What is a Research Accomplishment Report?

A research accomplishment report is a clear and fundamental document that demonstrates the overall performance and progress made toward achieving the specific goals and objectives in the research project. It is commonly used by people working in a wide spectrum of areas and fields such as academic researchers, biological researchers, market researchers, medical researchers, program researchers, scientific researchers, and other kinds of researchers. This is a beneficial tool that carefully monitors their accomplished research activities, tasks, projects and other aspects that exist while conducting research, as well as in measuring their abilities, competencies and skills when it comes to accomplishing different types of research projects. 

A report has shown that the top country in research and development expenditure is South Korea. As of 2014, research and development expenditure as a share of GDP in South Korea was 4.3% while the top countries include Israel, Japan, Finland, and Sweden.

Thus, all types of researchers such as academic researchers, scientific researchers, medical researchers, market researchers,  and many others should record their accomplished research tasks and activities while creating a clear and well-structured research accomplishment report for their research work and other research projects. 

Different Types of Research Accomplishment Report

The book Innovation Research and Development Management stated that research and development is a challenging area to define in a business because it is only partially subjected to the performance indicators typically used by other functions such as marketing or production. However, the success of the research and development function depends on the level of passion that employees venture on a path. In this section, we will help you to ignite your passion for research innovation while learning and understanding about the common types of research accomplishment reports because your technique of writing is determined by the type of research accomplishment report you will write. Read the information below:

1. Medical Research Accomplishment Report

Do you want to observe and examine the experiments you are conducting related to medicine? As a medical researcher, your goal is to improve or develop medicines and effective products for medical treatments. Generally, you focus on health and disease problems like prevention, diagnosis, or cause related research. A medical research accomplishment report is a significant piece of writing that displays a clear and brief overview of noteworthy accomplishments in the research project. It is crucial when it comes to planning, conducting, recording and interpreting experiments and outcomes.

2. Biological Science Research Accomplishment Report

Commonly used by biological science researchers who often specialize with a specific type of organism, and disease, this piece of writing is valuable in monitoring the status of the researchers’ individual or group biological research projects and measuring their research skills and competencies while accomplishing different kinds of research activities and other tasks. Thus, a biological science research accomplishment report is a worthwhile document that depicts the overall performance and progress made while researching about living cycles, and animals, as well as looking for a solution to a particular problem.

3. Market Research Accomplishment Report 

Ian Schafer said: “Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Customers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.”  Performing market research is crucial in gathering data, analyzing it and developing clear insight into how several markets work. The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines marketing research as it specifies the information required to address issues, designs the method for collecting information, manages and implements the data collection process, analyzes the results, and communicates the findings and their implications. So, preparing a market research accomplishment report helps you in identifying and defining marketing opportunities and problems.

4. Program Research Accomplishment Report 

Are you a program researcher? Your job is working along directors, producers and writers as you research program specific facts, set up new program ideas and support the film, radio or television production team. Also, you conduct several interviews for prospective cast numbers for particular shows. Using a program research accomplishment report can help you in checking and verifying background details and facts on sources and contacts or verifying the suitability of a project or research project in connection with the legal issues.

Benefits of Writing a Research Accomplishment Report

To start innovation in your research work, it is essential that you have dedicated innovation resources, organizational structure and management tools geared for innovation. Additionally, working on smaller focused efforts and growing innovation as you spread innovation throughout the whole organization can help you especially as you write a clear and effective research accomplishment report. So, what are the notable benefits of writing a research accomplishment report? Below are some of the benefits of writing this type of report:

1. Record and Examine Research Performance and Growth

If you are a medical, market or academic researcher, then creating a research accomplishment report for your research work is very important in recording and analyzing research performance and growth. This will guide you to keep your focus and develop a clear analysis on the current status of the business firm that you’re working for or your own business, as well as seeing the potential growth that it can take towards better improvement.

2. Assess Strengths and Weaknesses

Carrying a wide-ranging understanding of failure impels an equitably wide-ranging insight of excellence. By using a clear and organized research accomplishment report, it will assist you in assessing your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of a research partner, collaborator, project, business or organization. Being aware of these factors may guide you and the research team to execute compelling strategies and techniques in order to pursue the strengths and lessen the potential effects of weaknesses.

3. Demonstrate Efficiency and Integrity 

Developing a research accomplishment report will assist you to validate your efficiency and integrity in getting your research work accomplished in the right way. So, demonstrate your efficiency and productivity in your research work while completing your research tasks and activities without much supervision through writing a simple research accomplishment report. Plus, it will elevate your credibility and reputation, allowing you to acquire wonderful rewards.

4. Gains a Clear Perspective

Writing a research accomplishment report can motivate you in gaining a clear perspective  on your job and others, as well as how and where you need to allocate most of your time. This is highly recommended for many work from homeresearchers and analysts. Thus, when a researcher prepares an  accomplishment report, it will encourage his or her manager or immediate head to examine his or her work performance, and drive him or her to exert more effort at research work than usual.

Basic Elements of a Research Accomplishment Report

In this section, you will learn how to construct a remarkably written and well-detailed research accomplishment report. However, a research accomplishment report has different features. Include the following elements for you to create an impressive document:

Title: One of the primary elements of a research accomplishment report is the title. It is a simple line of the document which showcases the main topic, or subject of the research accomplishment report, as well as to encourage the reader to check and analyze the report efficiently. It is typically set in a size larger than other remaining text elements in the page.Executive Summary: This part is the critical section of your research accomplishment report.It provides a brief and cohesive summary of the completed research activities and tasks in a specific research project. As the engaging part of the accomplishment report, it illustrates the total performance of the completed research works, plus a short description of the finished research tasks. Another aspect to incorporate in this section is the significance, implications and other contributions that the research accomplishments will bring in the organization.Research Goals and Objectives:What are the definite goals made by the academic, business, or medical researcher to be achieved for a certain period of time? How are these goals fulfilled? This is an essential part of the research accomplishment report as it brings significant information concerning the specific research goals and objectives of the researchers working on the company or organization.Vision and Mission Statements:Determine the anticipated results and aspirations of the researcher based on the research accomplishments provided in the report. Explain the main purpose of the person, business firm or organization especially when it comes to completing the research tasks and activities. Conciseness and Precision: Emphasize the crucial pieces of information when it comes to your research work. Give your best effort in writing your monthly accomplishment report concisely and precisely with the application of both short words and short sentences. While writing the examples of significant research accomplishments throughout the report, keep it as brief and specific as possible. Eradicate the use of vague words that are unnecessary to your research accomplishment report. We suggest that you detail the specific research accomplishments that should be pointed out so that you are able to demonstrate the research strategy behind those actions you conducted.

How to Write a Research Accomplishment Report

Writing a research accomplishment report is a useful method in keeping track and maintaining the right structure and processes in your research and development department and other research projects you are working on. A research accomplishment report can effectively outline your completed research tasks and other activities in the right order efficiently. Below are some easy-to-follow tips that indicate how to design and write a professional research accomplishment report:

Step 1: Write a Summary of the Accomplished Tasks and Activities in Research Work 

Carefully think about your research accomplishments that you have made. Take a piece of paper or notepad and list them down based on the given time and duration. Make sure that the research accomplishments must be in harmony with the researcher duties and follow the guidelines listed in the research and development department or organization’s work standards. Then, quantify the assigned tasks and activities at work.

Step 2: Define and Clarify Significant Research Accomplishments

Describe the significant research accomplished goals, objectives, tasks and activities that you manage to finish appropriately. Then, clarify the things you have discovered, the struggles you overcame, the research problems that still prevent you from moving towards achievement in your research work, new concepts for research projects, and other elements.

Step 3:  Present a Clear Timeline of Research Accomplishments

What does your timeline of research accomplishments indicate? You need to design and present a simple and clear timeline of the important things you already accomplished at research work. Include the exact time, day, month, and date.

Step 4:  Proofread and Revise the Report

Review your overall research accomplishment report and check if you fully include all the integral elements in your research accomplishment report as instructed by your research and development department or immediate head. If you notice that you overlook some sections that require sufficient points, we suggest that you edit and revise the document consciously.

Step 5: Prepare the Final Research Accomplishment Report

After the proofreading and revision process, you can now prepare the final research accomplishment report. Add some notes and other messages you want to inform the research and development or the office on the ending part of your document. Skim your research accomplishment report for final evaluation and quality check. 


What are some examples of research accomplishment reports?

Some examples of research accomplishment reports are research activity and accomplishment report, research project accomplishment report, medical research accomplishment report, biological science research accomplishment report, market research accomplishment report, program research accomplishment report and more.

What is the purpose of a research accomplishment report?

The purpose of a research accomplishment report is to depict the results of specific tasks and activities that are completed based on a particular research project or work for a certain period of time. It illustrates a clear timeline of accomplished tasks, projects, and other activities in research made by a researcher. 

What are several ways to define research accomplishments?

Several ways to indicate your research accomplishments are quantifying your research achievements by utilizing numbers, percentages, and statistics or describing a qualitative research accomplishment. Also, you need to consider demonstrating the research achievements which are connected to the job requirements. 

What are the significant steps in writing a research accomplishment report?

When you write your research accomplishment report, write a summary or overview paragraph of the accomplishments you have done for the research project. Then, include the essential details of the summary. Develop a clear timeline of the time period to list down all the research accomplishments for a specific time period. Incorporate some charts, graphs, tables, and other visual diagrams to illustrate the research progress and accomplishments properly.         

What is the difference between a research accomplishment report and a research progress report?

A research accomplishment report is a document which consists of the completed activities, tasks, events, programs, and other integral elements to be fulfilled for the research work. On the other hand, a research progress report is a type of report that demonstrates the status of a specific research project or work required by the research and development managers, and supervisors.

Companies, institutes and organizations should continuously innovate often and more quickly because innovation results in new products that are completely different from the previous ones, allowing to provide an extensive range of products and services to consumers. That’s why effective research and development is essential in both innovating more quickly and consuming less resources while ensuring certain profitability of innovations. By preparing a research accomplishment report, it helps you to record and examine research performance and growth, assess strengths and weaknesses, demonstrate efficiency and integrity, and gain a clear perspective. So, here are some of our downloadable and printable research accomplishment report samples available in different kinds of formats. Simply click our sample research accomplishment reports in this article and start downloading now!