What is a Revised Problem Statement?

A revised problem statement is a problem in research that requires improvement. It is about an area of concern that has to be eliminated. You may have come up with troubling questions that need to be revised to make your problem statement better suit your research. Through a revised problem statement, you can have a deliberate investigation. A better understanding can be given in your study through it. This is a better summary of the problem that you need to resolve. Whether you are doing qualitative research or quantitative research, you need a revised problem statement that can ensure better research.

Even in a research proposal, there is a need for a revised problem statement. Never be content with your first problem statement that may need polishing. Revising your need statements can make you have a more accurate study. You can better anticipate all the future states and all the gaps that you can experience in your study. This is a good communication tool that can give you better project management. So, if you want the best outcome in your study, make a revised problem statement.

Elements of a Revised Problem Statement

To construct a great revised problem statement, you need to know the components that it should make up. What are the things that are required to make a good revised statement? The components are necessary so that you can say that you can attain your purpose. The following are the elements of a revised problem statement:

Ideal Situation: The ideal condition of the problem is needed when you are making a revised statement. There is a need to perfectly envision the problem so that you can provide a rightful solution to it. Without knowing the exact problem, you may not give the best solution to it. But when you know all the aspects of the problem, you can tailor a work plan that can give accurate answers. Know the exact situation first of your study. After that, you can determine all the right methodologies that you can use to make a good outcome for your study. Start with the basics of facing all the problems that you have to face. Make a summary of these problems to create a simple problem statement. Just be sure that with a summary, everything will be included.Reality: Know that in research, everything should be realistic. So, you cannot state a problem statement that will be impossible to resolve. Consider problems that can produce tangible results. Assess the problem while facing reality. Know that every problem in research should benefit society. Through this, you can create a problem statement that will straightly deal with reality. Reality must be an important aspect because you must base your research on facts. Remember, your research should have something to offer to people. You must be able to provide solutions that can be useful for everybody. Knowing if your methods will fit reality is vital because that is how you can come up with the best answers to problems.Consequences: In writing the revised problem statement, you need to consider the consequences. How will the problem statement affect the outcome of your study? Can you achieve good results that can benefit others? Will the problem statement make your research successful? Is the problem statement fit with your work schedule? There are a lot of things that you need to consider to be sure that you will not experience any risks when you are doing the research. You must avoid the consequences of having to face challenges that can hinder your work. So, in making a revised problem statement, you need to plan so that you can only encounter positive consequences. Do not afford to put your work at risk. Make everything possible for you to achieve.Proposal: A vital element in creating a revised problem statement is your proposal. Be sure that you can create a research proposal that will fit your revised problem statement. If you cannot justify your revised problem statement in your proposal, everything will be meaningless. You have to prove that you need a better problem statement that is needed for better research. Mention that you can have more great solutions for your research through the revised problem statement.

Tips on Revised Problem Statement

Through the revised problem statement, you can give a clear vision of how you can solve the problem. Tangible and intangible problems can be faced when you are doing the project. Because the process may be challenging, you may need some tips that can help you have a better project. Have the following tips for a revised problem statement.

Enhanced Your Vision: One thing that you can do for the revised problem statement is to clarify your vision. By clarifying your vision, you will choose the right problems that can contribute to your vision. Shaping the problem statement will be easy for you because you will know what you want to achieve. Create a good vision for you to have the best outcome. Consider some mission and vision statements so you can find the right vision for your study. A better analysis can be at hand if you can make clear visions that can direct your steps. Good methods can follow so you can have everything for your research.Define the Problem: A vision statement is vital in a revised problem statement. You must show how you are going to solve the problem. So, clearly define the problem when writing a problem statement. Be definite with what you are going to have. There is a need to tell the exact problem before you can provide a solution to it. Defining the problem is necessary for you to come up with rightful solutions. First, you should describe the problem. Make the scope of the problem clear to the audience. Then, ensure that everyone will understand what the problem is all about and why it is important for society. That is how you can create a good revised problem statement.Give a Good Context: Define any concerns about the problem. If the research is about business, consider the impact of the problem statement on the organization. If the research is personal, consider how it affects everyday life. Give a good context for the problem statement. Consider every challenge that you can face. Know the circumstances that can worsen the problem. Consider also the attempts that you have done to solve the problem. If you will give a good context, you can decide how you can move forward with your research.Know the Impact: The impact of the problem statement on your study should be greatly considered. Of course, you want a good impact on society. Ensure that the problems that you are going to set are those that can contribute positive things to society. That is why you should consider mission statements that can make you have a good purpose. If you have a good purpose, everything will be meaningful. There is assurance that you can have a good impact that can benefit others. The greatness of a study depends on the impact that it can give. If it can help more people, then it is better. Aim to have a better impact on others so that your efforts in doing research will be meaningful.Have a Business Case: Write the revised problem statement in a persuasive manner. It should encourage decision-makers to give solutions to the problem. The problem should be addressed with the information that you can give. Make a rationale that can be turned into actions. This is known as creating a business case for your study. Consider the topic and add facts and emotional appeals. Give focus on the actions that need to be done. Consider also every risk that can make you fail with your actions.Know the Gaps: In creating a revised problem statement, you need to identify the gap between the problem and the solution. Compare the current situation with the vision that you want to have. What do you expect for the future? What are the goals that you are seeking? Know how you are going to achieve them all. Know the gap that you can encounter with your problem statement. How far should you go to complete the solution? Many things are needed to be considered so you will know how you can reach on having your solutions. It may take a long way, but what you need is a great method of how you can achieve them.Explain the Causes: For you to close the gap, you need to know its causes. This is needed so that you will know how you can connect the problems to the solutions. You can find ways how you can create answers to problems. In a research statement, it is important to know the reason behind everything. When you do this, you will know what to do next. Formulation of a plan will be easier for you. Thus, it will make you know how you can achieve your solutions.Choose a Problem-Solving Method: After having a considerably good problem statement, the next question will be how you are going to get your solutions. To do this, you need a good problem-solving method so that every step of the way will be easy for you. Choose a method that will be convenient to use. Make sure that through this method, you can achieve a perfect outcome.

How to Create a Revised Problem Statement

By answering questions, you can create a problem statement. And when you polish these questions, you can have a revised problem statement. But if you like some steps that you can use in creating a revised problem statement, you can have the following:

1. Choose a Problem

The first thing to do is to select a problem or problems for your problem statement. To make the best problems, consider a sustainability statement that can enable you to choose better problems for your study.

2. Start Your Statement with the Current Situation

A good description of the problem is needed. Start your statement depicting the ideal situation. Make sure that the audience can grasp the need for the problem with your description.

3. State Possible Outcomes

Now, you have to state the possible consequences of the problem. This is to be prepared for all the risks that you may encounter. You should know how to avoid negative consequences and keep up your good work with positive consequences.

4. Propose Solutions

The best part of the problem statement is where you can propose your solutions. In this, you can show that your research is feasible. You can show others that you can be proud of the solutions that you can give.


What is the major challenge in writing a revised problem statement?

The major challenge can be getting the right sources for your research. You can come up with a great problem statement but if you do not have sources to make the solutions possible, it will be nothing.

Is a revised problem statement necessary?

A revised problem statement is necessary because, in everything, we need to polish our work. We have to consider every aspect to make our work perfect.

Now, get your daily schedule and remind yourself to have a revised problem statement for your study. It can give you a more desirable result in your study. You can better come up with the best solutions that can be praised by anybody. This can help you have feasible and meaningful research.