50+ Sample Authorization Form Templates

What Is an Authorization Form?

When you are someone of authority or a part of an organization that endorses another party to perform particular actions at a specific time, an official document is necessary to validate such permission. And this document is called an authorization form—a legal permit that justifies the action done by the appointed person or organization. Expect authorization forms to work in various applications, including credit card, medical, and child care authorization.

Did you know that the authorized restaurants and canteens in Japan nearly reached 742,000 in the fiscal year of 2018?

According to CNN, there were 87,438 active missing persons in the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) records in 2019.

Why Are Authorization Forms Important?

The most important purpose of an authorization form is how it prevents impersonation. Anyone can claim to be authorized to withdraw money, view records, and other actions. But, written and printed authorization forms are more credible than verbal claims. Why so? The document contains all the essential info down from the names of all parties, consent details, the endorsed individual’s duties, and the authorized person or organization’s signature. Also, the form itself collects the necessary data as evidence of authorization.

Furthermore, the authorization form contains the terms and conditions. Expect the sheet to specify what tasks the endorsed person must do and not do, and how long the authorization lasts. Do not forget that anything which involves authority consists of rules and regulations anyway. Hence, the authorization forms must outline and define the necessary details clearly. So, authorizing does not simply limit to granting anyone’s permission. It can also work in appointing a representative to do your work for you.

When to Use an Authorization Form

Aside from learning the authorization form’s importance, you should know that the form is useful for many functions too. And you can identify its uses according to where you use the document. In this segment, we will outline some of the common applications of when to use authorization forms.

Travel Consent: For children and students, the travel consent or permission slip is necessary during field trips, tours, and the like. And parents or guardians would sign the form as validation of approval that the students are allowed to travel outside of school. On another note, a travel authorization form is also required in passing certain borders. The same goes for tracking people in case people go missing. In fact, around 87,438 active missing persons were recorded by the FBI’s NCIC in 2019.Medical Authorization: Decisions related to viewing medical records and deciding what operations to receive cannot be taken lightly. So, medical authorization forms are vital. Maybe a child, senior citizen, or anyone incapable of decision-making undergoes an emergency medical treatment. Therefore, someone of authority will grant the authorization for treatment.Bank Authorization: Strict measures for authorization apply to financial applications, especially for a bank account. If an individual trusts another person to establish a payment, direct deposit, withdrawal, or any bank-related activity, then a bank authorization sheet should note its details. As banks are strict, be sure to write the correct name, reason for authorizing, and signature.Music Release: Singers, songwriters, and musical artists may be introduced with a music release form. This instance commonly occurs when people or organizations ask permission to use an artist’s song in an advertisement, TV series, or any commercial use. Also, music release forms tackle copyright terms and to ensure every artist’s intellectual property is protected.Photography Consent: Similar to a musical artist’s songs, a photographer’s pictures that may be used by others for commercial and personal use must involve a photography consent form. Maybe someone posts a person’s photographs without authorization or credit. Thus, photography authorization aims to prevent litigation regarding image rights.Restaurant Authorization: An authorization form is also necessary for restaurants when restaurant owners do not have permission yet to construct at a particular location. The same goes for restaurant owners that do not have the license to operate. Also, Statista mentioned that nearly 742,000 restaurants and canteens were authorized in Japan as of 2018. Those that did not count in the said survey are considered unauthorized.Third-Party Authorization: Third-party authorization forms are typically used in the corporate world. For example, an employee might not have the time to fulfill certain duties at work. The reason might involve how the employee is busy interviewing job applicants and finalizing employment regulations at the same time. Thus, the worker only needs to request from someone with high authority to have someone else do other tasks. And the third-party authorization sheet is at play.Return Permission: If the previous example talks about a third party with the right to act on behalf of someone, then a return permission letter comes from the seller. A customer might need to return an item if there is any defect or damage to the product ordered. So, sellers write a letter for customers to acknowledge that they got the buyer’s request letter to return an item.Child Care Authorization: If parents need a nanny or anyone to take care of their children temporarily, the child care authorization form is prepared. Also, expect to use this form when another person makes decisions for the child if ever the parent is absent. At least parents will have peace of mind regarding their children’s safety with this document.

What Are the Types of Authorization?

A binding agreement of authorization between parties can be done in different ways. It can be managed verbally, through a letter, or a form. But what is the difference between each type? Without further ado, here are the types of authorization:

Verbal Authorization

If authorization is granted through word of mouth, then that is a verbal authorization. This type marks as the easiest approach to establish since there is no need to write any validation letter or form. However, using ordinary words would not be documented. And who knows maybe some parties do not follow the regulations rigidly since there is no written agreement at all?

Authorization Letter

Authorization letters are widely used for written consent to enable a third party in carrying out the tasks on someone’s behalf, particularly if the first party is unavailable. And just like any detailed letter, this document is written as if you are conversing with someone.

Authorization Form

Authorization forms are commonly used for granting permissions on individuals to do particular actions. And what makes a letter and a form different is how the form is not written in a conversation-like tone. Forms are more professional and straightforward. Nonetheless, both authorization forms and letters are useful as evidence in court.

How to Make an Excellent Authorization Form

You already know the authorization form’s definition, importance, examples, and types. What’s next? Make the authorization form itself. You do not have to start from scratch because there are downloadable, editable, fillable, and printable authorization form templates for grabs. And if you need tips on how to perfect the form, follow these steps:

Step 1: Identify the Form’s Purpose

First things first, do you already know the purpose of your document? Indeed, the form indicates authorization. But, you have to specify further. Is it a field trip, hotel, music release, or copyright authorization form? Once you are clear with the purpose, it will be easier to finish the process. Label the authorization form according to its function. That way, anyone who reads the sheet can easily determine what the form is about.

Step 2: Recognize the Parties

Who are the parties in the first place? Their names, roles, and contact details must be included in the sheet. While there are two parties commonly associated with the authorization form, the standard is that about three parties are part of it. First is the rightful holder or owner. Meanwhile, the second party refers to whom the owner has had an agreement or transaction with. And lastly, the third party marks as whom the rightful owner appointed on behalf of the owner’s absence.

Step 3: Indicate the Authorization Terms

Now for the serious part—stipulate the terms in the document. What are the duties to fulfill by whom the first party appointed? When does the authorization start and end? And for other rules to add, be sure to jot them down. If there are special conditions and limitations, then explain. The key is to review your sentences because other parties might understand the terms wrongly. And that example would ruin the form’s purpose.

Step 4: Polish the Whole Presentation

Do not forget to mind the entire presentation of the form. This presentation goes to the document’s design, format, and overall content. Remember that authorization forms are formal documents. Thus, maintaining a professional presentation is necessary. Moreover, mind your tone. A friendly yet professional tone is encouraged. Sounding like a threat or keeping things too informal only makes the form unprofessional. And once everything is done, ensure that every party can affix his or her signature.


Both authorization and consent specify what is being granted or permitted. Hence, the two terms are often used interchangeably. But, authorization is more direct and detailed compared to consent.

What is a credit card authorization form?

A credit card authorization form is the official document used by cardholders to permit someone else to charge the card at a specific period, as stipulated in the authorization sheet. And it is expected that the cardholder signs the form for confirmation.

Who signs the HIPAA authorization?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) authorization is signed by the patient or a health plan member to allow a covered organization or associate to use and disclose PHI to a person or entity.

It is highly discouraged that what everyone expects of each other from any arrangement is nonconsensual. Otherwise, problems might grow. So no matter what form of authorization should be granted among parties, it is crucial to incorporate a documented agreement to the whole arrangement. And you may do so with a well-thought-out authorization form.