50+ Sample Acknowledgement Statements

What is an Acknowledgement Statement?

An acknowledgement statement is a formal business document that demonstrates a solid expression of appreciation, gratitude, recognition, and validation for a client, employee, student, individual, or a specific matter. Also referred to as a statement of acknowledgement, it is written by different individuals such as employers, project managers, team leaders, teachers, professors, project supervisors, and other working professionals. Acknowledgement statements are used in many fields and industries for various purposes and situations. For example, employers write acknowledgement statements or acknowledgement receipts to confirm their employees have received handbooks, policies, and other agreements associated with their employment. 

Moreover, they provide acknowledgement statements for their employees as they recognize their value and worth for their organization. Based on a statistical report published by Gallup, around 40% or more of employees report receiving only a few times a year or less. That’s why it is fundamental for employers, project managers, team leaders, project supervisors, educators, teachers, instructors, and other professionals to develop a clear and effective acknowledgement statement to summarize the abilities, competence, resources, experience, accomplishments, reputation, philosophy, and viability of the business.

Acknowledgement Statement Examples

Make your employees, clients, or other people feel acknowledged, especially regarding their concerns and other whereabouts when you prepare a simple acknowledgement statement. Include these statements in different reports such as security incident response reports, complaint investigation reports, and other documents. There is an extensive range of acknowledgement statements available in various fields and industries that you need to be familiar with.

1. Client Acknowledgement Statement

A client acknowledgement statement is a type of acknowledgement statement that explains the acknowledgement of the review of the client concerning the products and services offered by a specific business firm, company, institution, or any other agency. It is typically used in healthcare and medical institutions. Indicate the full name and the date of birth of the patient. In the first paragraph, show in this section that the patient clearly understands the opinion of the health providers that the services or products he or she requested may not be covered under any insurance as being medically important for the case. Fill up the blanks with the patient’s name and other details while checking the acknowledgement of review of the notice of privacy practices and patient record of disclosures. Include the contact information like home telephone, work telephone, and mobile telephone numbers. 

2. Employee Acknowledgement Statement

Develop an employee acknowledgement statement for your employees to acknowledge that they have reviewed a copy of the employee handbook of your company or organization. Write in the statement that the employee understands that the employee handbook outlines the general guidelines and summary information of some personnel policies, benefits, procedures, an accident prevention policy, an anti-discrimination policy, and a substance abuse policy. Also, explain that the employee also acknowledges that both the company and the employee have the right to terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without advance notice or cause. Put some fill-up blanks of the employee’s name and the company name.

3. Policy Awareness Acknowledgement Statement

A policy awareness acknowledgement statement form is a crucial document required for all employees who are aware of and recognize the policies in place within your company, institution, or organization to comply with essential information security standards. As a critical part of policy development, it is widely used by employees as they are asked to sign this document to acknowledge that they have reviewed and understood the policies of the company according to the employee handbook. Acknowledgement forms and statements are beneficial in guiding businesses and organizations in tracking who has been educated about the policies and policy changes and whether the employees are happy to confirm that they understand those aspects.

4. Student Acknowledgement Form

Students create and submit a student acknowledgement form in a student report when accessing electronic files and educational tools, as well as after reading and fully understanding the academic policies, academic and clinical grading/remediation/dismissal policies, dress code, and the required steps and procedures to graduate. Fill up the blanks with your personal name, signature, and date.

Benefits of Acknowledgement Statements

Many working professionals and students make acknowledgement statements because of their many uses and purposes. What are the major benefits of acknowledgement statements?

Show Gratitude and Recognition: One of the notable benefits of acknowledgement statements is to thank and recognize people like employees, managers, and other professionals who have helped and supported in your research work or other projects. University students also make their professional acknowledgement statements to express their deep appreciation to the people who have guided them throughout their thesis and dissertation work process. Take on the Concerns and Problems of the Customer: Being an integral part of the sales and communication strategy, most sales and marketing professionals and specialists prepare acknowledgement statements to properly handle objections, defuse anger, and form meaningful relationships. It is a fundamental step to fix the concern or issue of the customer immediately. The managers and customer service team leaders take their earnest time and effort, as well as care and support in telling the customers that they heard their concerns, making the customers feel affirmed. Documentation: Most businesses, institutions, and organizations use the acknowledgement statements to formally declare before an official that a person has executed a specific legal document like a legal affidavit or a legal memo. Employees are commonly required to manually acknowledge the received documents so that the person sharing can be guaranteed that it has reached the intended recipient and that they have recognized and accepted the document.  Facilitate Positive Performance Review: It is fundamental for project managers and team leaders to write engaging and though-provoking acknowledgement statements for their employees, especially when responding to a good performance review. They provide these statements during the performance reviews and include them in their employee performance evaluation reports which usually take place quarterly or yearly. Include encouraging comments and motivational phrases to help them continue to do their best and further improve some of their skills to boost their work performance. Confirmation: Attendees and participants in training programs and training sessions complete their acknowledgement statement forms to demonstrate confirmation that they attended and completed their training programs. They include in the statements that they are responsible to abide by the policy and procedures according to the training programs they joined. Also, they fill in the blanks to add their signatures, full names, and specific dates.

How to Write an Acknowledgement Statement

Customer service agents write acknowledgement statements when addressing a faulty item, a long call queue, or any other concern and issue presented by the customers. These statements help them to pause and analyze if they are serving the customer in the best way they can, as well as to help make sure the customer service agents that they truly understand the issue. Make sure that you follow the fundamental steps in developing acknowledgement statements.

Step 1: Use a Business Letterhead

Look for the letterhead of your business that is generally used for printed standard business documents and letters. It is a unique stationery design that brings together the printed correspondence of your business to your brand. Most companies use business letterheads for important correspondence. If your business does not have a letterhead, you can design a simple and modern business letterhead that aligns with your brand color and overall visual identity. Or you may also select a business letterhead template that fits your goals available in our sample company letterhead templates. Enter your accompany’s address, phone number and website below it in a proper font, two to three points smaller than the business name font.

Step 2: Type the Acknowledgement Statement

Next, identify the name of the document and a version number if applicable. Mention that the recipient has received the document. Add in your acknowledgements that the recipient fully understands the contents of the document such as policies and procedures and other crucial steps and procedures to be undertaken. Be clear and specific when describing the name of each document being issued, the date of the issue, and the purpose of the document.

Step 3: Include Personal Recognition

Use “I” rather than the more corporate “we” in your sentences. It allows the client, employee, or student to feel as though they have someone working inside the business who is determined to assist them with their concerns and issues or to help them improve their skills and performance. Plus, it creates the perception that they have been personally appreciated and recognized, especially for employees and students which can surely boost their confidence and performance.

Step 4: Show Team Commitment

If you are writing a customer service acknowledgement statement, it is advisable to finish your statement with “we” to create the notion of team commitment, ensuring that the custom is not left in isolation. It expresses solid teamwork and guarantees that your customer service team members are working hand-in-hand, which helps in building rapport.

Step 5: Explain the Next Action

When you recognized the concern or issue of the client, you need to create a sense of action to assist the customer through the process. It enables the caller to know that you portray a sense of urgency towards solving the given matter. Explain specific instructions if additional action is necessary like a signature or a legal review.

Step 6: Add Other Important Details

Include some blanks at the bottom part of the document where the client, employee, or student, will fill in their digital signatures, printed names, and dates. Provide the contact details such as cellphone number, home phone number, work phone number, and e-mail address. Customize and tailor your acknowledgement statement to your respective prospects.


What is the purpose of an acknowledgement form?

The purpose of an acknowledgement form is to provide a declaration to a notary or notarial officer that the signer has willingly signed a specific PDF document.

What is effective acknowledgement?

Effective acknowledgement lets a client be aware that you heard their concerns and that what they stated is essential and helpful to your business or company. 

What are some examples of an acknowledgement statement?

Some examples of an acknowledgement statement are employee acknowledgement statement, policy awareness acknowledgement statement, client acknowledgement statement, confidentiality acknowledgement statement, volunteer acknowledgement statement, internship acknowledgement statement, acknowledgement application statement, and research paper acknowledgement statement. 

How to acknowledge a document?

When you acknowledge a document, you need to use an electronic or paper letterhead. Then, create an acknowledgement statement as you refer to the document by its name, version, and number if applicable, and mention that the recipient has obtained the document. Include the signature and specific date. After that, explain the next step. Lastly, give the contact details.

What is the importance of an acknowledgement statement in customer service?

The importance of an acknowledgement statement in customer service is to acknowledge or recognize the customer and to let them be informed that their concern or problem has been resolved. Business firms and companies should give their customers acknowledgement statements to make them feel like they are being heard and that they significantly matter to their business.

“Acknowledge all of your small victories. They will eventually add up to something great,” Kara Goucher said. Acknowledging your personal work and the worthwhile deeds of others is an important trait to build relationships and empower each other. Whether you are creating an acknowledgement statement for your project, employee, or your customer service team, it is important to use the right words and the proper format depending on the subject of your acknowledgement statement. Access and navigate our website to easily download and use our sample acknowledgement statement templates and other statement templates including research design statement templates, acknowledgement application statement templates, and volunteer acknowledgement statement templates.