50+Sample Travel Checklists

What Is a Travel Checklist?

A travel checklist is your ultimate to-do list of every step or action to take for traveling. It covers all travel-driven data from what places to visit, what items to pack, how many days it will take, how much it will cost—the list goes on. Nonetheless, that checklist will help you manage traveling much easier as you won’t forget every single detail to consider on a road trip, beach escapade, mountain trail, and more.

It was reported that $500 billion worth of travel spending was lost in America because of COVID-19.

The Elements of a Travel Checklist

There is no specific format of how a travel checklist is made. You can freely personalize it and base its details according to your purpose. But generally, a standard travel checklist would have the following elements:

Packing List: A travel checklist would likely consist of a packing list. This is where you jot down every single item to bring from your travel bag, clothes, toiletries, etc. And its purpose is to ensure you won’t forget the essentials during the trip.Expenses: Some travel checklists include expenses for the trip. Travel expenses would cover the airfare, hotel costs, food, and other things to spend on. Budgeting plays a great role in traveling anyway.Locations: From the address of the airport, hotel, down to a new country’s map and shortcuts of where you are going to visit, mentioning locations is common among travel checklists. You could list down your bucket list destinations until every place will be visited.Dates and Schedules: How many days will your journey take? Will it be during the summer, holiday, or maybe during your birthday? Also, what time will you probably arrive at your destination? Dates and schedules must be written as well.To-Do list: A travel checklist can be as simple as a general to-do list or checklist. That means you will only list the steps of what to do first until the last day of your excursion.

How to Create a Travel Checklist

Everyone has different reasons for traveling. Some would go to spend time with their family. Others just want to experience being at places they have never been. Meanwhile, some people travel for the sake of work. Whatever your reason for traveling is should be your guide on how to tailor your personalized travel checklist. And in order to make that list pay off, don’t forget to follow these steps:

Step 1: Pick a Template

Have you seen all the sample travel checklists above? Check each sample until you can find a template to work with later on. Premade templates make it easier for you to craft a checklist since you need not start from the beginning. Just finish what’s missing and customize the checklist according to your purpose.

Step 2: Insert the Necessary Elements

Do you want your travel checklist to be specifically made as a packing list, travel expense sheet, or a travel to-do list? Or perhaps, a hybrid of a travel checklist where you note all the elements instead? Insert them. The elements of a travel checklist which were discussed earlier are your guide. In fact, you can add more elements not stated in the examples too.

Step 3: Keep It Organized

Avoid simply inserting all the travel checklist elements without arranging them. A checklist is categorized as well. You could divide the content according to schedule, budget, packing list, and so forth. And don’t forget graphic organizers that can help you structure the list in the easiest way. Adding tables, charts, and most importantly, checkboxes for your checklist, are worth it.

Step 4: Finalize Your Preferred Version

Think about the output of your travel checklist. Should it be printed? Or do you want a soft copy of your checklist only? The same goes for deciding what format you want to consider, may it be a checklist in MS Word or PDF. Tweak your travel checklist template one last time until you are happy with the outcome. And lastly, commit to your final travel checklist.


What are the basic things to pack for trips?

What to bring for any excursion varies from each person. But generally, the basic examples include:

  • Passport
  • Money
  • Cellphone
  • Charger
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes
  • Food and water

What are toiletries?

Toiletries are those things you use to wash or care for your body. Examples include your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, comb, and tissues.

When should I prepare a travel checklist?

The answer is up to you. But it would best to make the travel checklist a few weeks or days before your actual travel date. That way, you have more time to pack and finalize your list.

Traveling boosts your happiness, relieves stress, improves creativity, and even keeps you healthy. And how much more when traveling is made easier for you by being organized with a travel checklist? Hence, plan and prepare for your next expedition using sample travel checklists.