66+ Sample Evaluation Forms

What Is an Evaluation Form?

An evaluation form is an official document used for rating, assessing, or evaluating a certain subject. The subject could be of anything from student progress, new employee training, or even product performance. Evaluation forms work similarly to feedback forms where you can gather valuable feedback about a certain performance and eventually recognize what parts need improvement. Hence, the forms are useful references not just to rate subjects but also to develop them afterward.

Did you know that in the US, 62% of online shoppers were heavily influenced by online customer reviews?

The Key Functions of Evaluations Forms

An evaluation form isn’t used for one function only. Indeed, the document lets you evaluate subjects but the purpose behind doing that varies. So in this segment, understand the common key functions of the use of evaluations.

Monitoring: An evaluation form is useful to monitor and track any progress of a subject. An example is to observe how a job interview program plays out. You can monitor if the interviewer really followed the questions listed in the interview questionnaire and if the whole interview finished shortly as planned. Hence, you can tell if the program was effective or not through monitoring.Analysis: Besides monitoring, evaluation forms may help an analysis report or assessment. From the performances evaluated and recorded in the forms, you eventually analyze how things are doing from the challenges, advantages, etc. And in analyzing, answering the why questions are important.Survey: Surveying is another useful function of an evaluation form. Evaluations let you notice how many customers were satisfied or of what percentage the differences are. Take Statista’s research survey, for example. According to research, 62% of American online shoppers were heavily influenced by online customer reviews. And with that survey, you can conclude how reviews play a great role in business.Feedback: You can’t forget about how evaluation forms derive effective feedback. This part is extremely crucial when an assessment report is necessary to carry out feedback regarding what a person should improve and what ways can bring out a better outcome in a certain project. Hence, helpful criticisms and comments are born from evaluations.

How to Make an Evaluation Form

Thinking that evaluation forms take too much of your effort and time to make? Scrap that idea! Using the sample evaluation forms, you can create the form within minutes. With each template, you can customize their format, content, and design. Thus, there is no need to make one from scratch. And in making the evaluation form effectively, you only need to observe these steps:

Step 1: Determine Your Purpose

What is your purpose for making the evaluation form? What type of function do you want your evaluation form to be? Or perhaps, what event, activity, or subject are you going to evaluate? Such questions must be considered before making the questions and metrics in your form. After doing some brainstorming about your purposes, you will eventually know how the form must be tailored.

Step 2: Label Your Form Properly

Evaluations should be labeled accordingly from the title, categories, and more. Of course, inserting the name ‘Evaluation Form’ is standard so the document can’t be mistaken as any other form. But labeling is challenging towards the categories. How do you want your form to be organized? You can have one category for the names of the people, products, or subjects to be evaluated. Or perhaps, another category for the rating scale. Design and arrange this part.

Step 3: Establish a Well-Thought-Out Rating Scale

Ratings in evaluations should be kept fair and objective no matter what. And you can achieve that by using smart and relevant rating scales. Go for the scale that fits well to assessing your subjects may it be a Likert scale, four-point scale, etc. Also, take note that you can’t just use random scales since you need to analyze as well what the appropriate metrics are.

Step 4: Observe an Easy-to-Use Structure

Finally, keep your evaluation form as easy to use as possible. Otherwise, how else are you going to use that conveniently? Hard-to-use examples only take too much time to evaluate and reach your desired results. Furthermore, observe concise and clear information. You may indicate special instructions so whoever uses the form knows how to work on it. And if you need help making more strategic decisions, go for SMART goals. You will eventually reach an excellent evaluation form afterward.


What is a performance evaluation form?

A performance evaluation form is a document used by managers or employees in reviewing the present job duties of specific positions at work. The same goes for the encountered issues in completing the job and other external factors.

What is an employee evaluation?

Employee evaluation forms are used in assessing a worker’s performance on the job or at work. And most businesses conduct regular employee evaluations to really check if the whole team is doing well and to address common issues that must be solved.

What is an evaluation report?

An evaluation report records the results, recommendations, data analyses, interpretations, and conclusions from an evaluation. Just like a business report, it observes the processes in conducting assessments.

You can surely accumulate helpful details about customer service, professional evaluation, product design, or just about any performance to assess using evaluation forms. All the data recorded there can even help construct strategic plans, development strategies, and other improvements to have better results than the previous data evaluated. Collect information and use sample evaluation forms now!