Throughout the probationary period, this probationary officer would monitor them and would give a probation review at the end of the said period. This process is also called probationary evaluation. This stage is what crucial to the employment of a worker. It would tell whether they would be regularized or not. Every employee wants to pass this stage as this would be the main point how they would have a permanent job that can sustain their living. Dependability and the skills of the employees are carefully assessed in a probationary evaluation. It is to give them a just employee evaluation that relates to their work.

39+ Sample Probationary Evaluation

What is a Probationary Evaluation?

Given at the end of the employee’s contract, a probationary evaluation is a document that is a summative of the contributions of an employee in his work. It is a written review done by the manager about all the tasks that they have done in the job. It is also called employee evaluation, employee reviews, employee performance reviews, performance appraisal, probationary assessment, or performance evaluation. This functional capacity evaluation determines whether the employee will have a permanent role in the company after an employee probation period. Their work productivity would be summed up. All their skills and competencies will be evaluated. Their attendance would be checked and would be taken into account.

All their performance will be reviewed. It was their chance to be regularized in their job, but it could also mean the end of their work if they would not have a good performance review. It may be true that sometimes the probation office is good at employees or staff, where they give another fair chance to workers to continue their job. But if the employees would not have given their best, they may fail in the probationary evaluation. This would be a very sad thing because a probationary status was good if you will just consider. It is because you have a chance to have a permanent job if you will just concentrate on your performance. It is a lot better than a fixed contract where you would just work for a fixed number of months. That was why a probationary evaluation is greatly to be considered by every employee because their work depends on it.

Things That are Included in a Probationary Evaluation

A probationary evaluation is done and given by the manager of the company. Whether it is done in a state employee credit union or private companies, it includes certain things which are the following:

The Employee Communication

This would assess the level of communication of the employees with their subordinates and co-workers. If they are effective in communication and has a good dealing in their work, it would be reflected. It also details how well they communicate and the way of their communication to do their job.

The Employee’s Participation in Teamwork

Collaboration is important in every job. How an employee does regarding teamwork is assessed. If the employee contributes well in the team and whether they cooperate is written in the probationary evaluation. Teamwork is vital as this is the way how employees will produce results at work. If employees would score good in teamwork, then it is a good reason to give them a permanent job.

The Employee’s Way of Problem-solving

It is normal to encounter problems and challenges at work. But we must favor and choose a worker that is good in problem-solving. The employees must cope with all the challenges and we are going to grade them at it. We should tell whether they succeed in challenges or not. We must assess how well they handle problems that they face everyday at work.

The Employee’s Quality of Work

The main point that we have to deal with is the quality of the employee’s work. Their work must be accurate and good. Their productivity is recorded. We should tell whether they have done their part or not. This part of performance review is the most important and what should we look at for the employee to be regularized.

The Employee Reliability

The employee that we are going to give a permanent role should be reliable. Their attendance should be perfect. If not, should only have a little flaw. Their punctuality must also be reviewed. We cannot regularize a worker who is always tardy or has a lot of absences. For this reason, we should remind the employees that their absences and punctuality can affect their probationary assessment.

The Employee Ability

The ways that an employee obtain smart goals are recorded in the probationary evaluation. It could be their capacity to meet deadlines and their skills in achieving their tasks. This is properly evaluated as it is needed. We cannot say no to an employee who can display skills and competencies at their job.

Sample of Probationary Evaluation

You can use the following sample of probationary evaluation as your reference in creating a performance review:

Probationary Evaluation for Julian Barthez

Manager: Ronald Corpuz

Date: July 1, 2021

Company: Beautiful Charter Inc.


– You are serious in all your work and you have efficient plans in accomplishing all your objectives.

– You are skillful in how you will achieve your goals and you are good in asking for resources that you can be used in achieving your goals.


– You are good in participating at team meetings and you are thoughtful in all the feedback that you get from us.

– You are good in giving instructions and you are good in answering emails.


– You are good in developing skills. You have a good technique.

– You are good in adapting to changes. You learn well and easily.


– You are showing a good work ethic and you always keep up to the productivity quota.

– You are showing commitment to your work and you have surpassed all the challenges in your work.


– You manage all your projects in an efficient manner, ensuring that all are done in accordance with the schedule and keeps up with the budget.

– You can be a good role model to your group, showing a great work ethic and being able to work properly in the team.


– You always help team members in providing solutions to the problems that they have encountered. You help them to navigate every challenge.

– You are good in giving tasks to your other team members.


– You have good work approaches and you use innovative methods to make your work better.

– With your curiosity, you are able to work creatively.


Julian has been a good employee within the past months. He gives motivation to other workers and he was good in delivering his job. There are also times that he could lead on projects. I recommend that he shoud attend the leadership workshop in December to improve his skills. With this good probationary evaluation, I beleive we can grant him a 5% raise.

Tips in Probationary Evaluation

Providing a probationary assessment may be tedious for the probation office. Probationary employee performance is something that should be carefully handled. Apply these tips so you can have a better probationary evaluation:

Give regular feedback. Offer feedback evaluation to employees so you can help them to achieve their goals. Do not surprise them with the probationary assessment. If you will give them regular feedback, they might know their work status all the time and they will know how they will improve their work so that they will pass on the probationary evaluation. Be good to them and be honest at the same time. If there are certain areas wher they have to make their work better, you can tell them in your feedback and they can move according to it. Giving a regular feedback is a nice way to take care of your employees. It would also give a good, regular communication. If they will see that you are taking care of them, they will work better and can later pass the probationary evaluation.Be honest about the employee’s performance. As a probationary officer, you have to be honest in giving a probationary evaluation. Employee connection may affect it. But you have to be honest in telling the real performance of every employee. If they are a good employee, do not deprive them of the right to have the best evaluation that they could have. But if there is a certain employee that is not doing well, you can do nothing but to give him a poor evaluation. Being honest will what benefit your company the most. As a manager, you have to do your part. Give honest evaluations and your company will have the best employees that it could have.Be face-to-face with the employee after the evaluation. After doing the written review, you must face the employee to discuss the evaluation. This is to prove whatever decision you made. Provide an accurate evaluation so when it is time to face the employee, there will be no gap in your evaluation. Give them the right review so that it would be easy for the employee to accept your assessment. It is necessary to discuss to them the result of your evaluation to make everything clearer. You can also have the chance to congratulate them if ever they have passed the evaluation. On the other hand, you can be at least nice to them if they have failed.Give a positive note in the end of the document. Whatever is your evaluation, give a positive note to the employee. Provide a good comment that employees can use in their work or their future endeavors. Providing a positive note can be a reason for the regularization of the employee so be good enough to provide a positive note. The evaluation, however, will be the main reason that employees will have their job for the rest of their life, so help them somehow.Give care into your words. You must construct the probationary evaluation properly. Whatever you will write in it will be the destiny of an employee so be careful with your words. Speak in a positive tone, and provide good, honest things. Give care into your every words so employees will have the better chance to be permanent in their work.

How to Write a Probationary Evaluation

Probationary evaluation must be properly done. To be able to create a good one, you may consider these steps:

Step 1: Review the job description of the employee that you will have a probationary evaluation.

Have a copy of the job description of the employee. Review all the requirements for that certain job. It will give you context for the responsibilities of that employee. By knowing the requirements for their position, you can see whether they have done their job or not. You can assess how well they have done in their job. With their productivity sheet, you now can compare if they have done all their duties.

Step 2: Highlight the improvement of the employee.

Consider the progress of the employee within the probation period. Highlight the things where they have excelled, stating their job improvement. All the areas where the employee has improved, you must put in the probationary evaluation. Evaluate their performance in these areas and give right sentences that will describe it.

Step 3: Use SWOT in your evaluation.

You must tell the strengths of the employee. Tell also the weaknesses. Use a SWOT analysis framework – it is an acronym for strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. This will guide all your evaluation notes. First, know the strengths of employees which includes good attributes and key achievements. Second, take note of their weaknesses or the things that hinders them from accomplishing objectives. Third, think of opportunities that could make them excel at their job. Lastly, cite the threats that could give a bad impact at their work.

Step 4: Assess the overall performance of the employee.

At the end of your written review, you must give recommendation for the employee. Assess their overall performance where your company would arrive at a decision. By reviewing all your assessment at every area of the work of the employee, you may know whether you will give the employee a permanent job or not. You may also consider how much rate will you give for their salary increase.


Does Regularization Depends Upon the Probationary Evaluation?

Yes, the regularization depends upon the probationary evaluation. It is a summation of the performance of employees, and therefore would tell whether they would be permanent in their job or not. The higher people in the company would look at the probationary evaluation to give them that position. First, they would evaluate the employees, considering all the job that they have done within the company. Then they would assess it and will come up to a decision whether to regularize an employee or not.

Who is Going to Give the Probationary Evaluation?

Probationary assessment or evaluation is done by the managers of the company. They are the ones who handle the employee so they would know all the accomplishments of every employee. They closely monitor their job. They are the ones who could tell whether they do well or not.

How Many Times is the Probationary Evaluation?

It is up to the company how many evaluations would they want to have after finally having a decision. Most times, it could be done only once. But there were times that performance reviews are given twice or thrice. Or even every month. What is important is that there could be a reference for an employee’s regularization.

The probationary evaluation is one of the most awaited part in the probationary status of employees. With this, they would know whether they could have their job permanently or not. If you are on a probation period, be diligent with your work so that the manager could come up with a good evaluation. Usually, it is done only once, so do not waste your chance.