What is a Dissertation Problem Statement?

A dissertation problem statement describes the specific problem in a dissertation. It provides the purpose of the research and outlines the research questions for the study. An example of a statement of the problem in research will be something that can give solutions to the problem of society. A list of problem statements can guide you so you can have a good research. A statement of the problem sample is something that can bring out knowledge that can be used by other people. The examples of dissertation problem statements can also be referred to as the thesis problem statement example. Just like a research problem statement or case study problem statement, the dissertation problem statement should be complete with all its elements.

Problem statements in the dissertation should be given in the introductory chapter of your research. If you do not know how to write a dissertation problem statement, you can use a dissertation problem statement generator. You can also download a dissertation problem statement PDF that is available in this article. A problem statement for dissertations should be focused enough to solve the problem of your study. It serves as a guide and gives direction to your research. It gives the reader a good understanding of the context of the research. Like with a case analysis problem statement or marketing problem statement, you can be sure that you can achieve your purpose by having a good dissertation problem statement.

Elements of a Dissertation Problem Statement

A dissertation problem statement is a justification for your research. But this will not be possible unless the elements of the dissertation problem statement are complete. You should know that for it to be effective, it should have all its necessary elements. They are the following:

Introduction: Your dissertation problem statement should have an introduction. In the introduction, you should give background information about the problem statement. The introduction should catch the attention of your readers. This way, they will have initial interest in your research. Start with the best words that you can use to introduce your problem statement. Think of it as if you are going to make a business introduction letter. You cannot get the cooperation of your clients if you will not make a winning introduction. In the same way, you have to win the hearts of the stakeholders of your university. This way, they can approve your project proposal or thesis proposal.Research Questions: These are the questions that will be addressed in the research. Every question should be clear and specific. According to the goodness of your research questions will the readers understand the purpose of your study. In any case, you must make your research questions focused on the topic of your dissertation. Do not stray from your topic because it can make your research poor in the end. Make all your research questions relevant to your topic. It can be better if you can make research questions that are directly relevant to your solutions. For you to create the best research questions, make a task list that can make you collect the important things in your research. Then base all your research questions on them.Significance of the Study: You must discuss in your dissertation problem statement the significance of your research. By doing this, the readers will know why your study is important. It can make them see why they should take their time to know your research. You can also justify your reasons why you choose your topic. The significance of the study discusses the impact of your research. It also explains the benefits of your research to society. So, before you make a dissertation problem statement, be sure that it will be something significant. Or else, you cannot include anything in the significance of the study and it can make your study irrelevant.Knowledge Gap: The dissertation problem statement also discusses the gap in knowledge. This includes the gap in the literature and the need for more theoretical development. If you think that your study will not reach its utmost purpose, you must justify why you cannot do this. There may be some things that are impossible for you to do. So, you have to justify your problem statement by showing a work plan that may have a knowledge gap but can accomplish the success of your study. You should also make it clear that you should do everything to solve this gap and if you cannot give a perfect result, you can provide the best result that can be helpful to other people. Through this, your study can become feasible even if there are some gaps in knowledge.Scope and Limitations: The project scope of work should be given in the dissertation problem statement. The readers should know what your study covers. They can better understand your study if they know its scope. They will know the things that can be included and what they should not expect. That is why you should also include the limitations of your research. Be clear in stating the things that are not included in your study. By stating the scope and limitations, you can make your study easier to understand for your readers.Objectives: Your objectives should be seen in the dissertation problem statement. The university stakeholders have to see good goals that can be useful for other people. The feasibility of your study depends on your objectives. If you have good objectives, then your study can be counted as feasible. But if you lack objectives, what can you expect? Of course, no one will want to read your research. To create good objectives, you can use SMART goals templates & examples & worksheets so that you can have the best goals for your research.Methodology: The methodology of your study should be included in the dissertation problem statement. You must explain how you are going to make the research possible. If possible, include the steps that you are going to use. You can also include the materials and the resources that you are going to utilize. Through the methodology, the readers can have a clear vision of your study. It will be easier for them to understand how you are going to execute the research.

Benefits of a Dissertation Problem Statement

You cannot have a dissertation without a dissertation problem statement. But that is not the only thing that matters. The more important thing is the dissertation problem statement can benefit your study. The benefits are as follows:

Gives Clarity: The dissertation problem statement can give clarity to your research. It can be clear with the research questions and the methodology of your research. You can show a work plan that can provide a work schedule that will ensure that it can be possible for you to finish your study. The methodology also has a project timeline that ascertains that you can finish the study on time. Moreover, the significance of the study is discussed so the readers will clearly know the importance of your research.Having a Guide: Through the dissertation problem statement, you can have a guide for your research. It can serve as a roadmap that you can follow so you can execute your research well. All you have to do is to follow the methodology and the scope of the study. You will also be given guidelines on the limitations of your study. This way, you will know the things that you have to do and the things that you should not do. It will be easy for you to take all your tasks for the research. It can serve as the work list that can tell you what to do next.Better Communication: By having the dissertation problem statement, you can have better communication with all the people that can help you with your study. It can give ease in communicating with your team and the stakeholders. Your aims and objectives can be easily understood by all the readers. It can provide a process that will be easy for all to use.Gives Credibility: By providing a dissertation problem statement, you can prove that you are going to make good research where you give all your time to be perfect. This is because you are proving a problem statement that can make your project feasible. This effort is greatly appreciated by all the stakeholders because they will think that you are being professional. It can give credibility to you and your study.Can Be Used for Evaluation: The dissertation problem statement can be good to be used to approve your thesis research proposal or academic project proposal. When the stakeholders of your school will see that you have crafted a perfect dissertation problem statement, then they will accept your project. They will believe that you have a good project ahead of you. You can even get grants from project grant proposals that you can use to support your research.

How to Write a Dissertation Problem Statement

Making a dissertation problem statement should be something that you should focus on. You need to make it good so that your project proposals can be accepted. To write a dissertation problem statement, you can take the following steps:

1. Create a Research Topic

To start with, you should have a research topic. Gather your wits to choose the best research topic for your study. To create the best topic, you can research on the internet to find the best one.

2. Conduct a Literature Review

After you have decided on a research topic, you must do a literature review on it. Other literature can make you have the best ideas that you can use for your methodology and project scope. But remember, do not copy or imitate the ideas of others.

3. Identify the Research Problem

Now, it is time for you to create the problem statement. This statement is a need statement that will be in the form of research questions. Make problems that can provide the best solutions to the needs of society.

4. Provide a Rationale

Give a rationale for why your study is important. Provide the significance of your study. Through this, the readers can better identify the benefits of your study.


How long is the dissertation problem statement?

The dissertation problem statement should be in one or two paragraphs. Remember that it should be concise and direct to the point.

What is the purpose of the dissertation problem statement?

The purpose of the dissertation problem statement is to describe the problem that your study wants to address. It gives the foundation for the research and guides researchers on everything that they have to do in the research.

When you make a dissertation, there should be no chance that it will be rejected by the stakeholders of your school. This can only be possible if you can make a good dissertation problem statement. Through it, the stakeholders and readers will see the significance of your study. You can prove that your research is feasible.