40+ Sample Raffle & Movie Tickets

What Are Raffle & Movie Tickets?

Despite the similarities between the two, it would be better to define raffle and movie tickets separately. In regards to the former, these are numbered tickets used for gambling competitions called raffles. Through these tickets, the people who join the competitions can stand a chance at winning. What normally happens is that a copy of a person’s numbered ticket is placed within a container of some kind. The host of the raffle will reach into the container during a set time or event and pull out a copy. Whoever owns the original numbered ticket that has been chosen will win a prize of some kind, making raffle tickets a valued promotional tactic for many businesses. For movie tickets, these allow people admission into cinema theaters for the purpose of watching a movie of their choice.

It is a well known fact that the odds of actually winning a raffle is quite slim. According to Business Insider, there is a 96.9% chance that anyone buying a raffle ticket will get a losing ticket. However, in spite of overwhelming odds, many still find this to be an incredibly exciting and worthwhile event to take part of. The same report shows that buying more than a single ticket can in fact help boost your odds. For example, the purchase of at least nine tickets is estimated to help you win at least once 25% of the time. Concerning movie tickets, there’s just as much going for it as its raffle counterpart. Statista reports that at least 46% of United States citizens tend to go to the movies at least once a year. On a monthly basis, around 14% of adult Americans are reported to enjoy a movie, which shows just how in-demand tickets can be.


The Elements of Raffle & Movie Tickets

There’s little denying that both raffle and movie tickets are meant for different things. However, that does not mean that the two do not share similarities in terms of the basic elements. Each have at least five common elements and those who are interested in creating or printing out their own may want to looking into these. Below is a short list of the basic elements and a short but detailed description of each.

The Style of the Lettering: By having the right kind of style in regards to your text, the content component of the overall ticket design can be made to look absolutely exquisite. Naturally, this would refer to the font style and its size. Remember to match it with the raffle or movie event that you are promoting. For example, when holding a raffle for the anniversary of your store, it is best to search high and low for a typeface that you can arrange in the most appealing manner possible. An element like this often creates a sense of luxury, which only means great things for your ticket.The Design Layout: The font style and size of your raffle and movie tickets are not the only things you need to keep in mind when coming up with a visual appeal. Remember that its overall arrangement and hierarchy can affect how the holder may respond to whatever information is presented within the ticket itself. It comes highly recommended to optimize the design layout in such a way that makes the ticket as captivating as possible and easy for anybody to read. That can be done through an organized layout that comes together to tell a cohesive story through its visual appeal. There’s even a chance to promote the design through Instagram marketing and other platforms if you come with something appealing enough.The Tracking Feature: The third important element of a ticket would be the tracking feature. For many, it is as simple as displaying a series of numbers, but there are those that choose to employ the use of complex heat-sensitive papers. By adding these features to your ticket, you can ensure greater levels of security. You may be able to avoid fake tickets this way, along with the promotion of more improved customer experiences. Another perk is that it can help organizers keep track of how many tickets have been sold.The Content: A ticket is a small item so there won’t be much in terms of actual content. What you can expect, however, would be things like the name of the raffle or movie, the date of purchase, and the exact time of the event. These are necessary parts of a ticket’s basic elements and must never be excluded for whatever reason. It is also worth noting that different variants will also require different types of content. Besides not neglecting anything, it is also worth pointing out that with the limited space involved, one must only include relevant and accurate bits of information.The Color Scheme: Let it be said that both raffle and movie tickets are known to be colorful items. Although there are some that will be content with plain-looking tickets, even more would prefer having appropriate color schemes. These tend to go hand in hand with whatever event or company these tickets are made for. As an example, a movie theater whose branding comes with predominant colors of red and blue may feature the same color scheme on their tickets. For exclusive screenings, one can even take a cue from a film’s movie poster in regards to the colors of the ticket.


How to Create Raffle & Movie Tickets

The creation of your own raffle and movie tickets does not need to involve anything that is particularly grand or complex. To save you from the trouble of conducting a time-consuming trial and error process, we have provided a set of general instructions below. We guarantee that your overall experience will be much easier and faster than what you may have originally expected.

Step 1: Start By Finding the Right Template or By Planning the Design

It helps greatly to have something that you can base your raffle and movie tickets on. With that said, you can freely search online for the best raffle and movie ticket templates for that very purpose. Take your time and choose the one that is closest to your original vision. Alternatively, if you cannot find an appropriate template or if you want to start from scratch then you must first have a specific image in mind for the design. Plan it out first before proceeding. You can take comfort in the fact that planning for a ticket is hardly as taxing as planning a business plan, for example.

Step 2: Decide on What Program You Want to Use for The Creation Process

With your design or template already taken care of, what comes next is to determine the program that you are going to use. There are a few considerations that you will want to look into for this step. First, there are the tools and resources that you have at your disposal. After all, you cannot choose and use what you do not have. Second, there is your general expertise and comfort with the program. You may want to experiment with a brand new program, but it would be a lot easier and faster if you decide on something that you already have a certain amount of familiarity with.

Step 3: Work on the Background and the Layout Design

Use the program to officially begin working on the ticket by first looking into the background and layouts. Those of you who downloaded a template may already have this step taken care of since your chosen template will already reflect your desire and preferences. For those creating their own raffle and movie tickets from scratch, this step will involve placing the background color, borders, images, and all the other design elements involved.

Step 4: Write or Edit in the Necessary Text

The next step will involve putting in all of the text to complete your ticket design. Some of the common elements that you will be including here will involve the name of the raffle event or the movie, the exact date, and the exact time that the event or movie will take place. Those of you who opted to download a raffle or movie ticket may just need to change the pre-existing text to make it better fit into your specific plans.

Step 5: Print Out the Ticket

Now that you have successfully created your raffle and/or movie ticket, the last step will involve printing it out. You can be assured that practically all templates you find online are print-ready, fit for either personal printing at home or through the use of commercial services. The question of just how many do you need to print out may occur to you, but the answer to that will depend on what you need the ticket for.


The Dos and Don’ts of Raffles & Movie Tickets

There are a few things to keep in mind before, during, and after the creation of raffle and movie tickets. In learning about the dos and don’ts, you can avoid any potential pitfalls involved with these items while maximizing their potential. With that said, take a look at the list detailed below.


Do come with a plan that fits the event you are preparing for.

When you have been tasked with creating either raffle or movie tickets for a particular event, a lot of planning should be done before you start. A ticket needs to reflect said event for the added enticement of the people. It may be tempted to just rush everything and create something that only includes the bare minimum, but a well-thought out design is more likely to be appreciated by everyone involved.

Do only use graphics or pictures that are appropriate for your intended design.

This is a tip that is strongly related to the one that came before it. When you start planning or looking into the designs, it is only natural for you to think of what images or graphics to use. Therefore, it should go without saying that everything you include in your ticket’s design ought to reflect the overall look. You should only use what is appropriate and nothing more. Remember that raffle and movie tickets won’t give you a lot of space to work with. Make good use of what space you have and use only what works best.

Do include only relevant content.

On the topic of limited space, the same logic from the tip above works for the written content as well. Remember that there’s no use in going overboard or writing things that have no real use. Stick to the basic elements as much as possible and do not include anything that may detract from the ticket’s overall purpose.

Do try to look for references in existing tickets.

In the event that you are having a more difficult time than expected with the design planning, it does pay to have references to get inspiration from. Fortunately, those who choose to download templates can easily find things that can guide them online. That is something that can even work for those who may prefer to create their tickets from scratch. Looking up existing templates or tickets may help give you ideas as to how to go about with your own ticket designs.


Do not pick just any template you find.

It would be a potentially big mistake if you decide to just get any kind of template that you find. When it comes to designing raffle and movie tickets, it is important that you find the most appropriate templates. By doing so, you will save time and effort since the right template will ideally resemble the design you are going for anyway. Do yourself a favor and try not to be careless or lazy by getting the first thing that pops up on your screen. It may even seem tiresome every now and again but having the right template at your disposal is absolutely worth it.

Do not rush the creative process.

There will be times when you just want to get things over with. This is true for tasks that do not even involve raffle and movie tickets. However, it will pay off better in the long run to be patient. Rushing the creative process never works out well for anybody. Whether you are trying to create high quality raffle and movie tickets or any other item, your best bet is to take it one step at a time to ensure maximum levels of success.

Do not neglect any of the basic elements.

Both raffle and movie tickets share the same basic elements. These things are present for a reason: each one contributes to the whole in ways that nothing else can. Without a lettering style, for example, then the texts used for your tickets won’t have much of an aesthetic appeal to boast of. Same goes for the texts themselves. A ticket that is purely images won’t actually be able to call itself a ticket in the first place. By not neglecting any of these elements, you can be assured that whatever you come up with will at least be acceptable in terms of overall quality.

Do not go overboard with either minimalism or complexity as far as the design is concerned.

The last tip will be focused on how far you ought to go with the design. Some may be content with a minimalist approach while others may go to the opposite end of the spectrum. In truth, too much of either one may not be ideal. Remember that you are dealing with a ticket. Considering what you have to work with, having too little or too much may negatively affect the impact. A plain or bland ticket can still suit your needs provided it contains all the necessary elements. Intricate or complex tickets are also quite attractive as long as it does not take anything away from the content. Remember that a ticket is not an event flyer. Moderation is best served for this kind of item.

As you can clearly see, there’s much to contend with even with the simplicity that is provided by both raffle and movie tickets. A combined knowledge of the necessary elements, creation steps, and dos and don’ts are more than enough to help you with whatever needs you may have with these items. Again, those who do not want to start from scratch can always find high quality resources online. When you get a raffle and movie ticket template all that’s left for you to do is make the necessary changes by editing the pre-existing content before ultimately printing it out.