What is a Planning Statement?

A planning statement is a well-defined document that comprises a comprehensive description of the proposed action, how the proposal complies with relevant development plans and policies, the possible impacts and the measures that will be implemented to mitigate the risk, and any other valuable information. This is one of the important business documents that demonstrates how the project proposal is cohesive and consistent with the planning requirements. It must be quantifiable and provides an end result and date of completion.

Based on a survey report, executives stated that the main reasons strategic initiatives succeed are leadership buy-in and support (51%), skilled implementation (39%), a good fit between specific initiatives and general strategy (37%), good planning (32%), being able to attract skilled personnel (28%), and good communication (25%). So, identifying the site and describing the type of proposed activity or project in detail must be properly done when preparing a planning statement. It is integral for project managers, team leaders, supervisors, designers, architects, urban planners, consultants, and other planning professionals to develop a clear and effective planning statement.

Different Types of Planning Statements

If you have a new concept that you want to develop and implement into a worthwhile project, preparing and submitting your planning application must be completed in conjunction with a planning statement. There are various planning statements written by project managers and planning consultants in wide-ranging fields and industries that you need to know and understand well.

1. Financial Planning Statement

Also known as budget planning statement, a financial planning statement is a document that contains a description of the budget and financial planning of a business or an organization. It helps executives and project managers to look at the potential outcomes of financial decisions and develop a plan using pro-forma financial statements. For example, a team leader writes a financial statement to share an overview of the historical and current financial condition of the management or organization and explain the financial needs, especially highlighting the potential profits and losses of the organization when the planning application proceeds to development.

2. Academic Planning Statement

Do you want to add a new major or change degree requirements? What kinds of academic programs and school services are needed to serve the student properly and sufficiently? Educators, teachers, and other academic professionals create an academic planning statement to define school offerings according to the needs of learners, to specify and concentrate to research priorities, and obtain efficiencies. When the faculty, deans, department chairs, students, and external stakeholders work on academic planning for new and existing programs, assessment, academic structure, and division or department goals, they make a statement on the current academic priorities such as instruction and research with the aim on how those priorities and strategies fit the mission of the school and current development strategic plan.

3. Pandemic Planning Statement

A pandemic planning statement is a document that presents the main purpose and background of pandemic planning. Healthcare agencies and medical organizations create statements on pandemic planning to guide and identify specific actions that business firms, institutions, and organizations should take to lessen the possible adverse effects of a pandemic. It informs the public about a business continuity plan which is an action plan that addresses a pandemic and provides for a preventive program and a scaled documented strategy: pandemic outbreak, critical operations, testing program, and oversight program.

4. Urban Planning Personal Statement

According to a statistical report, 95% of urban expansion in the coming decades will occur in developing countries due to increasing people moving to cities and urban areas. This means there is an opportunity to ensure urban development is sustainable development. If you aspire to become an urban planner to work on improving urban communities, develop an interesting personal statement for an urban planning program. Explain why you want to focus on studying urban planning and design for your master’s degree.

5. Succession Planning Statement

In order to continue a specific business or project, make an engaging succession planning statement to guide business continuity plan in the company or organization. Describe the key roles and responsibilities of the business or management in the succession planning statement. Explain the major principles underpinning the policy statement and the primary mechanisms for delivering the succession plan currently in use or planned. 

Basic Components of a Planning Statement 

A planning statement contains different basic components that must be presented appropriately. Consider these key aspects while working on your personal planning statement.

Introduction/Project Overview: One of the major components of a planning statement is a short introduction or overview of the proposed project plan. It showcases appealing details the main purpose, goals, objectives, and desired results of the project. Be accurate and clear while describing the main points of the proposal. Compliance with Plans and Policies: Projects managers, developers, consultants, and other management professionals need to make sure that proposed project plan complies with the relevant plans and policies. Outline how the proposal remains consistent with the planning requirements. Impacts of the Project Proposal: What is the nature of the project proposal? You need to define the site and explain the type and use of proposed project plan. Define the potential impacts that may need to be considered in your proposal. Then, mention the preventative measures or steps that will be carried out to manage or decrease the impacts coming from the project proposal. Significance of the Project Development Plan: It is fundamental that you focus on bringing the significance of the proposed project development plan and program management plan in the limelight to enlighten and motivate the readers of your planning statement give an approval to your planned project. Professionalism: While structuring your personal planning statement, you must maintain high level professionalism. Consider the proper tone of the document. Be considerate, reliable, and ethical.

How to Write a Planning Statement

Planning a new and upcoming project is an enjoyable experience as it allows project managers, program developers, designers, engineers, and consultants to reduce their worries by involving their colleagues and employees. Become more effective in planning as you learn and understand the basic steps in writing a well-structured planning statement.

Step 1: Make a Cover Page and Introduction

The first step is you need to make a simple cover page. Indicate the title or theme of the proposed project and where the project development plan will take place. Add the completion date, the names of the people who prepared the planning statement, and their contact details such as telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address. The content of the cover page must be center aligned. After that, write a compelling and striking introduction of the project proposal as it explains the purpose of the planning application.

Step 2: Include a Description of the Proposal Site

Next, describe the application site of the project proposal. Detail the location clearly. Add the specific distance of the location from another location. Explain the connection of each site to other site, as well as numerous routes and services. Then, the project proposal must have the planning history of the proposal site

Step 3: Explain the Proposed Development Project and Planning Policy

Discuss the proposed development project as you outline the internal design, the site area, the property, the proposal, and any structural alterations and subtle alterations if possible. For instance, write in this part the basic process of the project development and design. Also, specify in the statement the planning environmental policy statements and the development plan.

Step 4: Demonstrate the Development Plan and the Planning Appraisal

Be accurate and honest while demonstrating the content and purpose of development plan. For example, if you are writing a planning statement for spatial planning in urban development, indicate in the statement that your proposed idea pursues a continuing strategy of urban focus and urban renaissance while integrating mixed use development in your area. Then, specify that a planning appraisal evaluation will take place to assess the development plan.

Step 5: Set Proper Design and Layout

Your planning statement must be visually appealing to invite others to be curious and interested in your proposed project plan. Search for the key guidelines and standards that must be followed by the project managers, developers, consultants, and other professionals for the right design and layout of the document.

Step 6: Finalize the Planning Statement

Lastly, finalize your project planning statement while constructing a simple summary of the development project plan’s local context, the need for the project, how the proposed project harmonizes with relevant local, national, and regional planning policies. Project managers and consultants need to set out other material considerations that must be noted such as the planning history of a site, precedents, and national guidance and other written statements. When you’re done, review and proofread the statement immediately if possible.


How to write a comment on a planning application?

When writing a comment on a planning application, take into account how decisions are made and consider studying the forms, plans, and other details submitted with the application. Understand the content and purpose of the development plan. Then, state clearly the points you want to make about a planning application. If you consider objecting a proposal, explain the reasons for your objection with reference as you demonstrate the possible harm that may occur. If you notice an application that should be approved, set out any conditions that you prefer to see imposed as those conditions must be included in the approval notice for a planning application.

What are the key characteristics of planning?

The key characteristics of planning are a goal-oriented, flexible, efficient, pervasive, and continuous process, the main function of management, an intellectual process, involves decision-making, and looking ahead to the future.

What are some examples of a planning statement?

Some examples of a planning statement are a budget planning statement, pandemic planning statement, academic planning statement, impact planning statement, succession planning statement, business planning statement, work planning statement, design and access statement, and goal statement templates

What is a design and access statement for planning?

A design and access statement for planning is a brief report that guides and supplements a planning application. It is a statement that illustrates the process of the development proposal and describes the design. This statement is used to ensure that the proposals are based on a mindful design process and a sustainable approach to access and understand the analysis that underpinned the design.

What is the difference between a design and access statement and a planning statement?

A design and access statement elaborates the historical timeline behind the idea for the proposal and how to address the problems of access and design schemes. On the other hand, a planning statement provides technical information that supports a planning application. Also, a design and access statement is a stronger and slightly more expensive document to commission than a planning statement.

Any successful planning application needs a good planning statement. To provide a balanced justification for the development of a specific project, a well-designed planning statement present the local context, the need for the proposed development project, how the proposed development project aligns with all relevant planning policies and states other material considerations that must be taken into account. Set out the relative importance of the policies while creating a compelling planning statement. Access and navigate our website to easily download and use our sample planning statement templates including school planning statement templates, urban planning statement templates, academic planning mission statement templates, and many others.