37+ Pamphlet Templates

  • Corporate Pamphlet Template
    Corporate Pamphlet Template
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  • Flu Pamphlet
    Flu Pamphlet
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  • Corporate Pamphlet Design
    Corporate Pamphlet Design
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  • Hair Cut Pamphlet Design
    Hair Cut Pamphlet Design
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  • Beauty Salon Pamphlet
    Beauty Salon Pamphlet
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  • Medical Three Fold Pamphlet Design
    Medical Three Fold Pamphlet Design
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  • Real Estate Pamphlet
    Real Estate Pamphlet
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  • Pamphlet Mockup Set
    Pamphlet Mockup Set
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  • Funeral Pamphlet
    Funeral Pamphlet
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  • Wood Brochure Holder
    Wood Brochure Holder
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  • Tourism Pamphlet
    Model Rep Pamphlet
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  • Vintage Political Pamphlet
    LipSense Foldable Pamphlet
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  • Paranoid Pamphlet
    Pamphlet Template
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  • Teacher Pamphlet
    Teacher Pamphlet
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  • Pamphlet bound Notebook
    Pamphlet-bound Notebook
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  • Poetry Pamphlet
    Poetry Pamphlet
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  • Handmade Pamphlet Stitch Journal
    Handmade Pamphlet Stitch Journal
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  • Bottom Line Health Pamphlets
    Bottom Line Health Pamphlets
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  • Love Activism Pamphlet
    Basic Recon Skills Pamphlet
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  • Atomic Energy Pamphlet
    Atomic Energy Pamphlet
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  • Political Pamphlet Template
    Political Pamphlet Template
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  • Antique French Novel Pamphlet
    Antique French Novel Pamphlet
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  • Fire Engineering Pamphlet
    Advertisement Pamphlet Template
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  • Wood Pamphlet Template

    What Is a Pamphlet?

    A pamphlet is a type of advertising material mainly used in educating and informing a target audience. Compared to brochures and flyers, pamphlets have more focused content since its discussion primarily revolves around a single topic.

    Its structure is somehow similar to a brochure since both of its sides can be printed with relevant content and can also be folded in half or more. Pamphlets can also be distributed without having to fold it. This is why you can find pamphlets similar to leaflets since it can be distributed without having to fold them in booklets. Pamphlets also come in a few pages since, as mentioned, it is only intended to discuss a single topic.

    This print media is an excellent choice of promotional reading material, especially if you want to give information and spread awareness on a particular topic. It can range from social and cultural issues, service projects, political campaigns, and so on. If you are planning on direct selling, pamphlets may not be the right choice for that purpose. However, this does not mean that you can no longer use pamphlets with anything related to your business. You can make use of a pamphlet if your company has an upcoming event and you would like to spread awareness about it to your loyal customers.

    What are the Elements to Include in a Pamphlet?

    A well-made pamphlet is only as good as its contents. To ensure that your output will turn out the way you want it to be, then make sure that you have incorporated the right elements.

    Objectives or Goals: With specific objectives or SMART goals in mind, your final output will be purpose-driven. If you want to offer something to your readers, you will find ways to make it known to your target audience that you indeed have an offer for them. One way to know that you have successfully hit your objective or goals is when your target audience can make sense out of the message you try to deliver through your pamphlet’s contents.Enticing Imagery: If there is one thing that people can notice immediately in your pamphlet, it would be the images you incorporate in your output. That is why you don’t just include an image for the sake of it?make sure that you include one that is enticing enough for people to read and keep your pamphlet. Select pictures that give your target readers an inkling of what your pamphlet is all about. See to it that it is of high-quality, and its essence is related to the main message of your pamphlet.Compelling Written Content: Incorporating enticing images is not enough?you still need to incorporate compelling text to convince your target audience to read the entire rest of your pamphlet. Start with having a headline that catches your target readers’ attention alongside the photos you include. The headline should be written in a way that it can pique the readers’ interests right away. Next, include subheadings that can effectively support what you have stated in the headline. The subheading should be written in a way that it connects to the body copy of your pamphlet. Now, the copy of your pamphlet should contain the main message that you want to deliver through your pamphlet.Call-to-Action: Once you have ensured that you composed an excellent copy, you can then easily arrive at an equally excellent call-to-action. A call-to-action can be a takeaway that you would want your target readers to gain after reading your pamphlet. This element is highly important since it ties in with the purpose you have set for your pamphlet. So if you want your readers to take action, donate, inquire, sign up, and so on, don’t miss out on adding a call-to-action that reinforces your pamphlet’s purpose.Contact Details: Even if you have secured the elements mentioned above, your readers will find it hard to respond to your call-to-action if you miss including your contact details. How can they inform you that they would want to volunteer if you forgot to include your contact numbers? How can your regular customers confirm your business event invitations if you missed including your business address? You will miss many opportunities if you miss including the contact details. Be sure to include the basics such as your business number, email address, and your social media handle details.

    Benefits of Using Pamphlets in the Digital Age

    In this digital age, the use of conventional printing marketing materials seems to have diminished. But it’s safe to say the print is not dead. There are still a lot of people who trust printing advertising because it is easy to create and disseminate false information via digital sources such as social media. Statista reports that Facebook tops the spot of the most likely sources of fake news in the USA, with 58% out of the 1007 respondents, and Twitter follows at the third spot with 49%.

    That said, this shouldn’t be a problem for companies who wish to stick with traditional mediums with pamphlets being one of them. Here are the benefits that you will gain if you decide to push through with the use of pamphlets in this digital age.

    No Budget? You Can Still Campaign!

    You might think that promoting through digital means is more budget-friendly over pamphlets since you still need to shell out money for printing expenses for the latter. However, even if the production stage of digital advertising is almost free of cost, you still need to spend money to run your ads online or to boost your posts. Chances are, you might need to pay extra to reach your target audience or to increase its volume.

    Sure, there are printing costs if you opt for pamphlets for your marketing endeavors. However, with today’s innovations, there are now cheaper printing methods you can choose for. There’s this one great thing about pamphlets?they are cost-friendly through and through, from the pre-production phase up to its distribution. The distribution of pamphlets is cost-free and is more targeted to your audience.

    Worry Not About Getting Out of Sight

    Once a digital ad gets out of sight, it will be out of the minds of your target audience soon enough. If you want a more prolonged exposure, printed materials, such as pamphlets, are your best bet. Pamphlets can be brought anywhere, making it easy for your audience to recall your brand way easier than digital ads.

    Sure, your audience might bring their phones anywhere with them, which could also mean that they could view any digital ad anywhere, too. But are your printed reading materials dependent on battery power? Absolutely not. With pamphlets, your brand identity is established more than ever.

    Achieve an Impression That Lasts

    Most people nowadays are glued to their phones that it makes the digital advertising industry flourish. And because of that, the more these people are exposed to digital media content that they will only scroll past through it without caring to pay any attention. Now, how can you make a lasting impression from that, let alone a first impression?

    If you aim to leave your target audience with an impression that lasts, producing quality pamphlets is the way to go. Similar to digital content, you can easily personalize the contents of your pamphlets. Pamphlets, being one of the forms of print advertisement, is just what you need if you want to build and establish your brand and its credibility. Using digital ads is only beneficial on your end if your brand has already established a name, and you want to achieve fast and visible results.

    How Do You Make a Compelling Pamphlet?

    Pamphlets are perhaps one of the most accessible print materials that you can design and produce. But even if creating one is not some rocket science, there is still a need for you to learn and understand basic pamphlet design guidelines. Read through the list below to keep you guided on how to make a pamphlet compelling enough for people to hold and stay for long.

    Step 1: Come Up with a Clear Purpose

    Any purpose-driven endeavor will most likely be a success. If you put intention toward your pamphlet, you can achieve the right delivery of your main message. Having a purpose beforehand also enables you to figure out the best design direction.

    Tip: know first whether a pamphlet suits your main message. If you aim to sell, then consider the use of a brochure or a flyer. If you want to promote awareness for a cause or you want to educate a specific demographic, then proceed with the use of a pamphlet. Knowing the material that fits your message better is also essential as it can affect your purpose and delivery in the long run.

    Step 2: Write a Brief and Impressive Copy

    Pamphlets come in small sizes, and this also means that the content you can only incorporate in it is limited. That is why there is a pressure of writing a copy that is delivered briefly and concisely to make the most out of its space. And what follows from that is the pressure to construct it as impressive as you can so its content will remain in the minds, and its physical copy will be kept in the hands of your target audience.

    Step 3:  Incorporate Visually Interesting Design Elements

    To complete the recipe of a compelling pamphlet content, then don’t miss out on adding visually pleasing elements into your design.

    Keep in mind that you will be distributing your pamphlets mostly by hand. And if you distribute one that is not attention-grabbing right from its distribution, then what makes you think that your audience will keep your pamphlet?

    Step 4: Proofread, Edit, and Revise

    Always check your content before printing and distributing it. Even if you only plan to conduct a test-run first, proofreading is a step that you should not miss out upon making pamphlets.

    Look out for grammatical and spelling errors. Check your punctuation usage. But other than that, check whether you have incorporated the right texts and design elements. Is the message accurate? Are the design elements used creative enough to grab the attention of your target readers? Were you able to deliver your main message successfully?

    With the never-ending innovations in digital marketing, pamphlets remain as relevant as ever. Pamphlets, like any other conventional printed materials such as brochures and flyers, may now seem obsolete. However, if you come up with a pamphlet that is informative and reader-friendly enough, then your output can serve as proof that something as conventional as a pamphlet can withstand the test of time and the innovations it brings. So, if you have already decided on the use of a pamphlet for promoting awareness and the like, worry not and go for it!