What is a Firearm Bill of Sale?

A firearm bill of sale is a written document about the purchase of a gun. It can be any type of firearm like a handgun, rifle, or shotgun. A firearms bill of sale denotes the transfer of ownership of the gun to the buyer. It records the transaction and the bill of sale for firearms contains the personal information of both parties. The bill of sale for a firearm protects sellers to ensure that they will not be accountable if future criminal issues happen with the sold firearm. It may not be enough to create a simple firearm bill of sale. You have to ensure that the bill of sale is according to the law of your state. Different laws can govern the sale of guns depending on the state. A Georgia firearm bill of sale is different from an Alabama firearm bill of sale. Also, an Arizona firearm bill of sale is different from a Virginia firearm bill of sale.

Some may use a firearm bill of sale form at the start of the agreement. Documentation is necessary because guns should be sold legally. That is why you should check the local laws before buying or selling a gun. Just like in a vehicle bill of sale or boat bill of sale, the firearm bill of sale serves as a purchase receipt that the buyer has ownership of the firearm. The buyer will have proof to show that the gun is rightfully his or hers. For this reason, the buyer will have the right to sell the gun whenever he or she likes. A firearm bill of sale means complete ownership of the gun.

Types of Firearms

Before buying a gun, you must know the type of firearm. This can make you buy the best gun for yourself. Also, by knowing the types of firearms, you will know the particular type that is suited for your purpose in buying a gun. The following are the types of firearms:

Handguns/Pistols: Handguns or pistols are a small type of firearm. They are designed for one-hand use. The name pistol is derived from the city of Pistoia, Italy. Handguns and pistols are made in a range of sizes and calibers. They fit the small pocket and are designed for personal protection. These types of guns are good to use when you are having a safety training agreement. They have short barrels and are easy to use. Some examples of this type are revolvers and semiautomatic pistols. They have been used by security forces around the world. This type is recommended for protection as it is easy to carry and is good for self-defense.Shotguns: Shotgun has three types. They are the break action, pump action, and semi-automatic. This is a versatile firearm. It has projectiles of varying sizes. A shotgun has a long barrel that can make ammunition spin. It is thinner than pistols and handguns. It may be easier to use as you will not need much pressure. This type of gun is good for bird hunting and skeet shooting. This can be a very good weapon to target a bird. In some countries, it is used as a police weapon.Rifles: A rifle is a long, powerful gun that is used by hunters. It is also mostly used by soldiers. A rifle can bring great damage which is why it is used by the military. The shape of its barrel is grooved. That is how it got its name. The rifle comes from the French word “rifler” which means “to scratch or groove”. A rifle can withstand high pressure. It is good when you have stationary targets. There is a specific caliber of ammunition for every rifle. This gun is specifically designed for accurate shooting. To use it, you have to hold it with your both arms firmly. You have to brace it against your shoulder. This gun is common in law enforcement, warfare, hunting, and crime. In task force reports, rifles can be a part of how officers accomplished military work. They have been used for many years because they are good weapons.

Benefits of a Firearm Bill of Sale

A firearm bill of sale is required in the US to be used as a permit for the gun. This is a document that the buyer can use for any purpose that may involve the gun. But not only this. A firearm bill of sale is created because it has many benefits. They are the following:

Legal Protection: By having the bill of sale, you can have legal protection for your sales agreement. Remember, selling a gun is a sensitive matter. We have to ensure that everything will be legal. We may never know the thing that may happen after selling the gun. Who knows if the buyer may become involved in a criminal issue? So, sellers should ensure that they will transfer the ownership to the buyer.  As sellers, you do not know the exact identity of the buyer. If ever the buyer will be involved in a criminal issue, then you will not have any responsibility in the law. The responsibility will also be transferred to the buyer as the ownership of the gun is transferred to him or her. Because of this, sellers will have the legal protection that they need. They will not have anything to worry about or fear even if something may occur with the gun that they have sold.Following the Law: When you have a firearm bill of sale, you are following laws. Different laws govern when buying or selling a gun in each state. But all states require to have a bill of sale because the sale has to be legal. We know that we have to be careful when we are selling or buying a gun. Accident and incident reports can come from the incidence of gunshots. So, the buying and selling of a firearm should be legal. The firearm bill of sale serves as a document that the owner can use when authorities inspect the legality of a gun. So, if you want to have something to show to the authorities to not confiscate your gun, you need a firearm bill of sale. When you have a bill of sale for the firearm, you can walk with your gun confidently that you are following the law. You know that you are not breaking any laws of your state. This can give you peace of mind when you bring a gun while you are having gun protection.Feel Safer: Having a gun can give protection for your family and your business. When you have a gun, you can feel safer. But you cannot have this unless you have a firearm bill of sale. If authorities will inspect your property and find a gun, and you have nothing to show that you have bought the gun legally, then the gun can be confiscated or you can get yourself into trouble. So, for you to have security from a gun, you need to get a firearm bill of sale as a document that you can present to anybody. This way, you can prove that you have legally bought a gun. It means that the ownership of the gun has been transferred to you and you legally own it. You can have the best security that you need when you have a firearm bill of sale. With it, you can bring the gun anywhere you want. This just means that you can be safe anywhere.A Way to Have a Fun Hobby: Target shooting and hunting can be good hobbies. But these cannot be possible unless you get a firearm bill of sale. We know that some laws govern when buying and selling a gun. If you want to get a gun for yourself to have these hobbies, the only resort is to have a firearm bill of sale. Through it, the buying of guns will be legal. You can have legal ownership of a firearm. This is the only way to get a firearm for yourself. After having the firearm bill of sale, you can have a gun that you can use for target shooting and hunting.

How to Sell and Buy a Gun Through a Firearm Bill of Sale

Selling a gun can be a sensitive matter. You have to ensure that you can sell a gun legally. How can a seller sell a gun through a firearm bill of sale? You can do the following steps:

1. Check State Laws

The first rule in selling a gun is to check the laws of your state. Just like when you are going to check the laws for a written agreement, you have to check the laws for a firearm bill of sale. This way, the buyer and the seller can comply with the law of the state.

2. Do Background Check

For both parties, they should do a background check. The seller should do a background check about the buyer if he or she has been involved with a crime. Because if it is so, then it seems as if you are going to participate in his or her crimes. So, you cannot sell a gun to a criminal person. On the other hand, when you are the buyer, you have to check the credibility of the seller to know if the gun is not illegal. You cannot buy from someone who does things illegally. Your private gun should be legal at all costs. Because if not, you can get yourself into trouble.

3. Ask for a Gun License

When you are a seller, you have to ask the buyer if they have the license to carry a gun. This is to ensure that you will not get yourself into trouble when the authorities see the buyer carrying a gun. Though you can transfer the whole responsibility to the buyer, it is still good to be careful to whom you are going to sell the gun.

4. Arrange the Exchange

When you have confirmed the gun license, then you can deliver the gun to the buyer. Arrange a meeting with the buyer. At the meeting, check the ID of the buyer to be sure that he or she lives in the same state.

5. Sign the Firearm Bill of Sale

For protection for both parties, you must have a firearm bill of sale. Just like any other bill of sale contracts like a motorcycle bill of sale or a trailer bill of sale, both parties should sign the firearm bill of sale.


What is included in a firearm bill of sale?

The things that are included in a firearm bill of sale are the name of the seller and the buyer, the address of the seller and the buyer, the firearm information, the sale date, and the signature of both parties.

Should I notarize the firearm bill of sale?

The firearm bill of sale usually does not need to be notarized. This can depend on the state. But it can be better to notarize the firearm bill of sale.

To secure legality with your firearm, you must secure a firearm bill of sale. Through it, you can be more confident to carry your gun anywhere you want. You know that having a firearm bill of sale can give you benefits so there is no reason for you not to secure a firearm bill of sale. Be careful when using your guns!