Sales Call Log Development

A business can be more profitable if its sales processes are looked into, prioritized, and planned. Developing a sales call log is a critical task as the specified document can impact the desire of your sales team to maintain its activities or further improve its efforts aligned with bringing in actual sales and acquiring new sales leads for the company.

Using a sales call log can be advantageous not only for the sales department but also for the entire business and its stakeholders. If you have a high-performing team that is very sensitive about the sales call log’s usage, then you can sustain your operations and better your profitability which is a great way for you to support different entities that are involved in your daily operational activities and transactions.

Developing a sales call log should be one of your top sales priorities especially if you are a start-up business. Letting your sales team know that their sales call activities are recorded can give them more push to do better. If you are planning to create a sales call log, you can refer to samples; templates; and other formatting guides that can enable you to have higher success rates in terms of developing a quality sales call log.

Relevance of Sales Call Log to Sales Processes

Using a sales call log should be based on the desire of the company to better its sales condition. If you want to make your sales team more aware of their responsibilities and deliverable, then you can create a detailed sales call log that both the management and your employees can refer to. Here are some instances that can showcase the relevance of sales call logs to your company’s sales processes:

A sales call log can help a sales team be aware of the sales leads that they still need to tap or get an update from so they can reach their sales quota.A sales call log can enable a sales employee to list down the market segments that he or she was able to reach.A sales call log can let a sales team identify their collaborative sales performance which in turn can help them plan and execute additional work efforts if more sales is necessary to be acquired.A sales call log can give a sales team an idea of the potential sales that they can bring in to the business for a given time period depending on the sales leads that they were able to successfully convert to actual clients.A sales call log can give the direction to the sales team with regards reaching the company’s target market and desired sales in consideration of the business’ current and potential client bases.

How to Create a Complete Sales Call Log

Making a sales call log is a responsibility that must be taken seriously and professionally. If you will put or exert your efforts in developing a sales call log, then you can ensure that you have a document that you can use as a tracking tool or reference whenever you need to measure how your sales team use their time to help the business gather more clients and sales leads. Here is a simple procedure that you can follow for the creation of your own sales call log:

1List down all the information that you would like to see in your sales call log: We suggest you to create a checklist of the things that you need to look into with regards your sales team’s sales call logs. Doing this can help you ensure the completion of all the data that you need for particular purposes related to the assessment of your sales team’s productivity.2Download a sales call log template: Once you already have a list of your sales call log categories and other relevant information, you can already proceed to finding the best template that you can use as your formatting reference. Ensure that the sales call log template that you will select can help you to easily format the particular layout that you would like to achieve for your own sales call log document.3Present your business header, document title, and department specification on top of the sales call log: For your sales call log to be identifiable as a sales and business document, you need to incorporate branding and identity materials in the document. You can include your business header and the name of your sales department in the document. More so, you can develop a document title which can brand the document accordingly.4Write the categories that you need to update within the body of your sales call log: It is important for the body of your sales call log to be highly-usable and informative. Write the name of your client/s as well as the other important details that we have specified in the discussion below.5Provide spaces where you will allocate particular sales call log content: Keep in mind that you will update your sales call log from time to time. Hence, it is essential for you to have document spaces that can be filled in the future. Ensure that you will mindfully think of detail placements so that your final sales call log will not look overcrowded.6Evaluate the completion of the sales call log details: Lastly, ensure that you will assess the sales call log. You need to review the initial draft that you have created so you can see to it that there are no content or layout errors that are still present in the document. Having a refined sales call log can be very advantageous as it can properly guide you with the detailing of your sales’ team activities.

Basic Details Within a Sales Call Log

You need to have a complete and relevant sales call log if you want to take advantage of the document’s usage. It is important for your sales call log to be comprehensive so it can contain all the important information that you have to know about your sales team’s or sales employees’ performance. Here are some of the information that are commonly found in a standard sales call log:

Name of sales leads or clientsDate of each sales callDescription of the sales call transactionMobile or business phone number of customersE-mail address of contact personResult or update of the sales callThe location where the sales call happenedThe budget and/or other requests asked by a sales employee during a particular sales call

Importance of a Sales Call Log

It is essential for you to know the reason why your business needs a sales call log. Having an idea about the usage of the sales call log and how it can potentially benefit your sales team and overall business operations can help you to give more value to the usage of the specified document. A few of the benefits that a sales call log can provide to your establishment or company include the following:

Creating a sales call log can make your client and sales lead listing more organized: If you will use a sales call log, you can have a document that you can always refer to which is understandable, clear, and direct to the point.Making a sales call log can help you to track the specific sales activities of your sales employees during particular time frames or periods: The reason why a sales call log is dated is for you to have a thorough idea of how your sales team has performed within a given duration. Trends in process efficiency and productivity can be observed which is a great way to measure how your sales team impact the overall sales performance of your business.Developing a sales call log can help you identify the efforts of your sales team: Without a sales call log, it will be hard for you to identify whether your sales team members are truly doing their job and assignments. Having a sales call log on-hand can enable you to ensure that your sales team is doing their best to provide your business more actual sales, clients, foot traffic, and marketplace awareness.Using a sales call log can let you know the results and updates of your business’ sales endeavors: Through the usage of a sales call log, you can see to it that all your sales transactions are up-to-date. You can observe the number of successful sales calls as well as those that did not push through or are still hanging.Drafting a sales call log can give you more idea on how you can further improve your sales practices: Since you are already aware of sales call results due to the content of the sales call log, you can easily find a way on how you can better the sales endeavors of your business. You can develop programs, activities, and processes that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team.Utilizing a sales call log can help you separate effective and productive sales employees to those who are not doing their job to the best of their abilities: Since most sales calls contain individual sales employee performances, you can track the productivity of each sales employees. Hence, you can particularly see to it that you can make your outstanding employees maintain or even better their sales performance while letting weak team members take seminars and/or other programs that can help them become assets of your business.

Characteristics of an Outstanding Sales Call Log

Having a sales call log with high-quality content and format can be very beneficial to your sales team as well as to the business departments that are involved in the sales processes of your business or establishment. Identifying all the essential characteristics that should be observed when looking closely into your sales call log can help you ensure that you are developing an impressive, well-planned, and thorough document. Some of the characteristics or qualities of an effective sales call log are as follows:

1Concise: Make your sales call log very specific. Do not include any irrelevant content as these items can only make the final document look poorly planned and made.2Direct to the point: You need to provide all the necessary details of the sales call log in a direct manner. Ensure that your content placement will not be misleading so you can properly guide involved entities with the proper sales call log usage and updating.3Understandable: Use a simple language and visually-pleasing content structure when making your sales call log. Ensuring that your stakeholders can easily understand the sales call log specifications can enable you to come up with a highly-usable and effective document.4Complete: It is essential for you to have a comprehensive sales call log document. The completion of all the details of your sales call log can make the document an outstanding referencing tool which you can use for sales-related decision making processes.

When to Use Sales Call Logs

Sales call logs, when used and updated on a regular basis, can let your team experience its benefits. There are specific sales call logs that are made for day-to-day use while there are also some that are only updated during specified sales transactions. With this, it is important for you to know the specific type of sales call log document that you need so you can have an idea on how you can make the most out of the log’s usage. Here are ways on how you can optimize the existence of sales call logs in your sales operations:

You can have a daily sales call logs that can list sales-related phone calls.It can be beneficial on your part if you will have a record of field works or sales calls that are done outside the premises of the business location.There is a relative advantage that you can experience if you will create monthly sales call logs that can be compared to one another.During your sales planning, you can use a sales call log as a reference that can enable you to come up with more sound sales decisions.It is important for you to have a sales call log during specific sales meetings.

Sales Call Log FAQs

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions especially if you would like to clarify some information about the usage of a sales call log as well as with regards the document’s planning and development processes. The more necessary and relevant questions you ask, the better understanding you will have about the subject matter. Some of the questions that are always asked about sales call logs include the following:

Is it really essential to use a sales call log?

Not all businesses and sales teams use a sales call log. However, we believe that the specified document is an important sales tool that all companies and establishments should have. If you will create a sales call log and use it in alignment with your sales processes and business activities, you can easily identify the current condition of your sales efforts and the things that you can still improve on so you can have better sales and wider marketing shares and/or reach.

How can you create a quality sales call log?

There are different factors that can affect the overall quality of your sales call log. For you to develop an impressive sales call log, you need to ensure that all these factors are considered. Some of the things that you have to thoroughly look into include the template that you will use for formatting the sales call log, the categorization of all the information that you will update through your quality sales call log from time to time, and the specification of the sales call log usage which your sales employees must be aware of.

A sales call log should be properly and appropriately organized so you can easily use it as a reference whenever you need to know the calling, customer interaction, and other sales-related transactions of your sales employees. For you to come up with a well-structured sales call log, you can use any of our listed downloadable templates and samples as your content and layout formatting references. Browse through the selection of editable and printable document guides that we have listed above so you can pick and use the most suitable reference for your sales call log document development.