Aside from these product fact sheets, we are also required to submit a manufacturing report. This will tell the total production of the company. The report is important because the number of the products that has been manufactured is the company’s target. The company has to make sure that they are keeping their standards and the number of quota that they have to produce everyday. Companies has customers that need their products. How they can supply them their orders if they will not keep the number of quota that they should have everyday? A manufacturing report is very important because they can assess if they are keeping the needs of the company. They will be aware if they are keeping the manufacturing quality.

What is a Manufacturing Report?

A manufacturing report is a document that has the information about the manufacturing quality of a company. It tells how many products does the company produced in a particular month or year. It can show percentages that describes the manufacturing information of a company. The manufacturing activity is sometimes calculated through ISM (Institute for Supply Management) which conducts survey from 300 companies. It is called ISM Manufacturing Index or PMI (Purchasing Managers Index). Through this, the manufacturing ISM can be known by other people and they will be informed about the manufacturing quality of a company. This will gain fame for the company if ever they have a good manufacturing report. They can gather clients and investors through an ISM report. ISM manufacturing report is essential for every company because it is a detailed report about their manufacturing condition. Not only can they assess the quality of their manufacturing process, they can also have an idea of the growth of their company. For this kind of reasons, an industrial production report is necessary for every manufacturing company.

Tips on Manufacturing Report

Are you the one who is going to make a manufacturing data report for your company? You can use the following tips, so you can have a good manufacturing report:

Keep the balance sheet updated. To make your work easier, you should keep a balance sheet and let the employees update it from time to time. This will save you from the difficulty of gathering all the product sheets and calculating all the products. Doing that can make you spend the whole day for it. But if you will keep a balance sheet, it will save your time. You can also save a lot of efforts. You just have to assign the work to the employees and they can help you in assessing the total production of the company. You do not have to do it all alone. You can make the manufacturing report in minutes because you do not have to do all the counting.Search for manufacturing report tips. Gather and gather some tips. You may want to consider a manufacturing outlook magazine. You can browse through the internet about manufacturing industry outlook 2021. Tips can make your work better. It can tell you ways of improvement and it can provide ease to you. You just need to be diligent in searching for tips that you can use and you can write the manufacturing report better. If you can gather 10-20 tips, it can do a lot to your report. The report will not be the same as the one that does not use any tips.Do a cost accounting. To be sure that you will have a good manufacturing report, you must consider the cost that you are going to use in the production. Budget is important because it will tell if you will have a profit or not. Tell your workers that they have to be thrifty with the materials and should not waste anything. If they will produce many products but will also waste materials, what good can it give to the company? They have to consider the cost of the materials when working.Keep all the details accurate. Accurate information is a must in manufacturing report. Consider the production plan, so you can have a good understanding on how the production works. Through it, you will know what details do you have to gather in making a manufacturing report. Avoid risk factors and illustrate all the data as accurate as possible. No inconsistencies should be found in the manufacturing report. It can destroy the reputation of the company. What if a client will order to you, thinking you have enough supply, and later on proves that your supply is lacking? You have to be accurate in your report because you can conduct strict business through it. Before you submit the report, you should examine the information twice, or thrice, to be sure that all the details are exact.

Benefits of a Manufacturing Report

Manufacturing reports are being done because it has advantages or benefits. Here, you can know some benefits that you can get from a manufacturing report.

You will know the total production. As the total production is one of the most important part of a manufacturing report, you will know the total production of the company at a particular time. You will be aware on how much all of you are doing. You will not be ignorant whether the workers are keeping the quota or not. You can also know if the total production can fit all the orders that your company have. If there could be orders that can exceed the total production, you know whether you will work hard to keep up to that order. The total number of the production is an important detail in executing all the affairs of the company.You can assess the progress of the company. The manufacturing report can tell the manufacturing quality. It tells whether you are keeping up to the number of products that you have to do within a specific time. You can assess how well the company is progressing. If you will see that the company is not keeping according to the expected number of the production through the manufacturing report, then you can act accordingly. For as well as you can know the progress of the company, you can do what is needed. You can reduce production if there had been excess. You can add production if there is a lack.You will know the company’s profit. Just by looking at the manufacturing report, you can assess whether a company has profits or not. Most manufacturing reports have details about the budget, so all you should do is to calculate the profit. Not only can you know the manufacturing quality of the company, you will also have knowledge about the profit of the company.The team can have satisfaction. If the workers will read the report and will see how much they have worked, they can get a sense of satisfaction. They will be informed that they have achieved something great. To make hundred of thousands or millions of product is not a joke. It proves that they are productive. They can have a good outlook about their work.It gives an exact description about the company. The manufacturing data report can give information about the company. It can tell how well a company has been performing. It is through the total production that it can achieve. If a company has a good production, it only means that it has a lot of clients and it is successful. It also means that they are capable of distributing products to the customers.

How to Write a Manufacturing Report

Whether you are in digital manufacturing or industrial manufacturing, you have to understand that a monthly production report is important. One thing that can help your management is having a manufacturing report. So in your daily production, you have to write a manufacturing report and these steps can help you in writing those things.

Step 1: Start with a title page.

The first page is a little bit important. You have to come up with a good title that you can put in your manufacturing report. Have a compelling title that could make anyone to read the report. Impress the readers somehow. Now, do not forget to write the name of the company on the first page. Put also the date when you have written it. Place the company’s information. Put also the manufacturing dates. You have to be clear on this so you will have a good report of the manufacturing quality on that specific dates.

Step 2: Gather all the production data.

Now, collect all the data that you need about the products that you are going to report. Gather all the product sheets so you will have a good report on the number of products that your company has manufactured. You can also refer to the task reports of all the workers. You have to be accurate on the number of the manufactured products. You cannot miss about it. Be sure that you will not going to forget one single production sheet or task report because it can cause inconsistencies to your report.

Step 3: Calculate all the products.

After collecting all the information sheets, you can now calculate all the products. Use a calculator so you can add up all the numbers of the products that have been produced. Be careful in inputting data so you will not make a mistake. Get the total number of products that your company has manufactured. When you are aware of the numbers, you can provide the details in graphs, bars, or charts to make the information visual. This will help the readers to analyze the manufacturing quality better.

Step 4: Have a comparison with past productions.

Using charts, graphs, and tables, you may compare the present production with your past production. This will give a good report on the manufacturing quality of your company. Put percentages that will describe the flow of production. Explain also if the number of production have met the expectations of the company. Tell if it was enough to supply the orders of the clients. Put a remark if it is lacking. You have to tell if you have a low production, so that the company will know what to do next time. If the company has succeed on the manufacturing quality, then it will know that it is on the right track. It can reward the workers if possible.

Step 5: Have recommendations for improvement.

If ever there is a low production, you can put recommendations in your report that your company can do next time. You can emphasize the preferred number of total production that you need. You can remind everyone about the factory orders report, so everyone will work harder for it. You can also add the manufacturing financial statements to give a better understanding of the manufacturing quality. A manufacturing company financial statement will tell the workers the cost on the production that they have worked on and it will tell if the company has profits from their work.

Step 6: Give a conclusion.

A conclusion will be a good end to your report. You can tell whether your company has achieved its goals or not. A good conclusion will leave impressions to the reader, so you can better use it to instill what you need to say. If the workers need to work better, you can imply it on the conclusion. If there is nothing to do, you can simply tell them to keep up the good work. The conclusion will be the summary of the manufacturing report and will tell something that is important about it. Use effective sentences in ending the manufacturing report.


How Often Will I Have to Make a Manufacturing Report?

Some manufacturing reports are monthly. Some companies have annual manufacturing report. There are also some that makes a weekly production report. The frequency does not matter as long as you make the report accurate. You can ask your manager how often do you need to pass a manufacturing report, so you will know what to do.

What Do I Have to Consider in Making a Manufacturing Report?

One thing that you should consider is the manufacturing market size. You have to know if you are keeping the needs of your certain market. You can know if you are having a good manufacturing quality. Keeping the number of your products with the market trend will make your company to have a good pace in the business. You can go against all your competitors because you know you can supply the needs of all the customers. You can be on the top of the global manufacturing industry statistics because your production is good.

How Important are Product Sheets in a Manufacturing Report?

It is so vital. The product sheets will comprise the balance sheet of the manufacturing company. If not with the product sheets, we cannot assess the total number of production and we will not know how much we have worked within the day. So, it is a very important element in making a manufacturing report.

The reputation of a company can somehow depend on the manufacturing report. It will tell of their manufacturing quality, how they can satisfy the need of their client and how they can supply the products that are required from them. This report puts their name in the manufacturing industry. With this truth, a manufacturing report should be well-delivered. Use this article so you can make a better manufacturing report. This has 9+ sample manufacturing reports in PDF and MS Word that can help you to write your report. These sample templates are downloadable and editable. If an order can be made through a good manufacturing report, these templates can surely help you.