What is a Mission and Vision Statement?

A mission and vision  statement are the valuable statements that have been done by a company to relay its goals and objectives. Through these statements, companies can define their business and introduce their plans for the future. To create a mission and vision statement, you should identify your strategies so that you can better make great objectives for your company. You should know how to address the commitment of your company in giving the best products and services to your clients. You can share the plan of your stakeholders and shareholders on how you can get many clients. Communicating a clear message is also a part of the mission and vision statement.

Whether your company is a travel agency, construction company, coffee shop, hospital, fast food, trading company, bakery, or hotel, a mission and vision statement are needed so that you can attract clients. They can see that you are a good company with great missions and visions. They will know that you are doing your best so that you can keep your goals in having the best quality for your products.

Mission Statement

A mission statement defines your business. This contains your goals and objectives. The being of your company is discussed in simple terms. It can be a short sentence which is usually a single sentence. It has a definite purpose to motivate your employees and attract investors. You can be focused on your tasks by having a mission statement. Your company can find innovative ways to have better productivity. Through the mission statement, your goals can be achieved.

A mission statement can contain the company’s culture and ethics. It defines how your stakeholders and employees relate to the community. You will show how they can be a part of your goals. The mission statement relays how they can achieve these goals. Through the mission statement, investors will know if you share common goals so that they will have the interest to invest in your company. Every company exerts a lot of effort to develop the best mission statement for their company. Through it, a company can introduce its identity.

Vision Statement

A vision statement is the best way you can understand the purpose of your business. It can be your best future plan for your business. It talks about your long-term goals. It is the best thing that your company can achieve in the future. Research has it that 68% of companies have found their vision statement to be useful. Through it, they have found a roadmap that can guide them to the success of their business. A vision statement has a great impact on the success of your business. It can be an inspiration to your ambition and it can keep your staff moving until you accomplish your goals.

In crafting a vision statement, you must know the people who are going to fulfill it. Have an insight for every team member of your organization. Be selective with your employees so you can have staff who will work together for the attainment of your long-term goals. To make your vision statement effective, you should hang it in your lobby to remind everyone about it. Through it, you can shape it together to be fulfilled in your company. It can inspire your team every time they start working. Be sure that your vision statement speaks to your employees. If they will have the best understanding of your vision statement, you will have a better chance that it will be successful.

Tips on Mission and Vision Statement

Are you looking for mission and vision statement examples? Do you need them because you want to have some tips in crafting a mission and vision statement? If tips are what you need, we can help you. Read and have the following tips:

Dream Success: To craft a great mission and vision statement, you must dream big. Dream about your success and focus on it. You cannot make a mission and vision statement with limited achievement. Be sure that you are going to talk about great things. These are what can make your mission and vision statement great. Other people will admire your statement if they can see great things in it. If you will not talk about your success, what will be the content of your mission and vision statement? So, you have to insert all your aspirations in your statement. The clients and investors have to know that you have great plans for your business. They must know that you are reaching out for something big. If this happens, they will be happy to be a part of your success. You can have many clients. Investors can be interested in your business.Use Present Tense: You must use present tense in stating your mission and vision statement. By doing this, you can show that you are currently doing things to achieve your business goals. If you will use the future tense, everything will just merely promise. But using present tense means that your employees are currently working for the accomplishment of your objectives. It has a better impact that can tell the clients and investors that you are on the way to achieving success. It makes your statement more reliable.Do Not Use Jargon: Use simple language in stating your statement. Never use jargon. It will hinder you to express what you want the clients and investors to know about your business. So, remember to use words that are easy to understand by everybody. Jargon will make your statement obscure, making everyone not pay attention to it. But if everyone will understand your statement, it can have an impact on them. They can be amazed at your message if they find them good. So, keep your mission and vision statement simple.Put Passion and Inspiration: Remember to insert passion and inspiration in your mission and vision statement. They are the things that are needed for the mission and vision statement of an organization. Whether you are making a statement for a school or a restaurant, the audience should see your love for your company and your fire to make your organization successful. You should state great things that can encourage your employees. Know that your mission and vision statement should truly have to be great. They should be inspiring. They should make every reader amazed. The readers should like your company by reading your mission and vision statement. They should consider your company as a good company.Consider Your Goals: You must know that your mission and vision statement should perfectly align with your goals. Remember SMART goals. List down all your goals to ensure that you can craft a mission and vision statement that will be according to them. The statement will be meaningless if it is not according to your goals. It might even confuse your employees when they work. If you want to reach your dreams for your company, align your statement with your goals. This way, you can be directed to things that you are truly hoping for.Make a Plan: After crafting a statement, you must make a plan. This plan is needed so that you can communicate the statement better. Remember that you should do things to make the statement work. So you must make a plan that can create tasks on how you can achieve it. Planning can help you so you can think of the best ways how you can achieve your mission and vision statement. So, create a work plan for your team. Apply the best work strategy so that you can communicate your statement to the community. A mission and vision statement are not merely statements. They should be accomplished by implementing some work with your employees.Create Projects: Do not just make a mission and vision statement. Be apt to fulfill them. To do this, you must create projects that can make your statement possible. Have projects where all your team members participate so that you can achieve the goals and objectives of your statement. Make a project that can last for 5-10 years. This can help you with your long-term goals. It can make your vision successful. Create projects that will perfectly align with your mission and vision statement.Invest Time and Resources: To make your mission and vision statement successful, you must be ready to invest your time and resources. They are needed to make your statement possible. Allot enough time and resources so that you can reach your goals and objectives. This may cost you a little. But the success that you can get from attaining your missions and visions will not be compared. But be sure to be wise in investing your time and resources. Do it only if you are assured that you can accomplish your objectives.Pick a Good Team: In communicating your mission and vision statement, you must pick a good team that can make it possible. If you choose a diverse team that can concentrate on implementing your statement, your company can obtain a focus that can achieve your statement. This will do your company good because you can assure everyone that your company is keeping your words. You have told a statement that you can prove to be true. This can give credibility to your business.Identify Your Purpose: You must make your purpose clear with your mission and vision statement. If your audience can see a good purpose, you can have their interest in your business. They will be interested in your products and services. Investors will find it good to invest in your business. So, you must state a great purpose that can make everyone inspired.  This will bring a lot of money to your business.Create a Good Theme: To make better communication to your clients and investors in your statement, you must pick a good theme for it. Select a theme that can inspire your readers. So, if you want to have the best statement, you can hire a good writer that can craft the best statement for you. Their storytelling skills can help you. They can create a statement that can inspire awe in the audience.

How to Write a Mission and Vision Statement

Do you need to see a sample of the mission and vision statements of companies? Are you about to create a mission and vision statement? Maybe you need some steps that you can use in writing. Well, we can offer you some steps. They are the following:

1. Know the Strength of Your Company

The first thing that you have to consider is the strength of your company. You should know where you are good at so that you can establish a purpose that you can achieve. By knowing your strengths, you can set goals that can represent your company. You can create good goals that can exemplify the goodness of your business. The strength of your company is important so that you will know where to start.

2. Establish Leadership

Then you should know the leadership capacities of your company. Through this, you can lead the way to your success. Build teams that can exemplify leadership. Assign leaders that can handle projects that can make you achieve your mission and vision. They will lead your team members to fulfill tasks that are needed to accomplish your goals.

3. Dream as a Team

To craft a good mission and vision statement, your team should dream as one. All of you must participate to create a theme for your mission and vision statement. You should set a mission and vision that contains all your aspirations. If you will share a common goal, it will be easier for you to achieve success.

4. Identify Your Core Values

To be sure that your mission and vision statement will be aligned with the culture of your company, you must consider the core values of your business. Align the statement according to it. Remember that you should shape your future according to what you believe. Your core values are important so that you can stick to whatever you have planned for your business.

5. Visualize the Future

To create the best mission and vision statement, you must think of the future. What can your company achieve 5-10 years from now? Have you achieved your mission and vision statement by then? You must visualize the future so that you can set goals that can determine a better future for your company. By doing this, you can make your business successful.


What are the core elements of a good mission and vision statement?

The core elements of a good mission and vision statement are motivation, authenticity, manageability, simplicity, and distinction.

What is the difference between a mission statement and a vision statement?

There is a simple difference between a mission statement and a vision statement. The mission statement is based on the present while the vision statement is based on the future.

To boost your brand, you need to create a mission and vision statement that can create a good image for your business. The clients and investors can appreciate your business through the help of these statements. According to the greatness of your statement, you can make your business popular. Well, do you need a template for a mission and vision statement? This post has 20+ SAMPLE Mission and Vision Statement in PDF. You can set a good statement for your company if you use one of these templates. Do not wait for a second more. Download now!