What is a Monthly Accomplishment Report?

A monthly accomplishment report is a clear and essential document that records the overall performance reports and progress made toward achieving the specific goals and objectives at the workplace every month. It is commonly used by people working in a wide spectrum of areas and fields such as managers, project leaders, reporters, researchers, scientists, teachers, and other business professionals working in other sectors and industries. This is a beneficial tool that keeps track of their accomplished monthly activities, tasks, projects and other aspects that exist at the workplace, as well as in determining their abilities, competencies and skills when it comes to completing different types of activities and other tasks. 

Moreover, using a monthly accomplishment report is helpful in evaluating work productivity and giving feedback. For example, a report shows that almost 70% of employees prefer to work harder if their efforts were more recognized at work and organizations who implement regular employee feedback notice a 14.9% decrease in turnover rates.

Thus, all types of educators, team leaders, project managers, academic researchers, scientific researchers, medical professionals, reporters, writers, and many others should record their monthly tasks while creating a clear and well-structured monthly accomplishment report for their work and other projects. 

Different Types of Monthly Accomplishment Report

Richard M. Kesner wrote in The Hands-On Project Office: Guaranteeing ROI and On-Time Delivery that an organization should clarify its commitments to all concerned, particularly for both ongoing service delivery and project implementations. While the management should ensure compliance with its commitments once made. This will allow the team to maintain their focus appropriately. In this section, you will learn and understand about the common types of monthly accomplishment reports because your technique of writing is determined by the type of monthly accomplishment report you will write. Read the information below:

1. Monthly Activity and Accomplishment Report

Do you want to observe and examine the monthly activities and accomplishments of your organization? A monthly activity and accomplishment report is a significant piece of writing that displays a clear and brief overview of noteworthy accomplishments of the people in a business firm or organization every month. It consists of important information about their achievements that are completed on a monthly basis.

2. Monthly Research Accomplishment Report

Generally used by academic researchers, market researchers, medical researchers, and other kinds of researchers, this piece of writing is valuable in monitoring the status of the researchers’ individual or group research projects and measuring their research skills and competencies while completing different kinds of research activities and other tasks every month. Thus, a monthly research accomplishment report is a worthwhile document that portrays the overall performance and progress made toward fulfilling the definite goals and objectives in the monthly research projects. 

3. Monthly Performance Accomplishment and Self Assessment Report 

If you need to share your personal view on your actions, choices, and performance on a monthly basis, creating a monthly performance accomplishment and self-assessment report is an efficient way to paint a vivid picture to your immediate head about your perspective of yourself related to your team or department and the company. You need to create a list of your positive attributes, unique qualities and high-level skills you have and describe how you exhibit these aspects in the workplace. You may use some analytics if possible. So, preparing a monthly performance accomplishment and self-assessment report helps you to search for your mistakes, learn from them, and facilitate improvement in your personality, and work.

4. Monthly Accomplishment Report for Teachers

Are you a mathematics teacher, musical instructor, or a school supervisor? To effectively keep an eye on the monthly growth and development of your teaching method, we recommend that you write a monthly accomplishment report for teachers. This monthly accomplishment report is usually used by various educators, instructors, teachers, supervisors, trainers, and other key individuals in the field of education. They basically document the accomplishments of their class activities, school tasks and other projects every month.

Benefits of Writing a Monthly Accomplishment Report

To further boost the ongoing project management process in your work, or business, you and the key individuals involved in the given work or business need to relate actual accomplishments to your project plan through writing a monthly accomplishment report. This is one of the fundamental activities when it comes to cementing and sustaining a good working relationship with your collaborators, project managers, immediate heads, or executives in your business. So, what are the notable benefits of writing a monthly accomplishment report? Below are some of the benefits of writing this type of report:

1. Record and Analyze Monthly Performance and Growth

If you are an employee who works for a business firm or an owner of an enterprise, then creating a monthly accomplishment report for work or business is very important to record and analyze monthly performance. This will guide you to maintain your focus and develop a clear analysis on the current status of the business firm that you’re working for or your own business, as well as seeing the potential growth that it can take towards further improvement.

2. Pinpoint Strengths and Weaknesses

Possessing an extensive understanding of failure compels an identically extensive insight of excellence. By using a monthly accomplishment report, it will assist you in pinpointing your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of a business partner, collaborator, project, business firm or organization. Being well-informed of these factors may guide you and the business or organization to implement powerful strategies and techniques in order to continue in expediting the strengths and reducing the possible effects of weaknesses.

3. Demonstrate Efficiency and Integrity 

Writing a monthly accomplishment report will help you to prove your efficiency and integrity in getting your work accomplished in the appropriate way. So, demonstrate your work efficiency and productivity in completing your tasks and activities without much supervision through writing a simple monthly accomplishment report. Additionally, it will level up your credibility and reputation, enabling you to get wonderful rewards of raises and promotions in your company or organization.

4. Expand Viewpoints

Writing a monthly accomplishment report can encourage you in expanding your viewpoint on your job and others as well. You will also gain a crystal clear picture of how and where you should allocate most of your time. This is certainly and highly recommended for many work from home professionals. Thus, when an employee writes a monthly accomplishment report, it will entice his or her manager or immediate head to evaluate his or her work performance, and drive him or her to exert immense effort at work than usual.

Basic Elements of a Monthly Accomplishment Report

In this section, you will learn how to construct a remarkably written and well-detailed monthly accomplishment report. However, a monthly accomplishment report has different features. Include the following elements for you to create an impressive document:

Title: One of the primary elements of a monthly accomplishment report is the title. It is a simple line of the document which displays the main topic, or subject of the monthly accomplishment report, as well as to motivate the reader to check and analyze the report effectively. It is typically set in a size larger than other remaining text elements in the page.Executive Summary: This part is the critical section of your monthly accomplishment report.It provides a brief and concise Executive summary concerning the completed activities and tasks in a specific project, work, or event for the month. As the engaging part of the report, it exhibits the total performance of the completed works for the month, plus a short description of the finished tasks during that particular month. Another aspect to incorporate in this section is the significance, implications and other contributions that the monthly accomplishments will bring in the company or organization.Goals and Objectives:What are the definite smart goals made by the person, business firm, or organization to be fulfilled for the month? How are these goals achieved monthly? This is an important part of the monthly accomplishment report as it brings significant information concerning the specific goals and objectives of the executives, managers, and project leaders working on the company or organization every month.Vision and Mission Statements:Determine the anticipated results and aspirations of the individual or company based on the monthly accomplishments shown in the report. Elaborate the main purpose of the person, business firm or organization especially when it comes to finishing the tasks and activities in a specific month. Conciseness and Precision: Emphasize the fundamental pieces of information. Exert your best effort in writing your monthly accomplishment report concisely and precisely with the application of both short words and short sentences. While writing the examples of significant monthly accomplishments throughout the report, keep it as brief and specific as possible. Eradicate the use of vague words that are irrelevant to your monthly accomplishment report. We recommend that you detail the specific monthly accomplishments that should be highlighted so that you are able to showcase the strategy behind those actions you made

How to Create a Monthly Accomplishment Report

Creating a monthly accomplishment report is a practical method in keeping track and managing your personal life, professional work and other business projects you are working on for several months. Apart from being motivated on your personal, professional, or business projects, a monthly accomplishment report can effectively outline your finished tasks and other activities for the month in the right order conveniently. Below are some easy-to-follow tips  that indicate how to design and create a professional monthly accomplishment report:

Step 1: Write a Brief Summary of the Monthly Accomplished Activities and Tasks 

Allocate some sufficient time to carefully think about your monthly accomplishments that you have made. Take a piece of paper or notepad and list them according to the given time and duration. Make sure that the monthly accomplishments must be in accord with the duties and follow the guidelines listed in the business firm or organization’s work standards. Then, quantify the specific assigned tasks and activities at work. 

Step 2: Describe Significant Monthly Accomplishments

Describe the significant monthly accomplished goals, objectives, tasks and activities that you manage to finish properly. Then, explain the things you have discovered, the struggles you overcame, the challenges that still prevent you from moving towards work achievement, new concepts for monthly projects, and other aspects.

Step 3:  Design a Clear Timeline of Daily Accomplishments

What does your timeline of monthly accomplishments show? You need to design a simple and clear timeline of the important things you already accomplished at work for the whole month. Include the exact time, day, month, and date.

Step 4:  Proofread and Revise the Report

Review your entire accomplishment report for the month and check if you fully include all the crucial elements in your monthly accomplishment report as instructed by your management or immediate head. If you notice that you overlook some sections that require additional points, we recommend that you edit and revise the document carefully.

Step 5: Prepare the Final Monthly Accomplishment Report

After the proofreading and revision process, you can now prepare the final monthly accomplishment report. Include some notes and other messages you want to convey to the management or the office on the last part of your document. Skim your daily accomplishment report for final evaluation and quality check. 


What are some examples of monthly accomplishment reports?

Some examples of monthly accomplishment reports are monthly activity and accomplishment report, monthly project accomplishment report, monthly performance accomplishment and self assessment report, monthly accomplishment report for teachers, personal monthly accomplishment report, monthly strategic accomplishment report, monthly research accomplishment report, and more. 

What is the purpose of a monthly accomplishment report?

The purpose of a monthly accomplishment report is to illustrate the results of specific tasks and activities that are completed in accord with a particular project or work on a monthly basis. It shows a clear timeline of accomplished tasks, projects, and other activities made by a student, teacher, researcher, or any other working professionals. 

What are several ways to indicate monthly achievements?

Several ways to indicate your monthly achievements are quantifying your monthly achievements by employing numbers, percentages, and statistics or describing a qualitative monthly achievement, and using your employer’s language. Plus, you need to consider demonstrating the monthly achievements which are related to the job requirements.

What are the significant steps in writing a monthly accomplishment report?

When you write your monthly accomplishment report, write a summary or overview paragraph of the accomplishments you have done for the month. Then, include the essential details of the summary. Create a clear timeline of the time period to list down all the accomplishments for the month. Add the monthly progress and accomplishments appropriately.

What is the difference between a monthly accomplishment report and a monthly progress report?

A monthly accomplishment report is a document consisting of the finished activities, tasks, events, programs, and other crucial elements to be achieved for the month involving a particular area or field at work, school, research, and many more. On the other hand, a monthly progress report is a kind of report that presents the monthly status of a specific project or work mandatory by the clients, project leaders, managers, and supervisors. 

Every management in different business firms and organizations needs a more aggregate view of a person, or a team’s performance, especially in larger organizations. In order to capture the key monthly accomplishments and performance metrics, it is important to use a monthly accomplishment report. As a regularly scheduled activity, it helps you to record and analyze monthly performance and growth, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, demonstrate efficiency and integrity, and expand viewpoints. So, here are some of our downloadable and printable monthly accomplishment report samples available in different kinds of formats. Simply click our sample monthly accomplishment reports in this article and start downloading now!