What is a Recruiter Evaluation?

A recruiter evaluation is a document that contains the assessment for the performance of recruiters in a company. A performance evaluation should be done for recruiters so that they will be encouraged to work harder to ensure that they will have a good evaluation. A performance review can do them good by attaining bonuses by having a great performance of giving the best workers to the company. They have a great reward by ensuring that the recruitment process is always well with every job candidate.

The recruiter is in charge of every applicant from the screening process up to onboarding. They are doing a rigorous job that needs to be evaluated to ascertain that the company will have the best recruiters to get the best supply of employees. A performance appraisal is what can motivate recruiters to be better with their job. They can learn performance management by knowing that after that they have done their part, the management will be there to give an assessment to tell whether they are doing great with their job or not.

Doing a candidate assessment is not an easy job. Recruiters have to make sure that applicants will be adept for the job description that they are applying. There are even times that applicants can drop the application and that can be a challenge to recruiters. Especially to find excellent workers with complete skills. The job of recruiters is to ascertain that the applicants will be great employees who will do their job well and will be a good employee to the company. Because of this, they ought to have interpersonal skills to tell whether an applicant is serious with the job or not.

Recruiters may interview a hundred of applicants in a day but they must be sure that the applicants that they will consent to pass will be enthusiastic with the work that they will have. They have to create an interview evaluation to assess the qualifications of job candidates better. They are the ones who fill up the candidate evaluation form so they have the responsibility to get good employees and will be somewhat accountable if they will pass an employee that is not suitable for the job. Recruiting is a serious process. They cannot accept all candidates who apply for the job. They should ascertain that every candidate will be adept and has good forbearance.

Tips on Recruiter Evaluation

Recruiters can be nervous for their recruiter performance evaluation. Every time they will get the evaluation form for recruitment, maybe they will feel some jitters because it is about the status of their job. To be sure that you can have a good evaluation, you may want to have some tips that can help you in recruitment. Consider and have the following tips:

Consider Remote Work: As a recruiter, your work is to give enough employees to work for your company. But due to the pandemic, people stay at home and have the desire to work remotely only. Because of this happening, recruiters may find it hard sometimes to find workers for their company. Candidates demand to work from home and sometimes, the company want workers to work on-site. But the company should consider this case. As a recruiter, you can ask the company if it can accept remote workers. If it will be permitted, then you can start recruiting for remote workers and your recruitment will be better. You can even help people who wants to work from home.Offer Great Compensation: Compensation is the first thing that job candidates look at in a job. To be sure that you will have enough candidates to the job that you are sourcing, you need to offer a good compensation that can encourage applicants. No one will say no to a great compensation. So, this is something that you have to give focus to. You have to ask your company if it can offer a compensation that is above the compensation given by other companies. This can bring success to the recruitment process. Higher compensations can surely drive a lot of applicants to the job. You will have no room or time to accommodate them all if you can offer a great compensation.Use Technology: Using technology will be a great help to the recruitment process. Use digital tools like social media and virtual job boards in recruitment. All people use these kind technology nowadays. Almost all applicants look for work on the internet. It will be easy for you to find applicants through these. You can even hire candidates virtually if your company will permit this. Not only it is more faster than face-to-face hiring, it is also more convenient. Sometimes, applicants do not have to go to the office for interview. Making virtual interviews can help applicants to give them a more convenient hiring experience.Use Outside Resources: You can use outside resources to get good applicants to hire for your company. Universities give employment assistance and you can use this to get good employees. You can attend events like career fairs. In these events, you can surely meet applicants that can be adept for the jobs in your company. You can even sure that you are getting high-quality applicants, applicants who are graduate of good universities. It will be surely good for you to search applicants in networking events. You can start to have connections to job candidates that can be possible employees to your company.Create a Simple Application Process: Sometimes, if the application process is too long, it becomes tedious to the applicants and they can change their mind to apply in your company. To be sure that they will not be bored with the application process, you need to simplify it. Make it not longer to be taken in 5 minutes. Be sure that the completion will be one page only. You cannot avoid applicants to be bored with the process if it is overly long. Just focus on the most important details from the applicant and include only what is necessary in the form. It can take some precious time in applying, so you have to value the time of the applicants also.Make Good Job Posts: Job candidates are attracted to the goodness of the job listings that they read. If the listing is attractive and can show them that it can offer good things, they are more likely to apply in the job. To follow this kind of thing, you should make sure that you can make the job listings great. You should hire a professional writer who can write the job description for your company. Through this, you will know that your listing will be effective. There are numerous job posts listed in job boards. You have to ensure that the job post of your company will stand out. This is the only way how you can ensure that job applicants will choose your company over other companies.Use Marketing Strategies: Marketing strategies are sure help in everything. Through it, we can be sure that we can have a good campaign on everything that we want to be popular. Maybe your company is not that popular. Maybe it is just new or it is not that big. To attract job candidates, you need to have a marketing plan for your company. You have to introduce your company in little ways. You can do this by letting other people know about your company through social media. Or you can use advertisements that can popularize your company to job applicants. They should know that your company is good to work with. Have some campaigns that can build the reputation of your company. Through this, applicants will have an interest to join your company.Make Use of Rubrics: You cannot just hire anybody and fill in all the job positions. You have to make sure that applicants will be the perfect employees for the job. To be sure that you can hire the right employees, you should use rubrics that can measure their abilities. This is the only way how you can ascertain that you can hire skilled workers. Use the qualifications that you need for the job in setting rubrics. Be sure that you can hire high-quality workers. You can be best at your job if you will hire key workers. This is also a great way to compensate the goodness of the company for getting you as an employee. You can contribute well to your company if you can hire excellent workers.Consider Diversity: Diverse ideas can be good for your team. Hiring candidates with diverse background can be a help that can maximize the capacity of your team. So, you can hire candidates considering diversity. Your company can have a wide access to different skills. Equity can even be formed in the workplace. Be open to accept applicants even if they do not perfectly fit the qualifications. If they offer great skills for the company, the company can use them in various ways. This is also a good way of how you can hire key workers. So, do not be bias in hiring. If you think that an applicant can do the job, there will be no reason for you not to accept him or her.Give Good Candidate Experience: As part of being good, you must be able to give a good experience to all job candidates. Be good to them. Be nice in the interview. Make them feel good about your company. Through this, your company can have a great reputation. They can apply in your company again after increasing their skills if they will not be hired. If they will be hired, it will be a great start for them in your company. With the good start, they might come to love your company, knowing that you have been good to them even at the start. Assist them with all your might so that they will feel at ease with your company. A good hiring experience can make them a good worker to your company.Use Employee Referrals: Using referrals can ease your job as a recruiter. The people who will use the referrals will be eager to find job candidates for you because they can get an incentive from your company. You can find job candidates without you doing anything. You can save a lot of time and effort. Even if you have to fill in hundreds of job vacant positions, you will have no problem.

Recruitment Steps to Get a Good Recruiter Evaluation

Are you looking for a recruiter evaluation sample or a recruiter evaluation form? Do you want to know how you can get a good recruiter evaluation? If you want to know how you can do this, you can refer to the following steps:

  • Step 1: Do Recruitment Marketing

    You can use marketing principles for the recruitment process. Marketing can help you to gather enough number of applicants that you need. Make candidates aware of your brand. This is the only way how you can get their trust to apply in your company. You have to make your company popular so that you can attract job candidates. They will start to swarm on giving applications if your company will be good in their eyes.

  • Step 2: Make a Passive Search

    If you find that you lack applicants for the job, you can make a passive search. You can search for potential candidates in job boards. Many applicants sign up there and sometimes stop looking for a job and not active. You can contact them and tell them the job opportunity that your company has. Through this, you may have possible new hires just lurking in the corner.

  • Step 3: Create a Referral Program

    To make your work easier and faster, you should use referral programs so that other people can help you to find job candidates. Find a good network that can help you in sourcing candidates. You will see that you can fill in all the vacant positions that you have.

  • Step 4: Be Nice When Hiring

    You have to be nice to the job applicants. You have to accommodate them in a good way. Some applicants may not continue to a job if they will find recruiters irritating. You need to be good to them because their experience can be a feedback of your work. If you will have good feedback, you will surely have good recruiter evaluation comments.

  • Step 5: Get Collaboration from the Team

    You must involve the team when you are hiring applicants. You need their cooperation in times of training or onboarding. Collaborate with them through short meetings so that all of you can be prepared to face the new employees.

  • Step 6: Evaluate Candidates

    You should ensure that you can hire key workers. To make this possible, you should set a criteria in hiring. Do not hire the first applicants that you can encounter. Be sure that they are qualified for the job. Rubrics and metrics are important so that you can do your job well.

  • Step 7: Onboarding Support

    Continue to be good to the applicants until they get hired. Give support when they are onboarded for the job. Assist them because it is hard to have the first days in a job. Introduce them to the team that can assist them on the onboarding process. Finish your work up to the very last bit of it.


What are the metrics that can be used in recruiter evaluation?

Some of the metrics that can be used in recruitment are optimum productivity , adverse impact, recruiting channel cost, sourcing channel effectiveness, finished application rate, offer acceptance rate, applicant experience, manager satisfaction, and cost per hire.

What do you need to be a good recruiter?

To be a good recruiter, you must be enthusiastic to give your company the best workers. That is the essence of your job and you need to do it. You cannot be called a good recruiter if you will employ rotten employees.

Thanks to recruiters, we can be employed to companies. As a recruiter, you have to remind yourself that you should always get the best employees for your company. To do that, you need to be good to candidates so they can start to love their work. Well, do you need a template for a recruiter evaluation? This post has 5+ SAMPLE Recruiter Evaluation in PDF. You can use them if you want to be a good recruiter. Download now!