The manager, with the orientation programme, has to face again a new set of new employees on the onboarding process. The first day of the new hire is an exciting day for them, because they will have to face a new adventure about their life. And for the managers, it is also a good day because they have to deal with the new people in their company. But however nervous managers can feel in the first day of the new employees, they have to make sure that the new staff will have a proper orientation. To ensure this, they have to make an onboarding checklist or a new employee orientation checklist. With this, they will have something to follow as they conduct the orientation to the new employees. In this article, you will come to know some things about new employee orientation checklist. You will know its benefits and some tips that you can use with it. You will also learn how to create a new employee orientation checklist. Do you want to know these things? Just relax and keep on reading!

What is a New Employee Orientation Checklist?

If you are a manager, you must have a new employee orientation checklist. It is also known as the onboarding checklist, staff orientation checklist, onboarding orientation checklist, or job orientation checklist. A new employee orientation checklist is a list of all the process that HR or manager should do as they introduce the new employees to their tasks, the company processes, and even to the team that they will work with. It is a checklist on how they can introduce the company to the new hire. Whether the company is construction, manufacturing, restaurant, gym, or any other company, all are the same. All has an orientation to attend to. A checklist is so essential on this event because HR should be reminded of everything that they have to discuss with the new staff. From the hour of the job up to the depatment where the new hire will be assigned, they have to list them in the checklist so that when it is time to talk to the new employees, they will not forget anything. The checklist should have the complete information about the orientation program. The flow of the orientation will be better if there is a new hire orientation checklist. Every step in the orientation process will be followed. The new employees will get all the information that they need.

Benefits of a New Employee Orientation Checklist

The new hire employee orientation checklist has sure benefits. It has new hire orientation presentation ideas that you can use as you conduct the orientation. Want to know its benefits? Read the following:

It can reduce stress. The HR can conduct the orientation without stress. Sometimes, it is stressful to be someone who will introduce the important things to the new employees. You have the responsibility that the new staff should know all the rules of the company. If the new staff will be a breaker of the company’s rule of conduct, you will be blamed for it. To be sure that you will be able to tell them everything that they should know, it is better to make a checklist so that you will not forget anything. If you will have something to follow, it can relieve you from stress. You can be sure that you can tell the new employees the things that they have to know.You can avoid mistakes. You can be sure that you can give the best orientation to the new employees. You will have no mistake in doing this. All you have to do is to follow the checklist. You can be sure that you are doing the right things. No measures will be forgotten. No information will be withheld. Every step of the orientation process will be followed carefully. It is always better to have something to copy. A new staff orientation checklist is a good roadmap to follow. You can avoid all the possible mistakes. The employee orientation checklist will teach you what to do.It can ensure productivity. Because you are able to discuss everything that the new employees should know about their work, you can expect productivity. The new staff will know what to do with their job and how they will perform their tasks better. Following your directions, they can be fruitful everyday. They will know the necessary measures at work, and they will have the perfect idea on how they can avoid trouble at work. Sometimes, the performance of employees are according to the orientation that they get. To give the best orientation, you must refer to free sample of new employee orientation checklist.You can have a positive relationship with the new staff. If the new staff can see that they are welcome in the company, you can create a positive relationship with them even at the start. One of the things that you should put in the checklist is how to welcome them. As you can do that because of the checklist, you can ensure a good relationship with the new employees. Remember, firts impressions last. If we want our new employees to do better at work, we have to make them feel at home. In this way, they can come to love their work. They will instantly have a positive outlook about their work.Turnover will be reduced. If you can give a good orientation to the new employees through the new employee orientation checklist, the new hire can be better on their job. They will be properly instructed and they can excel at their tasks. If that happens, they will be happy with their work. They will stay with the company and the chance of turnovers will be reduced. You will have many good employees in your company. It is one great deal of an achievement.

Tips on New Employee Orientation Checklist

Are you considering some example of new employee orientation checklist because you need some tips that you can use as you create your own checklist? Well, look no more! Some tips are written below!

Do not forget to welcome the employees. In some orientation, they forget to do the very nice thing to do with the new employees. And that is to welcome them. They simply just show them where they will work and show their supposed teammates. It should not be so. You must know that they should get a warm welcome. They should know that they can have a good environment in their job. They can have a workplace that can give them happiness.Be clear about the company standards. You have to be reminded that you should put all the company policies in the checklist. The new employees should know these things. They are about to work in a place that have standards to follow. If you will forget anything, they cannot comply with the rules. You have to be clear about all the policies that they need to adhere.You should be friendly. As you conduct the orientation, remember to be friendly while being professional. The new employees must feel that the company has human beings and not robots that are set to work. By being friendly, the new employees may be more inspired to work because they are surrounded by good people.Give good information about the training. After the orientation, the new employees will be off to training. You must provide accurate information about the training. It will make them prepared for it. Do your best so that new employees will be at ease on their training sessions. Help them somehow.

How to Create a New Employee Orientation Checklist

If you have found a template, it will be easy for you to create a checklist. A new employee orientation template or a new employee orientation checklist template is advisable to use. But in case you are looking for plain steps to use in making your checklist, you can consider the followings steps in creating a checklist that you can use for orientation:

Step 1: Give an introduction about the company.

The first thing that you need to discuss in any orientation is the information about the company. You must tell a brief history about the company where the new employees are about to work. It is good for them to have the first impression about the company. They must know some things about the company. Company history will make them know what type of company they are engaging into. Present some culture to them, or the company background. Tell the values that your company has. Tell its vision and its mission. And of course, you have to introduce the company policies to the new employees. It is very important. All the new employees should adhere to all the rules and regulations of the company.

Step 2: Brief the new employee about their first day.

The first day at work is very crucial. All the new employees do not know what they can encounter on their first days. They are so nervous with their first day so you have to guide them. You must tell the team that they are about to start. You must tell them what to do. Some of these things are:

Step 3: Tell them job specifics.

The most important thing is the details about their job. You must inform them the department where they will work. You must explain them the hours of work that they will have. If your company has a shift system, you must make them choose the schedule that they want, if it is possible. If it is not, tell them the work schedule that they have to accustomed to. Inform them about the pay day. Explain to them details how they can be payed. It is important that employees agree with these things. They should also know the dress code that is required in the company. You must tell them about leaves and vacation time. They should also be given their right to have a break. You must tell them about this thing. You must explain to them the performance evaluation. Then, you must give them the employee handbook.

Step 4: Give a quick tour to the new staff.

You must welcome the new employee. Introduce him or her to all the key staff. Explain how everyone relates to each other. Tell the employee about the communication that you have in the company. Give the employee a tour on all the facilities in the company. Employees should know the location of washroom or lunchroom. They have to be properly acquainted in all the places in the company. Point them to the room where they could spend their break. Show them the locker room where they can put all their belongings.

Step 5: Make the new employee complete the paperwork. 

New employees need to sign up on the benefit programs of the company. They need to sign some paperworks or documents about it. They also have to fill up payroll forms. If the employee has a union membership, let them have the necessary requirements. If they have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, you must present the document to them. They can also sign the employee contract before the first day of their training. Job expectations must be clear. You must tell them if they have a probationary status or whether their employment is permanent. If they will be hired within a contract, you must explain it to them. They must know how long they can stay in the company.

Step 6: Start the training program. 

After the orientation, the next stage is the training. You must provide a preliminary training which can make the new employees accustomed on the minor things in the company and about their job. Then prepare them for the ongoing training and to all the training session that they will have.


How Does Orientation and Onboarding Differs?

Orientation and onboarding are closely similar. They usually occur on the first days of the new employee in their job. Orientation is the first days of an employee at work. It usually last a day where the employee will be introduced about the company and their jobs. It is where they will sign the necessary paperworks. Onboarding on the other hand refers to the days up to the training sessions of the employees. Though sometimes, these two words can be used for same things on the life of a new hire.

Can Multiple Employees Be in the Same Orientation?

Yes, of course. There are companies who conduct orientation to multiple employees at once. It happens. It could save time and effort. Also, sometimes employees get hired on the same day. So it is a possibility for them to have orientation on the same day, too.

It is easy to rely on a new employee orientation checklist after making one. It can give you all the instructions on all the things that you should do as you conduct an orientation. This checklist is much needed. Every orientation needs to be a success. It is a good tool that can help you to achieve that. Are you about to make this checklist? You can refer to this post if ever you need a template that you can use. It has 23+ SAMPLE New Employee Orientation Checklist in PDF | MS Word. These templates are downloadable. So what are you waiting for? Pick one and download now! Create a new employee orientation checklist that you can have as a tool in your orientation!