50+ Sample Sponsorship Forms

What Is a Sponsorship Form?

A sponsorship form is what builds relationships and partnerships within communities, businesses, and organizations. This document highlights the sponsorship agreement between parties, typically the terms of what a sponsor benefits in return for donating. And sponsorships can be categorized into two. One type involves letting know that you are searching for possible sponsors. The other type is to state that your business accepts sponsorship requests.

According to Statista, sponsorship spending was predicted to reach $62.7 billion in 2017.

The Components of a Sponsorship Form

In case any interested individual or company wishes to offer gift aid, funds, or a donation to a certain cause, the simple approach is to have that party sign a sponsorship form or letter. But what exactly is found inside such forms? In this segment, get to know the basic components of a standard sponsorship form.

Title: Documents may be mistaken as other forms unless you put a clear title stating ‘Sponsorship Form.’ And don’t forget to add a brief introductory statement about who your business is, contact details, and branding.Sponsor’s Information: Specify who is the sponsor and if there is more than one, mention all their names or their group only. Besides the sponsor names, you would also need to ask for their addresses, contact list numbers, or email addresses. Such information is crucial for consistent communication and identification purposes.Donation Amount or Gift Description: Sponsors are expected to offer something, may that be in a form of money, gift, or service. And the amount or value should be written in the sponsorship form. The same goes for a brief description of what is being donated.Sponsorship Goals: Although sponsorship goals are optional, some organizations include them. This part discusses the background of what the organization wants to achieve, including the monetary needs and mission statement. And outlining such goals will help interested sponsors know what an organization wants from potential candidates.

How to Create a Sponsorship Form

Indeed, sponsorship forms pave the way to sponsoring an event, charity, or any project shortly. But in order to make that happen, the form itself should be well-made and detailed enough to be valid. To make a sponsorship form properly, just follow these four steps:

Step 1: Use a Sponsorship Form Sample

The easiest way in making sponsorship forms isn’t to start from scratch. Instead, use blank sample sponsorship forms that are listed above. You get to choose your preferred template to customize, download, and print anytime. But don’t print just yet, you have to personalize the sponsorship form to make it your own.

Step 2: Lay Out What Data to Collect

As sponsors fill in their details in the sponsorship, you should be clear with what data analysis to collect from them. Of course, their names and basic information are needed but you might seek more details. Also, don’t forget to insert all the essential components of a standard sponsorship form, which were already discussed earlier.

Step 3: Design the Form with Your Brand

Formatting and designing the form will be part of the important steps to take in making your sponsorship form. And you may start designing by incorporating your company’s branding. For example, you use your corporate logo, theme colors, and other designs that identify your business. That way, it will be clear as to which organization the forms are from.

Step 4: Clarify the Submission Details

Note down the submission details so sponsors would know who and how to submit the sponsorship form. Adding instructions even help make the form user-friendly. Lastly, finalize the output when you are happy with the results. And you can print the forms or just save soft copies if you don’t prefer printed copies.


How often do people spend on sponsorships?

How people spend on sponsorships varies a lot but it doesn’t mean that sponsorships aren’t a thing. In fact, the global sponsorship spending was predicted to reach $62.7 billion back in 2017, making it clear that there are many people who do spend on sponsorships.

Why should businesses sponsor non-profit organizations or causes?

Sponsoring isn’t forced; it is up to one’s call. But if you want to look at the benefits of sponsoring, examples include:

  • Organizations receive a percentage of sales. Meanwhile, your business will have its sales increased and brand promoted.
  • Sponsoring is a good image to your company since it brings recognition that you care.
  • Sponsoring is a marketing tool as it brings exposure to your company to be mentioned in the news and other events.

Why is a sponsorship form important?

A sponsorship form is essential for record purposes. There should be proof that a business sponsored any amount or gift to a certain organization. Also, the form answers significant questions like who sponsored and how much was given. Hence, sponsorship forms are good references.

Yes, sponsorships may create long-lasting working relationships among parties involved, especially when all parties will be benefited. But how the sponsorship form is made will either make or break that relationship. Hence, aim to make proper sponsorship business documents using sample sponsorship form templates. Download now!