50+ SAMPLE Release Forms

What Is a Release Form?

There are various types of release forms, but all of them have the same general purpose – to grant permission in releasing information or contents that a third-party individual or organization owns. This information and contents can be employee attendance records, hospital records, CCTV footage, talent demo videos, portfolios, images, etc. Several organizations posted the concerns of Americans in regards to the possible HIPAA compliance violations in regards to the proposed vaccine passports, which may become an addition to our travel checklist. It documented a statement of a social media, Twitter, post of Chris Bish, a congress aspirant, about her concern with HIPAA compliance and the controversial vaccine passports. However, a professor at Duke Law School, Professor Nita Farahany, who majors in the intersection of science, law, and technology confirmed that HIPAA only provides a person or organization a right of access to information. It means that vaccine passports do not violate HIPAA laws.

Just so you know, HIPAA or The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 compels the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to establish rules that protect the privacy and security of each individual’s health information, which hospitals and clinics mostly hold, which may detriment people in many ways if an organization uses it improperly. To properly implement these regulations, HHS established the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule. Also known as Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information, HIPAA Privacy Rule The Privacy Rule outlines the standards to protect the health records at a national level, which coincides with the HIPAA Security Rule, also known as Security Standards for the Protection of Electronic Protected Health Information which HHS creates to ensure the security of the health information that organizations transfer and hold electronically.

What are the Contents of a Release Form?

In choosing a photo release form or any type release form template to use for your business, you must know what contents you need to look at. By doing it, you will save yourself from possible invalidity of the form which will put you in a more serious situation. Thus, take a look at these basic elements of a general release form.

Personal Information of the Authorizer & Authorized: This section covers the information of recipients of the records and source of the requested information/content, which may include mailing address, fax number, phone number, email address, DOB, SSN, etc. Note that the personal information may vary to the purpose of the release form.

Information/Content to Be Released: Release of information is a formal document. Thus, you should treat it as one. Your blank form should allow the guarantee to specify all the information and contents to be released. Your form may include options to make it easier for them to decide which items they need to release. It will contribute to convenience as well.

Payment: Business is business. More often than not, the release agreement involves money. If the release transactions that your business performs involve payment, reserve a space or statement for the payment amount.

Conditioning Statements: This part of the release form is more serious than how it looks in the paper. It will detail to what extent the release agreement is valid. For instance, the state or country you are operating from requires every release agreement to specify that guarantee can revoke the agreement due to certain events.

Reason for the Release: Another important part of the release form is the reason for the release. Certain laws may compel individuals and organizations to release certain types of documents and information for specific reasons. Therefore, it is imperative to include this information in the form.

Additional Documents: Take note of the documents that you may have to obtain along with the release. In certain cases, it can be invalid without supporting documents. Thus, make your research as the release regulations may vary to each state.

Signature and Date: The last, but not the least component of a release form is the signature and date. Certainly, a release form without a signature is invalid in any way. Therefore, always make it a priority to check the signature of the guarantee. Make sure to emphasize it during your business meeting. Additionally, some releases may expire so make sure to emphasize the signed date as well.

How to Create Regulations Compliant Release Form?

A release form, just like a business contract or return to a work permit, plays a big role in the growth of a business. This notion applies to car rental, machinery, software, photography, salons, or any type of business. Thus, it is imperative to make sure that the form that you use for your business and livelihood will not become a liability and bite your tail in the future. Take the following steps to make your release form regulations compliant.

Step 1: Choose the Right Release Form for Your Business.

There are several types of a release form that you can use. Each of the types has its unique purpose. For instance, a hospital, clinic, or insurance company only handles treatments, hospitalizations, operations, check-ups, and anything related that they perform to their patients. Therefore, the form that it uses would specifically outline that the entity allows releasing only the medical records. That said, you have to know what type of release form you will use. Check the labels of the Release Form templates and samples that we gathered for you in the previous section and see if you find the one that matches your needs. 

Step 2: Make Necessary Changes to the Form.

If you don’t see a release form that matches your company’s needs, this step is very important in your release form development. Choose the one that is close to your needs. Then, customize the template or sample that you have chosen. For starters, you can use Paint to make some edits to the form. You can also use advanced photo editing software to create a more professional-looking form. Replace the company logos, name of the contents or information that you wish to release from the organizations, and other necessary items to match your preference. You can also remove all the unnecessary details in the form. Alternatively, you can create from the scratch and follow the formatting of the sample instead so that you can customize it more easily. Don’t forget to save and back up your template. A lot of times people forget to save a backup copy of the template they, with effort, to create or find. As a result, they have to start from scratch again because they messed up the template.

Step 3: Consult With the Experts.

The regulations that the lawmakers placed may vary to the state’s or country’s culture and norms. Some states require you to include specific details in your form to adhere to their norms. For instance, you operate a healthcare provider business in North Carolina. According to healthinfolaw.org, you can have requesters pay a reasonable amount for requesting the medical records for claim purposes. Thus, you need to include in your form the amount that you will charge to the requesters. That said, make sure that the release form that your clients or any third-party entity signs follow your area’s guidelines. The last thing that you would want is meddling with the law and receiving a surprise visit from the FBI. Hire experts or consult with a lawyer to check the release form that you created. 

Step 4: Double-Check the Signed Release Form.

Since the forms that you will use will vary to the norms of the country or state, we highly advise checking the release form of the individual that you create an agreement with to ensure that they didn’t miss the necessary fields. Otherwise, you’ll end up bustling at the last minute. It can happen and you don’t want it. Make sure that the fields you allocate for the name of the individual or organization, signature, date, specific records/contents you aim to release, and other necessary information are not blank. You can use a highlighter or a marker to avoid missing important fields. Alternatively, you can assign an employee to specifically maintain the quality assurance of the release forms if your company handles a bulk of forms. Additionally, make the guarantee contact information a necessary field to make sure that you can easily make a call if he or she misses something.


Can you sue the other party if the release agreement is not followed?

Essentially, you can use a release form to limit your liability or your business’ in unwanted events about the release transactions you involved yourself or your business. You write it in a way that the guarantee assumes the risks of doing the transaction. However, there are events where the other party would fail to adhere to the agreement. In that case, you can sue the other party. However, the court will check the details of the agreement first to decide its verdict. That is why it is important to ensure that your release is well-checked.

What is the difference between a waiver and a release?

The release relieves the rights of a party to hold the records and transfer them to the recipient declared in the form. On the other hand, a waiver gives up a party’s rights if anything goes wrong, such as damages. In another word, the release allows the transfer of the rights while the waiver frees both parties of the rights.

What is a release of liability?

Also referred to as release form, waiver, liability waiver, waiver of liability, and release of liability form, Release of Liability is a document that a company uses to get relieved from the liability. Companies commonly use it when employees go for outdoor activities, such as marathons, hiking, parties, etc., to avoid owning the liabilities in case something goes wrong.

What are the common release forms that you can use for your project?

As we have mentioned in the previous section, there are various types of release forms that you can use depending on your needs. Let us explain to you some of the most common ones that you may use.

Release Form for Documentary/Films

Personal Release Form

This release form is the most common in the film industry. If you are working in the industry, you should be aware that you cannot just film people without their consent. To formalize their consent, you need to have a personal release form ready after you plan the film budget. The signed form gives you the right to film actors/models for your project.

Other release forms that you can use for your film project are Group Releases, Location Releases, Materials Releases.

Medical Release Form

Another common release form that you may use is the Medical Release Form. Also referred to as Medical Information Release Form, you can use this type of form if your business involves releasing medical records of patients. You may use it if you own or work in a clinic/hospital or third-party medical data management. It gives the organization to release medical records to third-party companies, such as employers and insurance companies.

Music Release Form

If you own or work in a recording company, you definitely want to use a release form to allow you to record and release music that musicians compose to the market. Additionally, you can use this type of release form in the film industry since the filmmakers also incorporate music into their projects.

School Records Release Form

Just like any type of release form, only the parents, guardians and students can allow third-party organizations to obtain school records unless it involves transferring of records from one school to another which is an exception under regulations established by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act or FERPA. That said, you need to let them sign a School Records Release Form.

It would seem that maintaining release forms for your business can be an additional task. However, with the information that we have discussed in this article, you must now know that it’s more than just a form that we blindly sign in the past. It may not always happen, but things can easily go awry in unexpected ways. With the knowledge that we provided in this article, you have learned enough not to take chances. Preparing a release form can be as important as creating a business continuity plan.