What is Best Executive Summary?

The best executive summary is the choicest executive summaries that you can use for your document. An executive summary is an overview of your whole plan or research. It is the summary of your document. Generally, this summary is about a page or two pages long. It depends on the scope of the plan or paper that you have been writing. Executive summaries can be found in a business plan, project plan, research paper, environmental study, business case, project proposal, grant proposal, and market survey. This section of a document is important because it summarizes the contents of your document. The readers sometimes do not have to read the whole document if they do not have enough time. They just have to consider the executive summary. That is why you have to give the best executive summary for your document. Whether your document will be read relies in it. It is a good introduction for your whole document. It not only summarizes the contents but it also gives a brief story that can hook your readers. If you want your document to be approved, you should know the best way to write an executive summary. Just like in telling a story, you need to give a good introduction. In making the best executive summary, you can get the interest of your readers with the brief summary that you can give. You might as well should give a glimpse of a story about your whole document. Something that will be interesting for any investors or stakeholders. When you can make it possible, you can be sure that they will consider your document. You have given the best effort of your plan or paper. Whatever is your purpose, you may have a great possibility to get it.

Elements of an Executive Summary

Before you can make the best executive summary slides or the best executive summary for a business plan, you must first know what an executive summary consists. Here, find out the essential elements of an executive summary:


This section is an opening statement. Remember, even with your first few sentences, you need to capture the attention of your audience. You have to ensure that when they read your introduction, they will have the interest to participate in your business or approve your papers or proposal. Use your creativity on how you make the best introduction. It is one way on how you can make the best executive summary. You can be assured that stakeholders and investors will take your document positively.

Company Description

In a few sentences, you must give a business description. Tell the name of your company and give a description of your company. You can tell what your company is all about. State the location of your company and inform them when it has started. Introduce your founder and the management team.

Product and Service Description

If you are writing a business plan, project plan, project proposal, or market survey, you must introduce your products and services. Give a quick introduction about them. Tell in simple terms how can it solve a specific problem and provide the solution that it can give. You do not have to solve many problems. You just have to promote your products and services and show the problem that it can address.

Marketing Plan

Another section that is needed is the market analysis. You have to briefly state your marketing plan. Introduce your target market. You can further convince the investors and stakeholders if they can see a good market plan that can coincide with their interests. If your target market can be reasonable, they can be assured that they can have a good business with you. They can have the urge to have an interest in your plan or project.

Financial Plan

There should be a brief financial plan in your executive summary. A best executive summary should be complete. You have to state some financial strategy and reveal some financial data. With this, the investors can assess your business or your proposal. Introduce sales data, profits information, and share something about your investments. It will be better that the reader will have some information about your financial projections.

Competitor Analysis

Give short details about your competitors. The competitor analysis can show what sets apart your business from other companies. It is one way of giving respect to them. That you recognize who they are. But what matters is that you can show that you have a great ace against these competitors and your business can stand out among them.

Objective Planning

One thing that can be good for your executive summary is to introduce your future plans. It can give a clear direction for your business. Tell the investors why it will be good for them to invest in your company. Introduce how you are planning to get your objectives through your plans. In a few words, tell how can their investments will help you and how they will not be sorry for giving it by showing them the possibility of achievements for your goals.

Funding Needs

You can state your funding needs in the executive summary. If you need funds from an investor, you should be adapt in telling them your needs. Telling them your rates, you can offer them packages of your products and services. It will be good if you will show them what they can get in return. Through it, they can have the right expectations in your business.

Tips for Creative the Best Executive Summary

Maybe you have been considering the best executive summary sample or the best executive summary template. You need it because you want to make the best executive summary for your document. Later, we can discuss how to create the best executive summary. First, have some tips so that you can create the best executive summary:

Be Brilliant in Storytelling: You need to have an ability on telling a good story. If your executive summary can tell a great story in 30 seconds, you may be sure that you have a winning document. Storytelling has some magic that it can capture the heart of the readers. Having this reason, be inclined in good storytelling. It can give a desire to read the whole document and it is something that you surely need. So take some time to have a great concept to have the best way to start an executive summary. Start it like telling a good story and you can surely grab the interest of the investors or stakeholders.Create Your Business Plan First: To be sure that you can create the best summary, be sure to make the business plan first. You have to ensure that you will have something to summarize. It can be hard for you to create the best executive summary if you will create it from nothing. You must first write the plan so that it will be easier for you to create a summary. You can craft it better this way.Know its Importance: You have to realize that an executive summary is an important piece in your document. When you know its importance, you can concentrate better on making it the best. Know that without a good executive summary, the investors or stakeholders may not read your business plan or project plan. They will get bored with your writing and may not read your whole document. Knowing the importance of an executive summary can make you persistent in writing it in the best way. You will not settle for less. But you will ensure that your executive summary will capture the heart of the readers.Organize your Ideas: Aside from having the best ideas for your executive summary, you have to know that your thoughts and ideas must be well-organized. Your executive summary should have a good flow showing that your thoughts are goodly crafted into writing. Your words must not be confusing. As much as possible, be direct to the point and introduce the story that you want to put well. No one will want to read an obscure document. You have to be clear about everything. You have to communicate well in your writing.Edit and Proofread: To make the best executive summary, you have to edit your document a couple of times. This will make your executive summary better because as you read it, ideas that can make it better can come to you. It is one good way on how you can perfect it. You have also to proofread it many times to be sure that you do not have any mistakes in grammar and spelling. Know that through editing and proofreading, you can have the best executive summary ever written.Keep it Simple: In writing an executive summary, you have to make it brief and simple. It needs to be concise. Do not use excessive words that will just prolong it. Express what you mean in simple sentences. It will be a lot easier for readers this way to understand your message. Keep your executive summary short and meaningful.Offer the Best Solution: In your executive summary, you will include a problem statement that afterward should be provided a solution. Remember to offer the best solution to the problem. You have to convince the readers that your company is the solution to the problem that has been stated. That you are able to give the solution. If you can introduce the best solution, the investors can be sure that they cannot go wrong with you because you can solve the problem.

How to Write the Best Executive Summary

Whether you are about to make an executive summary of a report or an example of an executive summary for assignment, you maybe want to have the best executive summary. Here are some steps that you can follow so that you can create the best executive summary:

Step 1: Make an Introduction and Give a Description of Your Company and Products

You need to start strong. An executive summary is like an elevator pitch so you have to give a good introduction for it. Be sure that you will give a compelling start that can capture the attention of the investors and stakeholders. Afterwards, introduce your company. Give a brief description about your company. Describe also your products and services.

Step 2: Make a Problem Statement

Next thing is you have to give a problem statement. It will be a need statement that will tell about the problem that you want to address. Outline this problem and state why it is important to solve this problem. Tell its relevance to the customers.

Step 3: Give an Outline for the Solution

After the problem statement, you must introduce a purpose statement. Tell your goals and objectives in a few sentences. Then, provide a solution for the problem. Express how your company will be fit to give the solution. Explain how you can solve the problem. You must convince the readers that your solution is the perfect one for the problem.

Step 4: Give an Analysis

You have to include a competitor analysis, marketing analysis, and financial analysis in your executive summary. You must show that your company will be the best solution to the problem that you have presented compared to your competitors. You should also present your target market and give a brief description on your financial projections.

Step 5: Provide Value to Your Work

End the executive summary by giving value to the document. Give a conclusion that can be memorable for the investors. Make it something that can make your document valuable. Just remember that from the start and up to the finish, your executive summary should have a continuous thought.


What is the Benefit of an Executive Summary?

An executive summary gives an overview of your whole paper. The reader can get the contents of your plan or proposal just by reading it. Through it, if you can make the best executive summary, you can ensure that the reader will continue to read your document. It gives value to your document.

What is the Difference of an Executive Summary With a Business Plan?

An executive summary is an overview of a business plan. It is a section in a business plan. The business plan is the whole document, having the executive summary as its part.

How Can I Write the Best Executive Summary?

You can invest some time in practicing to write the best executive summary. You can learn a lot if you will search for the best executive summary template and best executive summary example on the internet. Use also some tips that you can apply to your writing. On top of all, give your best in writing the executive summary.

Whatever paper or writing that you are about to do, usually you have to make an executive summary. To make the most of it, be sure that you will make the best executive summary. Study its elements and learn to execute each step in writing. Practice so that you can write at your best. And if you like, you can use the templates that this post can provide. It has 8+ SAMPLE Best Executive Summary in PDF. Download now!