50+ Sample Assessment Forms

Assessment Forms: What Are They?

Assessment forms are often used in teaching as one of the wide variety of methods or tools that educators utilize to evaluate, measure, and document the academic readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition, or educational needs of their students. Meanwhile, in business, assessment forms are to create a system, procedural analysis, and report of key performance indicator (KPI) that establish a business’s current reality, opportunity, and the gaps in between.

Based on a report published by Hechinger Report shows that 50% of college students do not pass college algebra.

What Should an Assessment Form Include?

The content of an assessment form highly varies depending on what field it is used, who will use it, and how it will be used. Knowing this, you should take time to think it through and fully understand the purpose of your assessment form. There are references on the internet to help you. Read them to get ideas on how you should create an assessment form. To get you started, below is a list of this form’s basic elements. This might not be the same in some sources, but the following will kick start your assessment form-making task.

Title and Labels: Like most forms, an assessment form should have a title. It will help anyone to easily recognize the form if a title is written on the topmost part of the document. Moreover, a title will set the assessment form apart from a pile of paper works on your table. To make it stand out even more, the title should be bolder than the rest of the words in the form.Organization Details: The second element of an assessment form is the organization details. It is necessary to indicate who created the form. For business organizations, provide their names, complete address, and contact information. This does not only establish ownership over the form but will also give users an idea of where the form comes from.Body of the Form: Lastly, the body of the form is its most crucial section. This is the part where every assessment form differs. Always keep in mind the form’s purpose in developing the body. You cannot just copy another assessment form’s content if it does not serve a similar purpose. Ask for help from someone in your team and start initiate brainstorming. Only include the most relevant elements in the body to keep your form as effective as possible.

How to Create an Assessment Form Using a Template

There is no one way to create an assessment form. You can start from scratch or use an old form as a reference. However, the most convenient way to do it is with the help of templates. Have you checked our set of assessment form templates above? If not, then it is your chance you get useful stencils for every need business-related or not. Follow the steps below, to be guided in creating your assessment form using a template.

Step 1: Download a Template

Before selecting a template, make sure that it is suitable to be an assessment form. To be sure, the template should be under the form category and it should also have a label that indicates it as an assessment form template. If all this is missing, try to look for another template. Once you have chosen your template, just click the download button and it will be stored on your device.

Step 2: Use an Editing Tool

To be able to use an editing tool is one of the advantages of working on a template. But you cannot just use an editing tool that you like. The editing tool must be compatible with your template’s file format. If the editing tool is featured on your template’s source site, you can work on it.

Step 3: Modify Your Template

Open the editing tool and import your template to start modifying. Every template comes in with suggested content that you can leave as it is or tweak as required. Refer to the elements above when you start to customize. Also, add other essentials elements if you find them necessary. Additionally, keep your assessment form as simple and easy-to-read as possible.

Step 4: Commit to It

The efficiency of your assessment form relies on your commitment to it. Consistency is also vital to ensuring that you achieve the goals you set in using the form. If used right, the assessment form will not only contribute to collecting information, it will also become a tool that can analyze data to help you with your decision-making.


How is assessment different from evaluation?

Assessment and evaluation are not the same. Assessment is a systematic process of documenting and using empirical data to measure knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs. Meanwhile. evaluation focuses on a variable and reflects other components other than course content.

What are the different types of forms?

  • Receipt Form
  • Application Form
  • Proposal Form
  • Employee Form
  • Payment Form
  • House Rent Form

Why I should not fail an assessment?

Assessments have many form and purpose. Because of that, failing an assessment has various consequences. So, when you get into one, do your best to pass it. If you get another chance, make sure take the assessment with your best foot forward. As an example, a report by Hechinger Report shows that 50% of college students do not pass college algebra.

If this article helps you, begin making your assessment form now. Begin by getting the most suitable template and customize the content according to your needs. For more templates, visit our website and get the chance to subscribe to any of our subscription plans today.