What is HR Strategic Plan?

The HR strategic plan helps the HR team to keep the human resources to have corporate rules. It is a document plan that have the mission and vision of the corporation. Goals and values are meant to have strategies. It is a presentation of the management that is done with the human resources. This plan is the basic ways that the staff will follow in conducting their work in HR. HR planning provides solutions to all present and future problems. It is encouraged to have this plan even if you own only a small business. Start up business can do well if their human resources have a strategy. It is because strategies can provide performance management. Transformation comes if we do planning and apply strategies. HR strategic goals are important and HR strategic framework should be well-established.

Benefits of HR Strategic Plan

HR strategic plan is being applied in companies because it has certain benefits. These important things are what HR strategic plan can do:

Allocation of Talent Requirements

With HR strategy and planning, you will know the number of employees that you should have in a particular time. You will know the jobs that should be filled. You will know when to hire employees and when you should stop. HRM (Human Resources Management) strategic plan can make you win talents. You will know the right time when you will get them and how you will find the perfect candidate with all the talent requirements. Your forecasting in business will become more realistic.

Non-compliance Wages

Spreadsheets and manual processing used in payroll are prone to mistakes. But if you have HR strategy and planning, you can handle performance management better and can pinpoint compliance gaps. Employment legislation would become better.

More Productivity of Employees

Not only did the HR strategic plan will make you recruit the right candidate, it also promotes employee satisfaction. It ensures that all employee engagement would be good. Employees are the ambassadors of a company. It is essential to provide a happy workforce. They will become more productive as HR would guide them in all their foregoings. Whenever a problem arise, HR can provide a solution to it. Helping them with the problems that they may encounter and giving them support will urge the employees to work better.

Employee Retention

After hiring key members in a company, of course, the company would want to keep them. Retention is important to not lose quality employees. It can be assured by having HR strategic plan. Put some rules about retention that the staff can implement to hold your employees better. If they will see that the HR is good, they might as well stay with the company.

Company Improvement

You can measure what is working when you have HR strategic plan. You will also know what is not working. When you know these things, you will know what to do so you can improve. But after all, HR strategic plan gives improvement to a company because you may handle the human resources better.

10 Tips on HR Strategic Plan

To keep alignment in staffing, HR strategic plan is needed. Sometimes you may need HR business partner to make things better. Here are some HR strategic tips that can help you.

Make plans on how your staff will grow. In the beginning, we usually only have one to three staff. Then it would multiply to seven or twenty. And someday, it could be hundreds. It would be advisable if you will plan now. Consider all the jobs that you need. List them and all their descriptions, and think of ways on how it will become reality. Your business can grow one day and you have to have strategies with your human resources. Have plans that have to do with the number of people that you can hire. The point is you will not be faced with any problem anymore as your business expands.Always monitor your workforce capabilities. Employee assessment will surely make your business successful. In your HR strategic plan, put things about assessing employees regularly. It will make you know what your company have and what your company needs. It will also tell you things that you have to change in your workforce and you can also keep up to the changes that occurs in the industry. Use HR strategic plan to improve your employees. HR can keep an eye on them and can make them to adhere to some working practices that could make their work better. Plan on new things that can improve your workforce. Assess employees skills and also their abilities. It includes all their technical knowledge, interpersonal skills, and leadership capabilities. You can also assess your workforce by comparing it to the workforce of your competitors. This way, you will know if you are doing good or not.Every talent should go along with the company’s vision. Workers have natural talents, but you must cultivate it to make it grow. Train them in their respective field. Training has an effect to the quality of work that an employee can give. Researches prove that an untrained employee is less effective than a trained employee. If you are looking for leaders, then you must give them a leadership training. If you needs a good technician, then provide a necessary training for it. They can easily adhere to the company’s vision if they are trained. You can be assured of the results and you will know that they can follow all your goals because they have been trained to do it.Have a plan for management transition. You should have a system that tells whether an employee is good at management or leadership. Know their personality and tell their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to leadership. Pinpoint their goals. This system can make the employees aware that they can have the chance to be a manager someday. Provide training that teaches management techniques. Employees must be also taught well on how to do decision making. Have communication to them about management so that this thing would not be new to them.Have a great hiring process. You can do this by talking to current employees asking them about their experience on the hiring process. You can know what they like about it and what they do not like. You can improve the hiring process through this. You can also let the applicants know first more about the company before they would actually sign. Improve tools that can better assess the qualification of applicants. Have good job advertisements that will help the company to get key employees. Hiring new workers may be expensive but you must invest on it to hire better workers.Provide a good budget for human capital. Employees are the best asset in a company. You must provide a proper budget for them. It can be stated in HR strategic plan. Do not focus just on business expansion, take care of the needs of the employees. Consider their benefits and know their expectations. If not for them, your company will not work. So human capital is more than necessary.Follow all the best practices. Whatever work practice that you have put in your HR strategic plan, you must follow. Do not let your plan to be just plainly a document. Put it into action. Follow it carefully and always see to it that you are all efficient. Get all the best practices done. When you follow the plan, you will be also consistent in your work. It will be a guide to you and you will know what to do in your work.Have an employee handbook. Make a detailed handbook that provides consistency. Employees will be happy if they will see that everything in the book is followed. This handbook will contain all the rules or all the things that they should follow, and how HR will deal to them. It can also answer all the questions that they could have regarding their work. Revise this handbook if necessary to improve employee engagement. Review it yearly and make some changes that you would see fit, and make the employees sign for another handbook.Have a good relationship with employees. Maybe you are busy, but you must be sure to have a regular communication with employees. It would keep things up. You will be informed of all the problems that they might have encountered. You will know their needs and what they dislike. Personal interaction is important because HR should not go distant with their employees. They must ensure that employees are taken care of because that was their job. If they will do it, they can also ensure that the company will get the work that they need from the employees.Set goals for employees. Long-term mission and vision need goals. It would be better if you would have goals for your employees. These goals would make them consistent in doing their job. They would have something to follow that would make them productive. Cite a few goals in your HR strategic plan that you can implement to your workers. Then help them in fulfilling it.

How to Create HR Strategic Plan

We may have many ideas that we would want to implement in human resources. All these ideas can be the elements of our HR strategic plan. The next question is how we can write it.

Step 1: Tell the future HR demands.

Using a business strategy, identify the HR needs. You may ask these questions:

Step 2: Know HR capabilities.

After knowing the HR needs, you must also know its current situation. Ask these things:

Step 3: Make gap strategies.

Develop some techniques that will address the gap in the current HR capabilities to the future HR needs. These tactics may affect the task design and the staffing in your company. It deals about performance management and has something to do about the employee’s salary and rewards. These gap strategies may be applied in training and must be brought in employee’s relationship to HR. Fill in also the gaps with the workforce diversity. You can also ask these questions:

Step 4: Share HR strategic plan with the HR staff and check it regularly.

After making a strategic plan, you must show it to the whole team. You will implement all of it together. Have a meeting that will discuss all things that are written on it. Explain everything and come to defend those things that you put in it. When everyone was well-acquainted with the plan, start doing it in the HR department. Monitor its implementation afterwards. Check if the things that have been planned were followed. You can tell whether the plan is successful if all of you in HR follow it and you are starting to achieve results.


Can I Contribute to the HR Strategic Plan?

While this plan is done by the HR department and its management, you can contribute into it by telling them your opinion. There are times that you can be asked about the hiring process, so then you can tell things that can improve HR. As an employee, what you think matters because HR has to maintain a good relationship with you. It does not hurt to tell them your opinion so they could address your concerns.

Can a Company Work Without HR?

If a business only have two staff, they can afford to have no HR. But even with that, some business still insists on having HR. The main thing is that HR is completely necessary. Without it, a company cannot function. That is the reason why all companies have HR.

HR strategic plan surely improves HR function. Without it, they would not know so much how to handle employees. If it is true that employees search for companies with good management, we must be sure that we are properly doing our work in the HR department. Make HR strategic plan that make our services better.