What is a Sales Dashboard?

A sales dashboard is the sales report of your business. It is a visual page where you can see the performance of your sales team. It is an automated dashboard with particular time frames. It is an integrated system that can make you save time and effort when you want to know all the things about the sales of your company. The sales dashboard has metrics and is composed of visuals like graphs, charts, and tables. This will be good for sales leaders who need to have a good analysis of their business. The sales dashboard contains the best analytics that business owners will want to have regarding the sales of their company.

If you want to have the best assessment for your product, you must have a sales dashboard that will explain to you how your product is doing in the market. Your marketing strategies will also be tested through the sales dashboard. This will be good for any commercial business that wants to generate a better profit. It is common in E-commerce companies. They need a dashboard that can make them keep track of their sales. Through it, they can adjust their sales plan according to the sales forecast that they can observe.

A sales dashboard reveals your success when it comes to customers. It can contain the financial forecast of your business. You will know how much money you are making every day, week, month, or year. Your management in sales will also be revealed in the sales dashboard. Whether your business is retail, insurance, or real estate, you can observe if you have been using the best techniques in selling to people. Every salesman needs to regularly examine the sales dashboard of their company to know how they can improve their work. It can help them to deal better with every customer.

Your sales efforts can be optimized by having the best sales dashboard. Whether you are having a retail sales dashboard, product sales dashboard, sales KPI dashboard, or sales performance dashboard, you should monitor the challenges that you have to make the sales grow. Your sales representatives should know the opportunities possible for your business by examining the sales dashboard. You should consider the productivity of your business. You can do this by being familiar with your sales goals. Through the sales dashboard, you can hit the sales targets of your company.

Types of Sales Dashboards

Every company has its challenges in sales. It is up to them to select KPI that will be fit for their business. As you examine your sales information, you may want to know the types of sales dashboards. You can work better on the improvement of the sales if you will know the different types of sales dashboards. Read and consider the following:

Sales Opportunity Dashboard: Through this sales dashboard, you will know the opportunities you have generated. You will assess the normal price value of your products. You will be informed of every transaction. You will know your ace in every city and region. You will know what you can get from your latest revenue. The opportunities that are at hand can be revealed to you. By using a closing ratio, you can filter all the data. If you like to know the performance of your sales team, this sales dashboard will be the best to use. You will also know how to gather leads at your best.Sales Conversion Dashboard: The opportunity for you to win will be known by this sales dashboard. A sales conversion dashboard can reveal the loss rate of your company. It can relay all the sales that you have gotten through campaigns. It can give details about sessions and checkouts. You will know if you have bad navigation in your business. Having low conversion rates means that you are having bad leads. By having an observation about this, you can eliminate wrong leads and will be able to convert your leads to good ones. This dashboard will be good if you want to have advanced revenue.Sales Cycle Length Dashboard: You will know the cycle length of your sales. You will know all the stages of the performance of your sales. By knowing the number of days when you will convert a prospect to a lead, you will know the sales cycle of your business. By monitoring the sales dashboard, you can shorten this time to have better sales. The metrics can give a customer a better buying journey that can enable you to drive more sales. If you are having lengthy negotiations with your customers, you can do a work strategy that can shorten this. Thus, the sales cycle of your business will be improved.Sales Performance Dashboard: By knowing the sales target, you will have a better customer acquisition. You will have insights into the performance of your sales team. For example, if you want to have many customers, you should be spending more on getting new customers. This way, you can reach your target sales. If you can see that you have low customer acquisition costs, it is time for you to move to gather more customers. By having this dashboard, you can have better sales operations. You can support your team more effectively. By doing daily tasks like having demos, you can reach your target sales.Sales KPI Dashboard: A sales KPI dashboard will be good for every sales development representative. You will know the opportunities to accomplish your target in sales. You can observe the lead response time. You can monitor all potential to have more customers. If there are low follow-up attempts, then you should work harder to follow up with customers. By doing this, you can make your leads successful. This kind of sales dashboard is usually used in training and meetings.Quarterly Forecast Dashboard: You can identify your sales quota by having a good picture of opportunities. The performance of your sales team will be systematic. You will understand the best forecast for your business. The quarterly forecast dashboard is usually used by sales analysts. It is like a calculator where you can know the case forecast. If you want to compare the sales performance of your business, this will be the best to utilize.Sales Pipeline Dashboard: You will know how healthy is your pipeline through the use of a sales pipeline dashboard. You can assess the pipeline by different opportunities and KPIs. You will know if you have to move quickly to improve your sales. If your sales pipeline has a good picture, then you can be sure that you can achieve your sales quota. This dashboard is commonly used by sales executives and sales managers. You can have a high level of data by using this dashboard.Sales Growth Dashboard: You can filter the growth of your sales in every segment and account through the help of a sales growth dashboard. This will be best effective if you will use its context to know patterns and trends. You should make realistic goals for it. This is how you can take care of all your sales representatives. By seeing the deals of your sellers, you will know how you will improve your tactics. You can have insights on how you can make your team focus to have success. This will be best to use whenever your sales representatives are selling.Sales Summary Dashboard: This dashboard helps the sales representatives to be focused every day. They will have a lead activity for every account. This is used when the sales team has to make a decision. As a sales report, this dashboard can relay numbers about the sales quota. This data is reliable because the dashboard can be directly found in the CRM tool. It gives an overview of how you achieved your sales strategies.Sales Cockpit Workflow Dashboard: This is an account management sales forecast. The key for this dashboard is the KPIs. Through your metrics, you can have a full view of your sales status. A cockpit dashboard can give you what you are looking for to improve your sales. You will have all the data on how you can achieve your quota.Sales Territory Assignments: This is the best approach to make the performance of your sales representative better. You will have territory assignments so that sales representatives can be successful in every place. By doing fieldwork, your sales team can gather customers from every territory. The dashboard can help you to monitor your progress and success.

Tips on Sales Dashboard

Are you looking for sales dashboard examples? Do you need them because you want to have some tips on creating a sales dashboard? You have come to the right place. We can offer you some tips that you can apply to your sales dashboard. They are the following:

Have a Good Layout: A good layout for the sales dashboard will be needed. By having a good layout, the contents of your dashboard can be more readable and understandable. You do not need anyone to explain to you the results of the report. A good layout will also be desirable because your dashboard will have a good dashboard design. It can look more professional and you can be proud of it if you will have the chance to show it to other people like customers and business partners.Include Computations: To be more transparent about your sales, you should include your calculations in the sales dashboard. This way, any reader will have an accurate analysis of your sales. They will know how you get your numbers on your sales forecast. Your sales dashboard will not be questionable. It will be more reliable.Make Easy Access: To make good use of the sales dashboard, be sure that it is accessible. To do this, make it a part of the online accounts of your sales team. The sales dashboard will be useful if it can be examined by every sales team member. Every one of you should have the ability to monitor it. Through that, you will know how to improve your sales plans.Know the Purpose: To make a better sales dashboard, you should identify the persons for whom you want to make them. You must know to whom you are going to tailor it. Are they for the sales representatives or sales analysts? You must know the purpose of the sales dashboard. Only through that, you can make its contents specific. That is the only way how you can make it effective.Import Data: You must get the data for your sales dashboard from the CRM of your company. Be sure to include accurate data for it. You must include all the data that you have. This way, you can make a comprehensive sales dashboard. You can have the best sales forecast because the data is complete.

How to Create a Sales Dashboard

Are you searching for a sales dashboard template? Are you about to create a sales dashboard? We have some steps that you can use in creating a sales dashboard. Have the following steps:

1. Choose Sales Metrics

Metrics are important so that your sales team will know how to apply strategies in your work. These metrics should align with the business goals of your company. Visualize your success by creating good metrics that can drive sales to your company. Through these metrics, you can monitor the progress of sales in your business. Know KPIs (key performance indicators) that can be regularly reviewed by your company. Set metrics like sales outreach metrics, sales process metrics, and activity sales metrics. Align these metrics to your sales goals.

2. Identify the Use of Dashboard

Then, you should decide how your team will use the dashboard. Know each person who is going to use it and introduce the sales dashboard to them. Make sure that the dashboard can energize your sales representatives to work better. Consider the whole sales team when making the sales dashboard. You have to consider your sales representatives, sales managers, and sales executives.

3. Select a Provider

There will be no problem if your company has already a CRM where you can connect the sales dashboard. But if you do not have a CRM, you can get the service of a sales dashboard provider that can enable your company to have an online sales dashboard. This company can give you the best tool to make your sales dashboard possible.

4. Synthesize Data

After you have gotten a sheet for your sales dashboard, you must be apt in including all the data of your sales in it. Be sure that you can integrate accurate information so that you can have the right analysis. Add all the data that can make your sales improve. To get a better assessment, you must include your calculations regarding the sales of your business.

5. Make Reports

After incorporating all the information into the sales dashboard, you must make a report for it. You need to put your observation so that you will know if you are having the right strategies for your business. You will know if you are doing well enough in attaining your sales plan. By having a report, you can create a great sales forecast.


What can make the sales dashboard great?

A sales dashboard can be great if you consider your audience. This is the best way you can make an efficient dashboard. Focus on your KPIs so that you can make an accurate report. Connect your dashboard to a live data source so that you can support your claims.

Is a sales dashboard important?

Yes, a sales dashboard is important. You will have a holistic view of your sales by examining the dashboard. You do not have to exert too much time and effort just to know the status of the sales of your company.

A sales dashboard can help a company to generate a good profit. You will know the things that you have to do to increase your sales next time. You will have an idea of how you can make your team work for the better. Well, do you need a template for a sales dashboard? This post has 7+ SAMPLE Sales Dashboards in PDF. Making a great dashboard will be easier with the help of these templates. Download now!