What is a Preschool Report?

A preschool report is a document that evaluates the behavior and skills of preschool students. The report is made by the teachers who have witnessed the progress of the toddlers at school. It is a complex task for teachers to record the things that the students have learned. They should report their observations, making assessments for the development of every child. Sometimes, it is hard to keep track of the skills of every child. You need to give your complete attention so that you can have an accurate observation. The skills of every child are unique and you need to watch them closely so that you can have the right evaluation. As an educator, you should watch the habits of every student, monitoring how they respond to every teaching method.

Giving preschool comments for report cards can be a difficult task. When you give your comments, you have to consider the child who may be disheartened by poor comments. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to energize each student to be active at school. You should know how to motivate them. But being true to the report is also an important thing. The parents need to know whether their child is learning enough. They should be aware if their child is having any problems at school. Preschool is the start of learning. So, a child’s learning process should be greatly considered. Teachers and parents should work together so that they can ascertain that students will learn. They should guide the students to have a good report that will be given by the teachers.

A teacher can do a preschool report daily, weekly, or monthly. It may depend on the needs of the school and the students. A regular preschool report can determine the obstacles that teachers and students may be facing in learning. It can be the basis of how teachers can make improvements on how their students can learn better. Through the preschool report, teachers and parents will understand the academic and social development of the student. It can assist teachers in their future goals for the students. They may be able to create a good development for students. By using the report, they can make feedback for every child. Thus, the students will have the chance to correct their mistakes and be better at learning.

A preschool report should have a good format so that it can be more readable for parents and school staff. To have a good preschool report format, you can search for preschool report card comments examples that can be your pattern in creating a good report. Remember that you have to give a good format for the work, skills, and lessons. Your evaluation should be presented well. Examples can help you so that you can better explain your observations. Your recorded sheets should look good. Combined with your narrative, your report should have a good structure. If you can make a report in a good format, you can be sure that you have done your work well. The report will be understandable to your readers. You can ensure that it will be effective.

Things to Put on the Preschool Report

Have you seen a 3-year old preschool progress report? Are you wondering about its content? Maybe you want to know the things that are in it. Well, we can tell you what is included in a preschool report. They are the following:

Social Progress: This is where you will tell if the child has developed a positive attitude. You can tell the conflicts that have been resolved. You will identify the development of the child regarding language and communication skills. You have to consider something in reporting the social progress of the child. You should relay how well they respond to authorities. Are they completely obedient? Do you have to exert a lot of effort before making them follow you? You will explain how they participate in group activities. Are they friendly with other kids? Do they learn easily when they are studying with a group? You should give your observation on how they follow directions and keep their routine at school. Are they quick when they are given directions? What is their attitude concerning the school’s routine? You should also relay how well they respond to questions. Do they have tantrums when asked? How bright are they? You need to assess these things so that you can have an accurate evaluation of their social progress. This may be easy if you will just watch for the kids closely. It will be easy for you to know their behaviors and record how they respond socially.Emotional Progress: Another thing that you have to relay is the emotional progress of the students. This is closely related to social progress. Here, you should give an evaluation of the children’s self-esteem. You should also evaluate their relationship with their peers. In reporting the emotional progress, you should consider some things, too. You have to tell if students can regulate their emotions. Do they cry when they do not get what they want? Are they disappointed when they cannot answer questions at school? You need to give an observation about the self-esteem of the students. Are they confident while learning? Are they easily discouraged when they do not understand something in school? You should evaluate how they recognize their capacities. What is their behavior when they know something in the lesson? Are they confident to give answers? You should also explain their attitude toward learning. Are they persistent to learn? How well do they engage with every lesson? What is their attitude when they are curious? These are the things that you have to evaluate when you are making a report about the social progress of students.Cognitive Progress: Cognitive progress is important in the preschool report. You have to relay the skills of the students in regards to memory, attention, and critical thinking. To make a good report, you should consider some things. You should reveal the skills of students regarding number operations. How well are they in mathematics? Do they have difficulty counting numbers? You should observe their capacity to make patterns. Are they good at understanding things? Do they learn things easily? You should evaluate their skills in describing quantity. Are they good at explaining the position of things? Can they describe quantity easily? You have to ensure that they learn well and develop good cognitive learning.Physical Progress: Physical progress should not be forgotten in the report. It is linked with social progress and cognitive progress. To assess the physical progress of your students, you must consider a few things. You should describe the motor skills of your students. Are they bouncy? Do they have enough energy at school? You have to check their independence when learning. Can they work independently? How often do they need assistance? You should also reveal their hand-eye coordination. How healthy are your students? Do they have any physical hindrances? You have to answer these questions so that you can have a good observation of the physical progress of the students.Literacy Progress: Toddlers are just beginning to talk, read, and listen. So their literacy progress is very important. Through the school, they may develop their language. To make a report about their literacy progress, you should consider several things. You have to ask them questions whether verbally or non-verbally. You should observe this. Are they responsive enough? How well do they respond to your questions? You should also relay their verbal and non-verbal communication. Are they communicative at school? How do they communicate with you and their classmates verbally and non-verbally? You should also tell if they have an interest in literacy. How do they like books? Are they happy when reading? These are some things how you can test your students’ literacy. After tests, you can have a report on their physical progress.

Tips on Preschool Report

Are you looking for preschool report examples? Do you need it because you are searching for some tips that you can use for your report? If tips are what you need, we can have you covered. We can give you some practical tips that you can apply. They are the following:

Add Anecdotes: You should include anecdotes in your report. This can encourage students better to develop further. Sharing good stories can be fun for toddlers. Even if it is a very short story, they can appreciate it. They can learn a good moral lesson that can develop their character. They can be energized to study better at school. You may seem to be a very good friend to them. They will be more interested in everything that you have to say. You can tell a short anecdote in your report, whether it will be done daily or weekly. You can impart good knowledge to your students. Their parents can even be happy with your anecdotes. You can be considered a good teacher by sharing these kinds of things.Introduce Your Strategies: Sharing your work strategy can be a good thing for the report. Parents will know your efforts in making their children well. They can understand your teaching techniques. They will know that you are doing everything to impart knowledge to their children. They will know that you are an effective teacher. Sharing your strategies can make everyone know that you are doing your part as a teacher. They will not question your integrity because they are ascertained that you have been doing great things for your students.Emphasize the Student’s Progress: You should emphasize the improvement of every student in the report. This will encourage students to be better at school. If kids will know that their efforts are appreciated, they can be enthusiastic to learn. Their parent will also be happy with the news. Knowing that their kids excel at school is very good news. They can motivate their kids better if you can share their development.End with a Positive Note: You should start your preschool report with a positive note. And you should also end it with the same tone. Whatever is the content of the report, you must remember that you should encourage your students. You should motivate them to excel further. If they are not doing that good, you should encourage them to improve. Ending with a positive note can be a gift to the kids and their parents. You should be nice enough to end your report on a positive note.

How to Write a Preschool Report

Do you need a preschool report template? Are you about to create a preschool report? Do you need some steps that you can use in writing? Well, we can offer you some steps. They are the following:

1. Make an Introduction

You should begin with an introduction. Begin by sharing a table of contents that will show what your report is all about. Start with a positive note so that parents will be encouraged to consider your report. You should use good language in making the report.

2. Report to Parents

You should report to parents the achievements of their children. Be definite in stating the things that their children have accomplished. Speak to the heart of parents so that they can encourage their children to improve if they do not have many achievements.

3. Relay the Performance of Students

After reporting the achievements of the kids, you should relay their performance at school. You should report the social progress, emotional progress, cognitive progress, physical progress, and literacy progress of the students. Be truthful in stating your observations.

4. Give Your Comments

After relaying the performance of the students, you should give your comments to each student. Be good in giving your comments. Remember that you are talking about little kids. Be sure that your comments will encourage the students and parents.

5. Send Your Report

After writing your report, you must proofread it. Be sure that you have no mistakes. When everything looks good, you can send it to the parents and stakeholders. Just be sure that you have sent a report that can benefit the students and your educational institution.


What is a preschool report for?

A preschool report can provide further development for students. You can also ensure that you can develop better learning in your institution.

What are the benefits of the preschool report?

The benefits of a preschool report are making the students learn better, giving pride to students for their achievements, reporting development to parents, and having room for improvement for your school.

A preschool report is something that should be done to ascertain that kids will learn better. They can learn from their mistakes and can continue on their strengths. So, a preschool report should be written properly to benefit the students. Well, do you need a template for a preschool report? This post has 20+ SAMPLE Preschool Report in PDF. You can make a great preschool report by using these templates. Download now!