What is a Credibility Statement?

A credibility statement can be a sentence or two in your speech that can give credibility to you as a speaker. This will tell that you are experienced about the thing that you are going to speak about. A credibility statement speech is important because we have to get the trust of the audience. Credibility statements examples can gain the interest of the audience because they know that you are a decent professional who is adept with the topic. A credibility statement in research is needed because we can only entrust research to a qualified professional. If you are having a problem making a credibility statement, you can use a credibility statement generator to help you.

Some examples of a credibility statement are a speaker credibility statement, credibility thesis statement, and credibility research statement. When you make a credibility statement, you have to show that you are someone that can be trusted with the project. For example, to make a credibility statement about depression, you have to show that you care for the people who are suffering from depression. If you have to make a credibility statement about yourself, you have to show your credentials to the audience. Or when you have to make a credibility statement for texting and driving, you have to show that you are experienced in these things and people will learn a lot from you. So, in making a credibility statement, you have to show that people can count on you and your skills. This way, they will trust everything that you have to say.

Ways to Win Credibility with Your Audience

It may not be easy to establish your credibility with the audience. For one thing, the audience does not know you so you have to find a way how they can trust you. But what can be the ways you can win credibility in the eyes of the audience? The following are the things that you can do to win credibility with your audience:

Show Good Principles: A man of principles is trusted by many. We know that this kind of man can enter any written agreement with the complete trust of the other party. Whether this man will enter a business agreement or a sales agreement, he can be trusted to comply with all the terms of the agreement. It is also true when you are making a speech. If people will see that you have good principles ahead of you, they will come to trust you. Someone who has principles is honest in everything they say. Because of this, people will know that they can trust everything that you will speak of in your speech. By showing good principles, people will start to admire you. They can have the initial interest to listen to whatever you have to say because they will believe that you will speak of good things. They know that listening to you will be worthwhile. You are a man who will just speak good words so they can learn good things from you. With good principles, you can build great credibility in the eyes of your audience.Show Honesty: How good it is to talk to an honest person. If we can see that a person is honest, we would listen to whatever that person will say. No one wants to listen to words that seem not to be true. So, speak true things only when you are speaking to your audience. Do not use flattering words that may make them think that you are not speaking the truth. When speaking about your credentials, do not lie, but speak like you are doing a work accomplishment report. Mention only things that you know you can give proof of. Or things that you know you can execute. Speak as honestly as you can to the audience. When they can sense the honesty in your words, they will be quick to listen to you. You can instantly get the credibility that you need. Honesty goes together with credibility. Without honesty, nothing can be credible enough. Yes, we can find ways to cheat sometimes. But it will always show. We cannot fake things with our audience. They can sense if we are being honest or not. So, show honesty for the first time so you will not have anything to fear that the audience will see that you are speaking false things.Illumine Loyalty: When you can show a shadow of loyalty, the audience will eagerly listen to you. When they sense that you are eager to serve them, they will know that they will not go wrong with whatever you are going to say. So, whether you are going to speak of a financial feasibility report or a food safety report, they will know that they can get the right things from you. Show loyalty to your audience and they will surely trust you. Who will not trust someone who is there to give you support and benefits? If they can see that you are speaking to bring them good things, then they will become eager to participate in anything that you want to have with them. They will consider every project that you are going to do. They will be glad to be a part of your team because they know that they can have a good leader. When they know that you are loyal, it only means that you are going to have a productive business. It denotes that you can probably succeed in anything that you have to do. You can have your credibility because of this.Have Accountability: You must be able to show the audience that you are accountable. If you are going to make a mistake, be apt to show that you can be humble enough to correct your mistake. If the audience sees that you are someone that is not claiming to know everything, they will understand that you are human enough to make mistakes. But show them that you are responsible for every mistake that you can make. So, for example, if you are going to talk about an investor contract or an investor agreement, show them that you will be accountable for everything that you have to say about the agreement. If ever there comes a problem within the agreement, show that you will be apt to solve the problem. This way, the audience will trust you and will know that you can do what is needed for every problem. This can make them easily engage in your business because they will know that they are on the right track. After all, you are accountable.Be Sincere: In everything that you have to say, show sincerity. When the audience sees that you are sincere, they will know that you are speaking the right things. They will trust everything that you have to say. By showing sincerity, the audience can also feel welcome on your speaking. They will feel that you love talking to them. They will feel that your words come from your heart and that it is your pleasure speaking to them. Thus, they will listen to everything that you are going to speak of. With sincerity, it will be easy to talk with the audience. You can find them listening to you. This is because they will feel that you are honored to speak to them. They will appreciate your effort and will give an ear to all your words. So, by being sincere, you can be an effective speaker. Credibility with your audience can be won by sincerity.Be Genuine: Aside from being honest, you should also be genuine. Do not ever use the saying “fake it until you make it”. If you are going to say something, be sure to be true to your word. Your credibility depends on it. If people see false things in your words, they will not listen to you. So, you have to be careful in speaking everything. Make sure that all is true according to your knowledge. If people will find out that you are speaking false things, they can spread the word about it and this can destroy your reputation. So, a credibility statement is like a business statement that can build you up. If you want a good image, be sure to speak of true things only. This way, people will trust you and you can have the credibility that you need.Be Consistent: From the start of your speech up to your closing statement, be sure to be consistent. There should be a good flow in your speech. You must not stray from one topic to another. Also, be consistent in being honest and sincere throughout your whole speech. If you are defending something in your speech, be sure to defend it up to the end. The audience has to see that you are consistent in everything. If you will quickly change your mind about something, this will affect your credibility. The audience will consider you as someone unprofessional who does not know what he or she is saying. So, if you want the audience to believe you, have consistency in your words from the start up to the end. Consistency only means that you are speaking the truth and the audience will get the right information from you.

How to Deliver a Credibility Statement

Speaking to an audience can make anyone nervous. Especially, if you have to deliver a credibility statement. You have to ensure that you can get the credibility that you want. To do this, you can have the following steps:

1. Bring Passion to Your Voice

The first thing that you need is to adjust your voice to the audience. Be sure that you will have a warm voice when you speak to them. They have to see the passion in your voice so they will feel that you have the pleasure of speaking to them.

2. Show Respect

Another important thing is you have to show your respect to the audience. When they see this, they will respect you also. You will have their ears to be listening to you. So, from the beginning, show great respect to the audience.

3. Earn the Trust of the Audience

Before you say your credibility statement, you must first earn the trust of your audience. You can do this by being sincere and honest with your words. After that, you can have a great chance to win credibility with your audience.

4. Solve the Problem

When you have won credibility with your audience, you can start citing the solutions to the problem. Give the best solutions to the problem statement in your speech. If you can state a great solution, the audience will approve of whatever you can say.


What are the benefits of a credibility statement?

The benefits of a credibility statement are boosting your confidence, having personal development, improving communication skills, and making new social connections.

What are the tips for a credibility statement?

The tips for a credibility statement are establishing your credentials, telling your full name to the audience, stating the importance of your speech, and knowing the audience.

To deliver a credibility statement is something important. If we want to achieve our goals in every program that we have, we have to win credibility with the audience. Through that, we can win many people who can participate in our projects. And the best thing is that we can have a good reputation in the eyes of others.