70+ Sample Sales Reports

What Is a Sales Report?

As a sales supervisor or team leader, it is essential for you to present a detailed sales report that can answer all the queries and questions of the management about your performance and the overall sales condition of the company. Developing a sales report can be very useful as it can enable you to have a concrete idea on whether the sales team is performing well or if there are still a lot of improving to do for the business’ targeted sales to be reached.

If you want to better the sales performance of your business or any of its sales-related areas and concerns, it is important to let your sales team be aware of the results of their efforts. As an essential sales document, a sample sales report provides a clear representation of the state of the company with regards its sales outputs, performance, and activities. Allowing the members of your sales team as well as other stakeholders be aware of the current sales condition of the company through the usage of a sample sales report can help each and everyone of you to become more motivated to reach given sales quotas, improve sales processes, close sales deals, and translate sales leads to actual customers or clients.

For you to have an effective sales report, you need to thoroughly prepare; plan; and discuss all of the elements of the document. Aside from focusing on the fact-based content that you will share, it is also imperative for you to strategically develop a discussion flow that can give you the ability to transparently, systematically, and easily disseminate particular sales information. If you need further assistance or help when it comes to the creation of a sales report, feel free to browse through and download any of the samples and templates listed below for reference.

Types of Sales Reports

Whether it is for the presentation of the sales calls that translated into sales successes or the discussion of the profits made by the company within a given time period, it is very important for you to develop a sales report depending on the details that the management and other stakeholders need to know. With this, we highly-recommend you to be knowledgeable of the kinds of sales reports that are created within a business setting. Here are some types of basic sales reports that you have to know about:

Promotion tickets, coupons, and passes sales reportSales call results and updates reportAdvertising efforts sales reportDaily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales reportSales productivity report

Proper Presentation of Sales Report Content

Do you already know the sales plans of action that you should take to resolve an issue or give an answer to a sales-related problem? You have to create a sales report so you can have a fact-based reference whenever you want to plot all the future sales activities of your company or establishment. Presenting the information of your sales report appropriately and accordingly can positively impact the browsing experience, impression, and interest of your audience towards the document. A few ways on how you can properly present the content of your sales report include the following:

Know the reason why you need to create a sales report so you can gather all the information that you need to present based on the document’s purpose.Use segments that can make your sales report content presentation more organized and presentable.Focus on the major key points of the sales report but never forget to specify supporting details as well as references or sources of information.Select a language that can be understood by any reasonable members of the sales team, the business, or any of your target audience.

How to Effectively Format the Sales Report Layout

Determining and considering your current sales performance can help you become more strategic and mindful with the things that you will do to get to the sales condition or state that you aspire for your business. Aside from knowing the details that you need to present, it is also necessary for you to know how you can best present these. Make yoru discussion flow worthy of your audience’s attention by coming up with an impressive and highly-organized sales report layout. Here is how you can effectively format the layout of your sales report document:

We recommend you to use a sales report template that is aligned with the type of presentation that you want to materialize: Using a pre-formatted template can help you easily think of ways on how you can put together layout features that can strongly and effectively structure your sales report content specifications.Properly allocate all of the details of the sales report in your selected or developed layout: For you to optimize the sales report layout, you have to ensure that you will properly allocate the spaces of the document only to what is necessary to be presented. See to it that you have a full-understanding of the ways on how you will maximize available layout areas so you can have an organized content presentation.Look into similar types of sales report samples so you can get an idea on how you can put together all the information that you plan to include in your own sales report: Though you should have an original sales report, it is still useful if you can check some references. If you will observe existing or available sales report samples, you can become more knowledgeable of the layout development tactics that can help you make the most out of the layout of your desired sales report document for your business.Strictly stick with the kind of sales report discussion that you would like to realize: Your sales report layout will greatly rely not only with the format that you have selected but the content that you will present as well. With this, you have to be particular with how you will discuss things so you can find a suitable layout to use.

9 Steps for Developing a Comprehensive Sales Report

Creating a sales report should be prioritized by your sales team as it can affect the future sales operations of your business. If you can be aware of how your sales efforts are affecting your profitability; competitiveness; process efficiency; and competency, you can become more tactical with how you will improve your sales activities and programs for the next operational year. Do you want to know how you can make an outstanding sales report? Below is an attainable nine-step process that can enable you to develop a comprehensive sales report.

1Know the people to whom the sales report is for so you can select the proper style, tone, and language for your content presentation.2Use content organization tools like outlines, drafts, and checklists to make it easier for you to complete all the relevant information that you must share to your audience with the usage of the sales report.3Look for the right template to use as a formatting guide so you can already begin the development of the document’s format, layout, features, and content placement. 4Present an introduction that can show the time period in which the sales data are gathered from as well as the resources where these information came from.5Provide all the important segments of the sales report including its purpose of creation, scope and limitations, key point presentation, and content specifications.6Based on the content that you plans to share in the sales report, decide on what kind of visuals to use so you can represent sales information within a specific time duration or particular time frames excellently.7For your visuals to not be misinterpreted, write down supporting details and other information that can strengthen the claims of your sales report.8Present additional information that can help you make your sales report as credible and as reliable as possible.9Check the accuracy of the sales report content and the effectiveness of the document’s layout so you can already finalize the sales report version that you will use for your presentation.

Benefits of Using a Complete Sales Report

Do you know that there are actually a lot of benefits that a simple sales report can bring to your business? You have to take your time to look into these advantages so you can become more involved and motivated with the creation of an in-depth, thorough, and organized sales report. Some of the benefits of using a complete sales report include the following:

A sales report can help you become fully-aware of what is happening with the business’ sales condition especially in terms of the advantages or benefits that each sales activities provide.A sales report can give you the ability to analyze the effective sales efforts of the company as well as those sales programs and activities that are necessary to be removed or modified.A sales report can easily enable you to see the external and internal factors that greatly affect the sales performance of your business within specific time frames.A sales report can enable a company to measure the productivity of its sales team members and the effectiveness of the sales department when it comes to providing its deliverable.A sales report can showcase the actual trends that are occuring within different operational time periods which is a great way to assess as well as prepare for sales demands, volumes, and supplies.

Do’s and Don’ts of Sales Reporting

If you will use a sales report, you can easily look at the opportunities that are available for your business as well as the threats and hazards that you have to prepare for. Since there are a lot of advantages that you can experience if you will create a sales report, it is very important for you to be mindful of the steps that you will take for the document’s planning, creation, and maintenance. There are several guidelines, tips, and recommendations that can help you execute your sales reporting processes and sales report document development excellently. Here are some guidelines that you must always remember if you will already create your own sales report:

Do have a list of critical and specific sales details that can make your sales report as understandable as possible.Do use a suitable template or any other formatting reference and guide that can make it easier for you to develop the layout of your own sales report.Do remember to consider the audience that will review the sales report so you can create a discussion or presentation that they can easily relate to.Do think of the sales details that you will share based on the purpose of the particular sales report that you will make.Do select the proper document visuals to use so you can properly give an idea of all the sales report trend specifications that are important to be seen by your audience.Do present accurate, concise, and time-sensitive sales results tracking to ensure that the sales performance of the business can be evaluated accordingly.Do not include any vague, misleading, inaccurate, or irrelevant content in the sales report as you need to have an excellent, updated, reliable, and complete sales reporting tool.Do not falsify any information in the sales report just because there are negative results seen on your sales performance as this can only hinder you from using the document to improve your current sales condition and processes.

Sales Report FAQs

Asking questions is a vital part of your sales report development. From getting the information that you need up to seeking clarity with any sales  data that are unclear or vague to you, it is very important for you to ask questions so you can know as much relevant things as possible that can be useful for the creation of your own sales report. Two of the questions that are commonly asked about sales reports include the following:

When do you create a sales report?

A sales report can be created on different time frames or periods depending on the content that it will have. There are daily and weekly sales reports that are mostly focused on the presentation of sales call results, sales process updates, and short-term sale transaction outputs. There are also sales reports that are created on a monthly and quarterly basis to give an idea on how the sales team and the business performed within the specified duration of time. Lastly, you can create an annual sales report if you want to view the sales productivity and sales effort effectiveness of the company for a given operational year.

How can you develop a relevant sales report?

For your sales report to be relevant, you have to know the needs of your business when it comes to sales reporting. Develop a document that can answer all the inquiries of your target audience. As an example, if the management wants to see the the number of sales transactions and sales deals that a sales employee closed within a month’s time; make sure that you will create a sales report document that can showcase these information completely. Know the reason why your sales report is important to be made so you can be guided when it comes to identifying the range and scope of data and visuals that you need to showcase. If you can be more considerate and mindful if what is asked from you, then you can have a relevant sales report that can contribute to the sales successes of the business while ensuring your stakeholders that you are looking closely to the efficiency of your sales team’s performance.

Your company’s sales exercises must be assessed and reviewed so you can be aware on whether you are exerting the right sales efforts at the right time. It is important for you to have a hold of the situation where your company is involved in with regards its sales processes so you can come up with sound decisions that can better your sales performance. With the help of a sales report, your sales team and the business management can think of the types of call-to-actions that should be done so the company can reach sales milestones and other related successes and achievements. We hope that you already made up your mind when it comes to the creation of a sales report that you can optimize. Use our discussion and listed references to your advantage so you can become more confident to make your sales report now.