Bill of Sale, PDF

What is a Bill of Sale?

Sellers give buyers a proof of the transfer of ownership through a bill of sale. It denotes a sale of an item. The bill of sale records the transfer so that buyers will have something to show that they truly owned the item when they will have the need for it. A bill of sale is common in sales agreements. It is likened to a sales receipt. It is also known as the proof of purchase. Both parties should have a copy of the bill of sale to be evidence of the selling that has taken place. The bill of sale is common in transactions where the buyer has paid the item in full. It usually means that the seller has no right anymore to the item.

Some examples of a bill of sale are a vehicle bill of sale, a motorcycle bill of sale, an equipment bill of sale, a horse bill of sale, a boat bill of sale, a real estate bill of sale, a truck bill of sale, and an automobile bill of sale. Personal property can be proven with the bill of sale. It is an essential document that a seller should give to the buyer after buying. This will prove that the seller is a valid owner that can give the rights to property. Always get a bill of sale after buying an important item.

Types of Bill of Sale

According to the need of the buyer and the seller, a bill of sale may differ in type. Every type can be different from the other. Though, all prove that the buyer has the right to the item that has been sold. Below are four types of a bill of sale. Read the following:

Absolute Bill of Sale: With an absolute bill of sale, the document will have no terms or conditions that need to be followed. There is not much security with an absolute bill of sale. It is just a proof of record that goods have been transferred. According to the buyer and seller’s restrictions, the transfer can be made without any due payments. For example, after you have fully paid a horse, you can have an absolute bill of sale. After getting the document, you completely own the horse and the seller has completely transferred the rights to you. The necessary terms for an absolute bill of sale are location, names, purchase price, date, and description.Conditional Bill of Sale: Certain conditions must be met when having a conditional bill of sale. The ownership can be questioned according to the terms that the buyer has followed. So, the lender will have great security with this type of bill of sale. An example is a loan agreement where you should borrow money to loan a car. If the buyer will not pay the loan in time, the lender will have the right to take possession of the car. This is one condition that the buyer and the seller can have in the conditional bill of sale. Another example is buying a puppy that the seller and the buyer will have the term of sharing revenues after the puppy will grow up and will have its own puppies. Both parties can sell the puppies, dividing the revenues among themselves. So, in a conditional bill of sale, you will have some terms and conditions that you need to follow.Quitclaim Bill of Sale: A quitclaim bill of sale ensembles a receipt. It is a document about the seller, the buyer, the item, and the price. In a quitclaim bill of sale, the seller has no promises about the title of the property. There can be no guarantee. The buyer should understand this when the rights are being transferred.Warranty Bill of Sale: A warranty bill of sale gives protection that sales receipts cannot give. It has clear details and provides a guarantee to the buyer of the rights of the property. The buyer can get full ownership and a clear title of the property. So, the buyer can have protection from any claim that can be made for the property. The necessary terms in a warranty bill of sale are identification of parties, description of the item, purchase price, warranty of sale, indemnification clause, condition of the property, and signatures.

Benefits of a Bill of Sale

As a seller, you are required to provide a bill of sale in most cases. This is crucial to make the customers see that you are doing good business with them. A bill of sale has benefits for both the buyer and the seller. Come learn the benefits of a bill of sale in this article.

Useful for Legal Matters: A bill of sale is a legally binding document. You can show it in the court of law in case of any claims. It is complete proof that you rightfully own something. No one can contest your ownership if you have a bill of sale. That is why it is crucial to have a bill of sale for the expensive goods that we have bought. If ever there is a dispute, you can show the bill of sale to prove your ownership. This means that no one can take away your property from you. Everyone will acknowledge your ownership because of the bill of sale.Good Financial Records: Through a bill of sale, you can have a good record of what you have bought. It can even be used to declare your properties. Records are needed because we can use them in many transactions and all business purposes. By having a bill of sale, you can prove your ownership for everything that you have. If ever you want to sell your properties, you will have something to use to prove that you own what you are selling. This can help you to get buyers for the things that you want to sell.Having a Good Customer Experience: By having a bill of sale, you will have a good customer experience. It will be great to have something as proof that you have purchased something. Having it proves that you are the rightful owner of the property. You can have something to show to your friends, family, and other people. The assurance that the seller is good is there. If a seller can provide a bill of sale, the customers will be happy. So, if you are a seller, have a customer service plan that will involve a bill of sale. If buyers will be happy, there will be a great chance that they will buy from you again. Not only can you prove your honesty in dealing, but you will gain many customers that can buy your goods.Protection from Scammers: Remember that not all sellers are honest. There are scammers spread everywhere so you have to be careful. To do this, you must ask for a bill of sale of your property. This is to ensure that the seller will transfer his or her rights to the property. You need to ensure security that you will be the rightful owner of the property. You can do this if you have a bill of sale that can prove your ownership.Having Hard Evidence: The bill of sale is hard evidence that you own something. No one can take away the goods that you have bought from you. When a dispute arises, you know that you can fight for your rights. Your properties will remain with you whatever will happen.

How to Create a Bill of Sale

Writing a bill of sale may not be easy. You need to include the necessary terms so that the bill of sale will be valid and complete. The following are the steps that you can take in creating a bill of sale:

1. Give the Item Description

The first thing is to describe the item. You should give a definite description of the goods. Be clear about that something that is sold. For example, if you are going to sell a car, you should be clear about the year, brand, make, and model. This can make the car bill of sale complete.

2. Provide the Information of Parties

You should give the information of the buyer and the seller. Be clear in stating their information. Write the name of the buyer and the seller clearly and include their addresses and contact information.

3. Provide Payment Details

The form of payment should be detailed in the bill of sale. Be clear about the price that the buyer has paid to the seller. You can also include if some taxes apply to the sale.

4. Add Notes on Any Loans

If the buyer has taken some loan to pay for the goods, you should include the terms of the loan on the bill of sale. Be clear on how the buyer can make payments.


When should I use a bill of sale?

The bill of sale should be used every time you want to purchase something. Ask the seller to provide a bill of sale for you.

Why should we use a bill of sale?

We should use a bill of sale for the protection of both the buyer and the seller. It can prevent any dispute from happening in the future.

A bill of sale can be a great help for anyone who wants to prove ownership. It is a legally binding document that you can bring in any court of law. Through a bill of sale, you can protect your properties and your rights. Do not forget to ask for a bill of sale from the seller every time you purchase.