Critical Race Theory, PDF

What Is Critical Race Theory?

Critical race theory (CRT) is a concept that white people have been practicing for decades to justify racism. Before, white people had committed the mistake of practicing racism. This is especially true when they failed to respect people of black color decades ago. Though things now have changed, they still believe that racism cannot be avoided. A critical race theory book can teach a young child in school to know things about racism. Why is critical race theory important in education? It is because as a privileged country, America should show the right character of being a more privileged country. In critical race theory Wikipedia, we can learn a lot of things about how to understand racism and respect other people.

Critical race theory is very famous. There is even a Jonathan Harris critical race theory. It is a critical race theory painting that became viral. There is also a lot of talk about critical race theory on Reddit. A lot of the critical race theory in education PDFs is on the internet. These PDF documents help K-12 and high school students to know the principles of critical race theory. If you want to define critical race theory, you need a close study so that you will understand all of its tenets. This concept is a good concept that white people can apply in their everyday lives.

Tenets of Critical Race Theory

What are the five principles of critical race theory? Every child in America should know the principles of this belief so that they can follow the goals of the critical race theory. Its tenets are very important so that there will be something to guide you on how to make its principles come to life. Below are the five tenets of critical race theory.

Social Construction of Race: In critical race theory, race is made socially. It says that race consists of human beings with differences, whether physical or in behavior. It does not need a behavior plan to create the behavior of a certain race. Sometimes, every race has its characteristics that can make its people the same. Because of this, every race is different from another. In a study in the late 20th century, historians agree that race is a social notion. CRT theorists say that race can be an artificial association. People with the same color, features, and hair texture have the same behavioral tendencies. This can be negative or positive.Normality of Racism: Critical race theory says that racism is normal. It can be experienced by any person of color. Maybe racist attitudes and beliefs have diminished since the mid-20th century, but unfair treatment still happens in public and private places. People of color are still discriminated against. It still happens in things like people of color having to pay higher for products or services than whites. They have been denied loan agreements and job applications or they are usually suspected of criminal behaviors. People of color become victims of brutality and they are always unjustified. If found guilty of a crime, they even served longer in jail than whites. You can also see racism as Blacks and Hispanics live in impoverished places. They are restricted to live in some places because they have a low income. Inferior public services are only given to them which include education. For this reason, they lack the quality of education that can make them have a good job. So, you see, racism is still happening nowadays.Interest Convergence: CRT believes in “interest convergence.” People of color indeed want to serve white people. So, a racial hierarchy is built. This started a long time ago and it is still happening now. Even in job applications, people of color tend to seek clients in America. You can see many job application forms from other countries finding themselves to have the American dream. America has had a great influence on other countries ever since World War II. After that, many have been oppressed and exploited by whites. America had the image of being a racist society. But interest convergence has something to say about this. Today, it gives rights to people of color. This improves the image of America.Differential Racialization: Differential racialization is common to minority groups. This means that they have the attribution of negative stereotypes. So, everything must depend on the interest of whites. This can be seen in culture. We know that other races follow what is popular with whites when it comes to movies and television. Even the things that have to do with the digital age come from whites. For example, graphic design proposals may start from whites. People of color learn so many types of skills from them. Before they come to know something, whites are usually the first to ever try that thing. People of color always follow what the whites are doing.Voice of Color: The best tenet of critical race theory is the voice of color. It says that other races have the right to speak on behalf of their group. So, even if America can show some sense of racism, they can let others say what is right for them. It only means that they respect the opinions of other people. Oppression may affect America so they are careful not to discriminate against anyone. We all have rules and laws today so America cannot do anything they want. They still respect other races.

Tips on Critical Race Theory

Of course, we do not want to hurt people’s feelings. So, how can we do that while maintaining the principles of critical race theory? Some practical advice is given in this article to know what to do.

Promote a Positive Vision of Education: Education is very important. People in America can follow the principles of critical race theory by providing equality regarding education. They should be willing to accept other people of color in school, provided that they can pay for the education. They should show equality though they know that they have a better privilege than other people. For this reason, it will not be wrong to include critical race theory in the higher education lesson plan.Stay on the Message: The message of critical race theory is not that bad. You just have to stick to it. Racism can happen but people in America should know how to respect others. For example, if a critical race theory California bill says that America has better rights than people in other countries, try to look at the situation and see what is true with what has been said. Some things are just normal if you know that you are not doing something wrong. Just be sure that you are always respecting the rights of others.Get Involved: Be ready to participate. Talk about the things that are happening in your place. Are people of color getting the right job forms and being given their rights? It can be in your disposition to show that you are respecting the rights of others. Yes, you may have some privilege, but know that we are all still equal as human beings. Do not use your privileges to get the advantage of others. Instead, help others as much as you can and show that you are not a racist.

How to Incorporate the Principles of Critical Theory in the Classroom

Critical race theory is good for the children of America to learn. They can have the right values when dealing with people of color. The following are some of the things that you can do to incorporate the principles of critical race theory in the classroom:

1. A Connection Between Past and Present

Know that critical race theory has a very important lesson to give. Whites have done injustices before when they discriminated against and oppressed other races. Learn not to do this again. In every implementation plan of your organization, be sure to observe the rights of people of color.

2. A Way to Increase Empathy

Critical race theory is a way to show empathy to people of other races. You know that you can be more privileged than them. Because of this, try to help them as best as you can. By helping others, we can learn how to be better people. So, in every planning statement of your company, consider your workers of another color. This way, you can work in harmony with them.

3. It Is Not Anti-American

Critical race theory has no bad implications for Americans. You just have to simply do the right thing. At all costs, you must avoid being racist. It can be true that racism cannot be avoided, but it is in you to do what is right.

4. It Can Improve America

America should look back on the mistakes that they have made in the past. We know that it is very wrong to discriminate against other people. Through critical race theory, you should learn how to handle everything well. Though you are privileged, be considerate and respect others.


Does critical race theory say that Americans are racist?

No, it does not say that Americans are racist. It just tells the truth that racism can still happen in America unavoidably.

How does critical race theory affect K-12 education?

Critical race theory says that there should be equality in education. Even as a child, children will learn how to respect people of other races. When they follow the principles of critical race theory, it can be in their daily schedule to always respect everyone every day.

Critical race theory is something that reminds Americans to not take advantage of their color. They may be more advanced and more privileged than other people, but they should learn how to respect others. Racism may not be avoided but it is up to every person to pay respect to others.