What Is a Grant Proposal Evaluation?

A grant proposal evaluation is a document that contains a review of a grant proposal. It is an analysis of the proposal to ensure that it is a great proposal that can gather grants from sponsors. Any grant proposal should be evaluated to ascertain that it can be good enough to be approved by stakeholders of corporations where you are going to gather funds. So, team members should check the proposal, ensuring that it is a high-quality proposal that can convince sponsors. It should have all the essential elements of a great project proposal.

Evaluation criteria are important in having a grant proposal evaluation. You should have an evaluation rubric that can guide you on how you can make your grant proposal great. You have to ascertain that your proposal can be the answer to any problem statement that you have given. This is one of the criteria that you can have in making great grant proposals. Your proposal should offer the best solutions to the problem that you can solve. If you can offer the best solutions, the sponsors might have an interest in your proposal. They can benefit from your project if you can show that you can solve a problem statement.

So, your organization must create the best rubric that you can use in evaluating your proposals. You must ensure that you will have the best project ahead of you every time. You have to set criteria that will ensure that you will have the best quality on projects that you can propose to sponsors. The criteria will be able to make you choose the best budget, timeline, and scope for the project. These are necessary so that you can ensure sponsors that you can deliver the project. You can include a great project in the program evaluation form. Something that you know is worth giving funds to.

Doing a grant evaluation is a responsibility of a non-profit. Before sending proposals, they have to ascertain that their proposal will be impressive to sponsors. It should be something that can touch the hearts of sponsors. So, to make sure that it will have the best quality, the non-profit should analyze every proposal to know if they are enough to rouse the empathy of sponsors. Can it speak to the heart of the sponsors? Does it propose great things? You have to make sure that your grant proposal is worth something. You have to make the sponsors confident that they are going to give to a project that can make many people benefit. This can only be possible if you are going to have a grant proposal evaluation.

Elements of a Grant Proposal Evaluation

Have you seen a grant proposal review sample or a project proposal evaluation sample? Are you wondering what is included in these samples? Maybe you want to know the elements of a grant proposal evaluation. Well, we can tell you some of the elements of a grant proposal evaluation. They are the following:

Budget: One of the aspects that you have to explicitly evaluate is the budget. You need to ensure that your proposal will have the right budget. If you set a good budget for your proposal, the sponsors will like your proposal because you are requesting a good budget. You will have a greater chance that your proposal will be accepted. A proposal with a questionable budget will never be accepted by sponsors. So, you have to examine the budget of the proposal and whether you are requesting a reasonable budget or not. The budget for your proposal should be realistic. Or else, the sponsors will think that your organization is corrupt. So, you must set the right budget for your proposal. This way, the sponsors can consider your proposal and can give you the grant that you need.Communications Plan: You need to ensure that your project will have the right communications plan. You need to show that your project can be feasible. You have to show that you can communicate with the community. Your project should give awareness to its target population. You have to prove that it is easy to publicize your project. If it is not, you may need a lot of budget to do it and it will only show that your project is not feasible. You need to provide a way how you can make your project reach the public. Through this, you can show that your project is easy to execute. It will mean that it is not a hard project that is difficult to implement. So, you must provide a clear communications plan in your proposal.Sustainability Plan: Aside from a communications plan, you should also have a clear sustainability plan in your proposal. You should let the sponsors know if you will need continuous funding in the future. This is important so that the sponsors will know your true needs. So, you should provide a sustainability plan that will explain your needs. If you need ongoing support, you must tell it in the proposal. This way, the sponsors can prepare if they have to give you ongoing support. It is better to let the sponsors know at the beginning if you need continuous funds. Through this, they will know what to expect. You will set your expectations right also. You will know even from the beginning if a sponsor can give you ongoing support or not. You can find regular sponsors if you will be clear with your sustainability plan.Measurement Plan: You should provide a measurement plan in your proposal. Make sure that there are ways how you can assess your project. How are your team members going to relate to the project? You should set a plan on how all of you can monitor the outcomes of the project. This can also be good for sponsors because they can examine your project better. They can assess whether you are having a great project or not. You need to have tracking results for your project. This way, sponsors will know where their money will go. They will see the results of your project. You can measure the outcome of the program through the measurement plan.Project Timeline: You need to evaluate the project timeline of your proposal. The sponsors should see a good timeline for your program. You must not keep them waiting for the implementation of your project. So, you must set the right timeline for your project. This timeline must be fair enough for all of you to finish the project. This time frame must not be too long. Or the sponsors will be bored with your program. The timeline should be right and reasonable like the budget. It should be something where all of you can accomplish everything on time. Do not set a timeline where your team cannot be able to finish everything. So, to set the right timeline, you should plan everything carefully. You have to set the best timeline for your proposal.Project Description: This may be the most important aspect that you have to evaluate in a grant proposal. This is the main detail of the project. You have to give the best description of the program that you are about to have. In a few sentences, describe the project that you are going to have. The project should mirror all your great goals. Describe how you are going to implement the project. Enumerate the steps that you should take. You do not have to elaborate on them. Just be sure to describe how you are going to execute everything. Explain how you are going to make all the pieces fit together. Introduce how you are going to achieve all the results for the project. Explain how you are going to run the program.Program Partners: You must introduce your partners to the project. This is to let the sponsors know who is going to be involved in the project. You can say what their influence is on the project. Introducing your partners is very important because you have to let the public know who are all the people who will make the project possible. So, whether your partner is a non-profit, government, or academic, you have to include them in your proposal. Every subject matter expert that will be involved in the project should be introduced in the proposal. This is the best way of being transparent with the sponsors. You must let them know the people that they should be working with.Financial Status: You must be transparent with the financial health of your organization. You must present a sheet that contains your financial forecast. It can also be good if you can include a financial plan. You must let the sponsors know about the financial status of your organization. This way, they will know how they can help you. They will also learn if other sponsors are committed to your organization. By learning this, they might be encouraged to give you a grant because other sponsors are trusting you. So, you should provide transparency in regard to the financial health of your organization.Organization Background: You have to give a good description of your organization. You should evaluate the background of the organization. Of course, you must say good things about who you are. How can sponsors like you if you cannot convince them that you are a good organization? So, you have to showcase the goodness of your organization. You have to state some good things about your organization. You have to say some good experiences and achievements. The sponsors have to be impressed with your organization. So, you have to tell them beautiful things that you can be proud of.

Tips on Grant Proposal Evaluation

Are you looking for a grant proposal evaluation sample or a grant proposal evaluation example? Do you need it because you want to have some tips? Well, we can provide you with some tips that you can use. Have the following tips:

Ask a Friend: You may want to have the opinion of your friends about your proposal. They can help you to evaluate your proposal. Make them read your proposal and ask what they think. They can suggest good things that can make your proposal better.Talk to Your Colleagues: You may need the opinion of your whole team regarding the proposal. Talk to your colleagues and ask them what they think about the proposal. All of you must unite and work together so that you can gather funds that can make your organization work.Be Clear and Concise: In evaluating the proposal, remember that you should keep it clear and concise. If you will be direct to the point, you can easily talk with the sponsors. Be clear with what you want so that sponsors can be apt to understand you.

How to Create a Grant Proposal Evaluation

Do you need a grant proposal evaluation template? Are you about to create a grant proposal evaluation? Maybe you need some steps that you can use in creating. Well, we can offer you some steps that you can apply. Have the following steps:

1. Set Principles

You may need principles in the review process. This will be a good organizational procedure for making grant proposals. You may want to include your principles to ensure that your proposal will be aligned with the core values of your organization. Some of the possible principles that you have to consider are transparency, efficiency, excellence, fairness, and confidentiality. In aligning the proposal to your principles, be sure that everything you should write in it will represent the culture of your organization. Everything should follow your mission and vision statement.

2. Set a Good Rubric

Before evaluating the proposal, you must have a good rubric that will be your basis. Make a rubric that can ensure that your proposal will have the best quality. Set good standards with this rubric, ensuring that the proposal that you can create will always be approved by sponsors.

3. Follow Your Goals

Your proposal will be the best if it will achieve your goals. So, in evaluating the proposal, be sure that you will follow all your goals. Set goals that it can follow. This way, you will be headed in a good direction. You can be sure that your organization will greatly benefit from your projects.


Is a grant proposal evaluation necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. You need to ascertain that you can give the right proposal to sponsors. Through the evaluation, you can check if the proposal is good enough. This way, you can avoid your proposal being rejected.

What is the purpose of a grant proposal evaluation?

The purpose of the grant proposal evaluation is to ensure that you can give the right proposal to sponsors. It ascertains that your proposal has a high standard.

Getting a grant may not be easy. If you will not be careful with your proposal, it can be rejected. So, to increase the chances of your proposal being approved, you must conduct a grant proposal evaluation that can ensure that you are going to give the best proposal. Well, do you need a template for a grant proposal evaluation? This post has 8+ SAMPLE Grant Proposal Evaluations in PDF. They can help you to make a great grant proposal evaluation. What are you waiting for? Download one today!