It is a statutory self-declaration form stating that you are married. The immigration has to secure this statement because it can be a proof of your relationship. De facto relationship must be proven, and only through a relationship statement can the immigration scrutinize the true nature of the relationship between a couple. In this article, you will learn some things about relationship statement. You will know its benefits and you can have some tips for it. You will also learn how to write a relationship statement. Do you need these things? Well, it is luck for you now. Start to relax and keep on reading!

33+ SAMPLE Relationship Statement

What is a Relationship Statement?

A relationship statement is a document on how to prove de facto relationship. It can be a relationship history statement or a relationship mission statement that states facts about the relationship of two people. It is a requirement when a couple is having a Visa application or a partner Visa. Maybe you have found a partner who is a foreigner or your spouse has found citizenship in another country through employment. You want to be together and you need to pass all the necessary documents to go to the country where your spouse at. A relationship statement is a statement on relationship that will later prove that you really have a romantic relationship. Marriage certificate is not enough for the immigration. It has to study closely whether you are telling the truth and you are really partners. The statement should consist of all the primary details about your relationship, from how you become a couple up to how you are as a couple. You have to make an elaboration of statement about relationship. Make the immigration convinced that you are really a couple is the reality of it. You have to make them feel the intimacy between the two of you. The immigration are avoiding those people who pretend to be married just for the sake of getting a Visa. So, it has to ensure the truth about your marriage. Writing a relationship statement is not hard for people who are truthfully married. You just have to provide some statement about relationship.

Benefits of a Relationship Statement

Why is a relationship statement required? The immigration needs this thing because surely it has benefits. Read the following sample of its benefits:

It is a proof of your relationship. Nothing can make you prove your relationship than having a relationship statement. While you are telling the story of your relationship, the immigration will know that you are telling the truth. It can assess the truth with the details that you can provide about your relationship. A spouse Visa should not be given so easily unless de facto. You have to prove first that you are truly a couple. And the satiable proof you can give is the relationship statement.The immigration will avoid fraud partners. The relationship statement is against any false partners. The statutory declaration will attest whether two people really have a relationship or not. Maybe the relationship statement form is a simple document where you have to put details on relationship, but the statement can confirm the true nature of the relationship. Through the statement, the immigration can tell whether the relationship is true or not. Relationship statement can provide a good investigation for the immigration.You can get your Visa faster. If you will provide a relationship statement, the immigration can grant your Visa faster. It will have a proof of relationship affidavit that can assure it that you are a true couple. There will be no need for further investigation on its side. The relationship statement will be enough for them to check whether you are saying the truth or not. You just have to provide the applicable documents with the relationship statement, and you can get your Visa in no time after you have submitted it. You do not have to wait for extra months.It is a history of your relationship. The immigration will know your story through the relationship statement. You can provide the complete history of your relationship. You can even give some relationship mission statement examples and relationship vision statement examples that can more convince the immigration on approving your Visa. The immigration will know the depth of your relationship and it will doubt no more on the validity of your marriage.

Tips on Relationship Statement

Are you about to make your relationship statement and you do not know where to start? Maybe you need something that can help you in writing. You can use the following tips in your relationship statement:

You must talk to each other. You and your spouse should talk about all the things that you will put in the relationship statement. Remember that the immigration will interview the both of you and it will ask you according to what you have written in your relationship statement. Your answers must be in harmony with one another or your Visa application will be declined. So, remember to talk to each other so that both of you will know what to answer during the interview.Store your documents safely. You must take care of all the documents that can make the immigration approve your Visa. Have a digital copy of all your bills and store them safely in your computer. Keep all your emails because it can be a proof of your relationship. And do not forget to keep photos of you and your spouse with your family. It can be the best proof that you can give.Give a relationship history statement. A relationship history statement will be stories about your relationship. It can help you to make the immigration believe that you are truly a couple because you can cite stories that have happened within your relationship. Stories are vivid and it can make the immigration realize the truth of your statement.Get a migration agent. It is not bad to seek help to make things easier. You can seek the assistance of a Migration Agent. It can make you save a lot of time and money.

How to Write a Relationship Statement

If ever you have not seen a relationship statement example or a statement of purpose for spouse Visa sample, and you are about to make a relationship statement, you can refer to the steps below so you can write a relationship statement. Here are the steps that you can use:

Step 1: Tell where, when, and how your relationship began.

You must tell the primary details about your relationship. Mention in your relationship statement when, where, and how you met each other. These are important things in the relationship statement. You must tell the immigration the place where you first saw each other. State the date when you met, if you can remember the exact date. If you cannot remember the exact date, just tell the month or the year when you met. You cannot risk the chance of saying the wrong things when you are being interviewed by the immigration. It may deny your Visa if that will happen. Then tell how you met each other.

Step 2: Share the story on how your relationship began.

The immigration officer should have an idea on how you develop your relationship. It is not necessary that you tell a story. Just explain in details how you started your relationship and how it is developed through the years. This will tell that you truly have a relationship. The oficer can assess through this information if you are faking a story or not. Well, there is no problem if you are not faking the relationship. You simply have to put some details about your romantic relationship.

Step 3: Cite some special events that you have shared.

Have you surpassed some bad times together? You must share these kind of stories to the immigration. This can attest that you have a true relationship. Special situations where you have supported each other are strong proof that you really are a married couple. The immigration officer can understand the reality of the situation and it can give a hint that you are truly together as a couple before. It is hard to fake this thing so events can give you some good points on how the immigration will believe that you are married.

Step 4: Give some illustrations of your household.

The immigration has a household criteria for you to be given the partner Visa. You should describe how both of you share the household tasks. Tell how you do the grocery, how you take care of your children, how you care for each other, how you cook your meals, and how you do every household chores. Knowing these things can confirm that you truly share a house as a couple. When the immigration will interview you, you have to be in one accord as you describe the things about your household.

Step 5: Tell that your friends and family know your relationship.

If your friends and family do not know anything about your relationship, how can the immigration be sure that your relationship is true? You must affirm the immigration that your friends and family perfectly are aware about your relationship. It only means that you are really a married couple that do not have to hide anything. Your relationship should be legal as you have claimed it to be.

Step 6: Share some things about your financials.

Financial statement support is a genuine factor that can demonstrate a true marriage. Of course, couples share their financials as they support each other. You must show some proof that you are having a joint bank account or you are having joint assets. This will prove your marriage because all couples support each other with financial matters. You can also show your utility bills at home so that the immigration officer will have an idea on how the both of you handle financial things. If you do not have a joint bank account or joint assets, do not worry! You just have to explain to the officer how you spend on all of your needs, from buying your grocery up to spending on vacation trip.

Step 7: Tell if you have been separated before.

Immigration may want to know if you have ever experienced separation in your relationship. Have your spouse worked abroad before? Have one of you taken a vacation in a far place for some time? You must be honest about this thing. The immigration wants to know how you keep in touch in these times. You must tell how you messaged each other. It can affirm that you have a genuine relationship that cannot have distance as a barrier.

Step 8: Explain your future plans.

You have to make a statement of future plans. A couple always make plans about their future so the immigration will want to know about these things. Do you have plans to have more children? Are you considering to buy a house? Will the two of you want to travel abroad? Do you want to have your own business? It can be a de facto that the two of you have some plans for the future. Couple always talk, and through it, plans can be formulated. To show that you are a genuine couple, the immigration should sense some future about your relationship.

Step 9: Cite some dates about your relationship.

You can further convince the immigration if you can cite some important dates on your relationship. Do not forget this. You can tell the date when you met each other or the date when you move in together. Tell the date of your marriage, something that you surely have and you cannot forget. You can also tell the date of your engagement. Just remember to be consistent on these dates.

Step 10: Have a good length for your statement.

It is not necessary that you tell stories on every aspect on your relationship. Just make a few sentences that explains the details about your relationship. Make a relationship statement of about 4 pages, no more than this. No want will want to read a 10 page statement. So, if you want the immigration to carefully read your statement, give a good length for it. A 4 page relationship statement will be enough.


What is a Partner Visa?

A partner Visa allows a spouse of an Australian or New Zealand citizen to live in Australia or New Zealand. A spouse has to get this partner Visa to be together with his or her spouse. He or she needs to submit a relationship statement to be approved with a partner VIsa.

Is a Relationship Statement Necessary to Get a Visa?

Yes. The immigration needs a relationship statement that can attest that you truly are married. You need to give details about your relatiomship that will prove that you are really living together.

You have to bear in mind that you have to convince the immigration that you are a true couple with your relationship statement. No sweat if you are really married. You just have to tell the information about your relationship. Are you having a trouble on writing a relationship statement? Well, this post can help you with a template. It has 33+ SAMPLE Relationship Statement in PDF | MS Word. The templates are downloadable and printable. So, worry no more! Pick a template and download now! And make a compelling relationship statement that can make the immigration to grant you a Visa!