What is a Medical / Health Invoice?

A medical or health invoice is a document that a hospital or medical store gives to patients which contains all the medical costs due to them. It has a breakdown of all the expenses that they have within the hospital. It contains medical codes and brief medical information about the patient. This information is a medical record that separates the patient from other patients in the hospital. The invoice also contains a deduction that is applicable for every patient who has health insurance or claims. If the claims are not deducted, the invoice will have details of a reimbursement. A doctor or a billing specialist ensures that this invoice is accurate and its total net is the real cost that is due for the patient. If it is not accurate, the patient can contest the medical bill invoice. To avoid this, the biller should give attention to details in the medical or health invoice. They must put the data with care so no issue will arise. But the truth is, with medical or health invoices, there are fewer errors than in an ordinary hospital receipt or hospital billing. As most invoice is online, it is much convenient and ensures payment for a hospital. It is the fastest way to secure payment.

Benefits of a Medical / Health Invoice

Considering a medical invoice example or medical invoice sample, you may be wondering what it is for. It has been widely used by many hospitals, health care providers, and  medical stores because it has benefits. Read the following and know some of its benefits:

Less Cost: Since most medical or health invoice is online, you can save the money that you can spend on papers. There is $32 billion yearly that has been saved in the U.S. Healthcare System using an electronic invoice. Medical or health invoice is also easier to do and to encode. Through this, time in working can be saved. Thus, your hospital can save money on labor. So, why will you still go in having the long process of making the traditional hospital bills? You can settle with medical and health invoices and save some money.Secures Faster Payment: In seconds, you can send the invoice to the patient. This is beneficial to both of you. The patients do not have to wait at the hospital’s billing office to get their receipt. The hospital can be paid faster because just after the patients have received the invoice, they can also pay you online. It is a lot more convenient and it is a very fast way on how you can get your payments.Easy Collection: Research has it that patient payments get higher by 43% with the use of medical or health invoice. Paying is so easy that is why patients have more chances to have faster payments. Collecting the amount due is so convenient and it does not give hassles to patients. You just have to send the medical or health invoice to the patients and they can instantly pay you back in minutes, or even seconds.Integrated Billing System: Through the medical or health invoice, you can have a better patient profile. You can avoid redundancy in data. It is one integrated way on how you can have the medical record in the receipt. The billing system will surely be better. You just have to ensure that the medical codes are accurate and the data are right.Good Reporting: Practice managers will find it easy to use the medical or health invoice every time they have to make a report about it. They can link the billing data to the accounting systems with ease. Custom reporting will be much better. Unlike traditional billing, you have to go through a lot of papers and make your own paper report. It is harder and much time-consuming. But with the medical or health invoice, you can manage everything within a few minutes.Patient Satisfaction: Having an invoice digitally can give convenience to any patient. It can enhance their experience and they can have patient satisfaction. They can easily pay their bills. They do not have to experience any difficulty in paying for it. Even the insurance can be already deducted. Everything is taken care of. They can take complete rest after getting out of the hospital. Anyway, it is what any patient needs. They do not have to experience any more difficulties after getting into the hospital.Transparency: If you have seen any sample medical invoice form or hospital invoice sample, you can tell that it is a lot more transparent than a hospital receipt. It is more complete with details. It is more accurate. 70% of patients said that they are confused with hospital bills. 72% have said that the benefits explained in a hospital bill are obscure. With a medical or health invoice, everything is much clearer.Better Brand Identity: The reputation of your hospital can become better through the medical or health invoice. It is a very good document that has your logo and through its digital use, it can increase fame to your brand identity. You can ask for payment in a more professional way that can give way for patients to be awed with your brand. So, if you have a hospital, you must start using a medical or health invoice.Fewer Errors: Using human entry can give many errors to your document. Even your best employee can be prone to making a mistake. A medical or health invoice has an automated process that makes sure that everything is done correctly. You can ensure that there will be no errors in the medical billing. Doing it manually can surely cause some mistakes, as many people handle the bill, from the nurses to the billing encoder. But through a medical or health invoice, you have all the correct data in your medical billing system.

Tips on Medical / Health Invoice

To make your invoice better, you may use medical bill invoice format or a medical billing invoice template. But if you really want to make your invoice good, you may use the following tips:

Hire a Billing Company: Find a good advocate that can help you in getting payments. You can get a reliable billing company that can outsource your billing. These companies have updated regulations on how to ensure claims. They can get the work that your staff will do and your staff can concentrate on other things to further achieve your core missions. Many tedious tasks are there in making an invoice. From insurance up to the patient statements, a billing company can truly help you if you will consider hiring them.Utilize Technology: In making an invoice, you can use the greatest potential of technology. It can have the best role in the billing process. Through technology, the patients can pay you through numerous digital transactions. You can also use medical software that can connect you to all the departments of the hospital. With this, it will be a lot easier for you to make the invoice. You can be easily connected to the staff, nurses, doctors, medical coders, and administrators. You do not have to go to them in person just to finish making the invoice. Software systems automate the billing process and you can easily check health claims. The administrative workflow will become faster and your staff can save hours of working. You can also prevent surprises at work. The demographic will be automated and it will be easy for you to make verification checks.Talk to the Patient: You must include the patient in the billing process. Ask them the most convenient way that they will want to pay you. Communicate with them about their insurance and claims. Doing this can make you build a good relationship with your patients. It can also prevent any conflicts that can happen. You can have an open communication with your patient. They can easily talk with you if ever they need something. Through this also, you can be assured that your patients will be a more good payer to you. They know you and see that you are a good person that they can trust. So, talk with your patients about everything. Consult them just before sending them the invoice. You can build a good rapport with people and you will surely be paid with your services in a better way.Give Attention to Data: If you will not file the invoice properly, you will not be paid. Be sure that all the data in your invoice is accurate. All the codes should be correct and all the requirements must be followed. You can experience a delay in payments if your medical or health invoice will have discrepancies. To prevent this, double-check your invoice before sending it to the patient. You can save time if you will send an accurate invoice. A clear document can make the patient pay you immediately. But an invoice that can raise questions can deter your payment. You must avoid this thing to happen. Train Your Staff: In your automated billing process, you need to train your staff in implementing it. Make sure that all tools are available to them. Train them in checking the eligibility of patients. Make a flowchart that they can follow in making collections. Give them continuous training so that they will be always equipped for the job.Understand the Process: To be sure that you can give your best in making an invoice, you need to know everything about the billing process. It starts with the verification of insurance and then the collection of deductibles. Be careful about the coding procedure. Physicians need to learn coding to optimize billing. When codes are entered into the software, you need to submit an insurance carrier. This will tell if the claims will be accepted or not. Then you can calculate the amount of the invoice according to the claims that you will get.

How to Create a Medical / Health Invoice

Whether you are going to make a medical store invoice or a health care invoice, you should follow some steps so that you can ensure that you can make an accurate invoice. Here, you can have some steps that you can consider as you make a medical or health invoice:

Step 1: Spell Out the Collection Process

You need to talk to the patients and have transparent communication with them. You have to tell them their responsibility to pay for all the services that will be given to them. You can fill up a fillable medical invoice form, putting all their details just before they will visit your hospital. Then, at your reception area, you can post something with the clarification of your payment system. To ensure that your collection will be timely, get the billing data from the patients, get their insurance card, and request a photo ID.

Step 2: Automate the Billing System

Use the medical billing system where you can make the billing tasks easier. You can have staff members that can do the tasks in an automated system. Start to file for claims, have means for initiating payment prompts, and begin choosing billing codes.

Step 3: Come up with a Payment Plan

Sometimes, paying a bill can be a problem for the patients. To avoid this, you must provide a payment plan for them. Be sure that when you give the medical or health invoice, they will have a convenient way on how to pay you. You can use a third-party service in outsourcing the collection. It can help both you and the patients.

Step 4: Ensure Quality Control

You have to eliminate every error in the medical or health invoice. Be sure that you are entering the right medical record and medical codes. Put the details correctly and double-check them to ensure that everything is accurate. Be sure to put the following in the invoice:

Step 5: Send the Invoice

When you are sure that the medical or health invoice has correct details, you can now send it to the patients. If there is a date on when the invoice will be due, wait for that period until the patients pay you. But if there is none, you can expect to be paid in a few minutes or hours, or a day or so.


Can a medical invoice have a tax deduction?

Schedule A (Form 1040) says that it can be likely to subtract medical expenses for a taxable year. IRS (Internal Revenue Service) stated that if your medical expenses are 7.5% greater than your net income, you can deduct them. Look at Schedule A (Form 1040) to know how much you can deduct.

How can I use a flexible spending account in my medical invoice?

If you will look on the website of FSAFEDS (Flexible Spending Account Program), using pre-tax dollars, you can save 30% from your medical costs. Visit the website so that you can be informed better and you will know what to do with your flexible spending account.

As one of the best ways on how to get payment, any hospital must start making a medical or health invoice. It has a lot of benefits against the traditional way of asking for payments in the hospital or any healthcare provider system. It is more secure and it is faster. You just have to take a bigger leap in making the medical bill system and you can ensure convenience for you and your patients. Create a medical or health invoice now. You can use this post templates as you make one. It has 14+ SAMPLE Medical/Health Invoice in PDF. Download now!