be easier for you to response on any possible questions.Be familiar with the job description. You need to do a research with the job description. Know the scope of work and all the qualifications. It can help you to give answers to questions that the interviewer can give. It means that you know what you are up to.Practice with a friend. You can ask for a friend’s help. Recruit someone who can play the role of the interviewer and practice with them. It can make you to have ease when being interviewed. You can also practice all your answers.Prepare your references. Have a list of references. The interviewer may ask for this. It will be good that you have already prepared it. The hiring process with your application will have no problem.Prepare work samples. If you can show the interviewer some work samples, the interviewer will have some reference. The interviewer will know that you are capable of doing your job. Who knows if you can get the interviewer to impressed with your work? You can even pass the evaluation through it.Have the best attire. Be sure to wear the proper attire on the day of the interview. If there should be a dress code, follow it. Plan what you are going to wear the night after the interview. It is necessary so you will not be rushed on the morning of your interview. You can relax and allot the time to be punctual.Leave a good first impression. Remember that the first impression is always what others will think of you. You must not fail on this. Be enthusiastic at the time of the interview. Be sure that you will not make any stupid mistake.Be respectful. Remember to be polite to everyone in the company. Greet the interviewer with full respect. Choose words that denotes courtesy when answering questions. Sometimes, it is the attitude that matters most.

How to Conduct a Job Interview Evaluation

Are you considering a job interview evaluation report sample so you can make an interview evaluation? Are you going to conduct a mock interview and you do not know how to evaluate it? Well, here are some few steps on how you can conduct a job interview evaluation:

Step 1: Prepare the questionnaire.

To get the best evaluation, you must make sure that you will have all the job interview evaluation criteria. You must include all of these criteria when you are making the questionnaire. It is crucial that you will ask the job applicants all the necessary questions that will reveal their skills and personality. You must ask questions about their education, training, technical skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, work experience, and any other criteria that can make you assess their qualifications for the job position. Prepare good questions and do not just copy questions from the internet. Although you can search for sources that can help you to formulate interview questions.

Step 2: Conduct the interview.

Now, at the time of the interview, use the questionnaire in asking the applicants. Remember that you have to ask every questions that you have made. It can help you to get the best rating for every applicant. In a professional manner, try to search within the applicants for every criteria so that you can bring out the most of every applicant. Take notes if necessary so you will not forget whatever important points that you have gathered from the answers of the applicant. You can use it as you will do the scoring in the evaluation.

Step 3: Fill up the job interview evaluation form.

After the interview was done, it is time for you to make the post interview evaluation. Prepare the form and get the whole HR team ready to do the evaluation. Get the evaluation sheet and do the scoring. Consider each element carefully. Tell whether the applicant excel in a particular criteria or not. Be honest in grading the applicant. Consider all the answers that the applicant has given you. Get a rating according from all of them.

Step 4: Decide whether to hire the applicant.

What three words best describe the process of the job interview evaluation? They are questionnaire, interview, and rating. The last part of the evaluation is when you get the rating for the applicant. After this, the HR staff members must decide whether they will accept the application of the candidate or not. Sometimes, it can be simple. If according to the score in the evaluation form, he or she can do the job, then you can hire him or her. There should not be difficulty on your side because it is the applicant that makes her or his future. The result is just the outcome of the job interview.


What Should I Do to Pass the Job Interview Evaluation?

To pass the evaluation, you must give your best on the job interview. You can research about the possible questions that you can encounter. You can research about all the criteria that is needed for you to be hired within that specific job. You can also research for tips that you can use in the job interview.

Who Conducts the Job Interview Evaluation?

Job interview evaluation are being conducted by the HR staff members or HR managers. They are the ones who are in charge of hiring workers for the company. They handle all the job applications of the job applicants. Sometimes, directors are also involved with these things.

Hiring process is a simple but a long work. The HR staff members have to deal with a lot of applicants. Job interview could not be less than tiring. They have to interview each applicant one by one, and after that they have to make a job interview evaluation. Do you need to make an evaluation? If you have no idea about a job interview evaluation, this post can provide a template that you can use. It has 5+ SAMPLE Job Interview Evaluation in PDF. It can help you as you conduct an interview with job applicants. What are you waiting for? Download one now and make a job interview evaluation!