50+ Sample Sign Up Sheet / Sign In Sheet Templates

What is a Sign-Up Sheet/Sign-In Sheet?

If you are hosting an event, you would like to know who is attending. Having a sign-up/sign-in sheet at the doorway can help you keep a record of the participants. The sheet collects the attendance and documents when a person enters and leaves the premises. It can be used in a variety of activities, for example, in classes to keep attendance of students, in school seminars, in training events, business conventions, team meetings, charity events, and the likes.

The purpose of the sheet is not limited to keeping a record of attendance, it can also be useful for volunteer groups. You can use sign-up sheets to recruit new members and ask for their contact details using the sheet to keep them updated and notified. Another potential use of a sign-up/sign-in sheet is in event planning. An interested person can sign up to participate in an event or activity. By signing his contact detail he will receive information about the event and can confirm his participation in making the organizing process easier. You can also use it to solicit feedback from customers or visitors by providing a feedback column, this will help you improve business operations and quality of customer service. These are merely some examples of how to use a sign-up/sign-in sheet to help you understand its importance.

Sign-Up Sheet/Sign-In Sheets in Event Planning 

There are a handful of events where you can use sign-up/sign-in sheets, a festival, rally, marathon, sports tournament, dancing competition, etc. The list can go on and on. It is an essential part of the event organizing process. You need to keep a record of the attendees. Imagine all the seminars and business conferences you went to, you are always handed a sheet and asked to write your name and how they will be able to contact you. Most times, before entering the event room, a person stops you and ushers you to a nearby table where you have to sign a sign-up sheet. A few days later, you receive a text coming from the organizers thanking you and telling you they will be conducting another event near your place. You are not the slightest surprised about the text. They know your name, how to contact you, and where you live. That’s why they were able to notify you. It has become normal and part of every event to solicit information from participants that attendees do not even flinch or ask why they are made to sign. 

Increase Sign-Up/Sign-In Numbers Through  Event Advertising

One way to determine whether an event is successful is the amount of participant turnout. It can be difficult to lure people to attend an event, especially when they have to pocket out funds to pay for registration fees. As an event planner, you have to figure out ways to capture people’s attention to make them sign up. Talking about it to people you know and having it passed on is not enough. You can print out flyers or pay for billboard space. You can create a Facebook page/group or even hire a marketing team. According to Statista, event promoters are turning to social media sites to advertise their events and ultimately increase event attendees. 30% of the surveyed marketers announced that social media has effectively increased the number of event participants. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are one of the leading sites a promoter turns to when marketing an event. Statista further reports that Facebook has generated approximately $69.66 US Billion dollars in advertising revenues from the year 2009-2019. We can deduce, that a successful event marketing can greatly impact the number of sign-ups in an event. Hence, don’t be afraid to invest in marketing.

How To Write a Sign-Up Sheet/Sign-In Sheet Using Google Docs

No offense to Microsoft Word but the best place to write and save documents is through Google docs. Not only can you make, edit, and share documents online but you can also access your files anywhere and anytime from any computer or laptop with an internet connection. To get you started in creating your sign-up sheet / sign-in sheet, you may follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create an account in google

You can skip this step if you already have an existing account. Open a web browser and go to google’s homepage. Find the “sign-in” button in the upper right-hand corner and click it. Wait a few seconds until the Google Account Sign-in page appears. Click “sign up for a new google account” and enter all the information required from you. After the signing process is complete, verify your account and officially log-in to your account by entering your email address and password.

Step 2: Access Google Docs

Once you have signed in your google account, go back to the home page website. On the upper right-hand corner between images and your profile, click the square panel resembling the face of a Rubix cube. Scroll down until you see “Docs” and click. You now have access to your google docs.

Step 3: Start a new document

On the google docs’ page, you will find on the upper left corner “start a new document” click “blank” and it will redirect you to a new window or tab opening a new document. Name your document by clicking “untitled document” on the upper left corner, this will make it easier for you to find in your google drive.

Step 4: Insert a Table

Almost all sign-up/sign-in sheets are presented in columns or tables so it’s easier to fill-up and read. Identify the information you want to gather from people to know how many columns you will need in the table. To insert a table in google docs, find “insert” in the toolbar space and click table. Determine how many columns and rows you need and add it to the document.

Step 5: Start placing the column headers

The most common information included in a sign-in/sign up sheet is the full name, address, contact information, and signature. For attendance sign-in sheets, it is typical to include a column where you will input the time the person has signed, also called “time-in”. You can also include a “time-out” column if you wish.

Step 6: Download the document and print

If you are satisfied with your output, you can download the file to your computer and start printing. To download, click “File” in the toolbar on the upper left corner and find “download”. Google docs gives you a selection of format options, choose to download the file in Microsoft Word, PDF document, plain text, web page, or EPUB publication format.


Easy right? But if you do not want to go through the hassle of setting up and using google docs, a great alternative would be to download from our website. Scroll through our numerous printable sign-up/sign-in sheets and find one you can work with. We offer a variety of sample sign-in sheets such as employee attendance sign-in sheets, work sign-in sheets, guest sign-in sheets, parent sign-in sheets, and many more. It will save you time and effort.


What is the meaning of signing up for something?

Usually when you sign-up for something it means you are signifying your intention to join or participate in an event or group activity. It can also mean you are enlisting yourself or enrolling yourself in an educational program or volunteer work. Similar to a commitment, you will have to dedicate time and effort to the event or activity you have signed up for.

What is the difference between log-in and sign-up?

Both are similar in a sense and people often use the terms interchangeably. To explain technically, logging-in means you are returning as an old user. You already have previous records in the system. Whereas, signing-up means you are in the process of creating an account as a new user. Once you have created your account, you can log-in later in the day using the username and password given to you during the signing-up process.

Why do I have to sign a sign-up sheet?

There are different reasons for signing sign-up sheets. A company might require you to do so during a meeting to secure your attendance or a convention administrator will encourage signing-up to know you are participating in the event. Most of the time the sheet will require you to include information such as your contact details, this will allow them to be able to reach you when the need arises. Some will use the information to know how many people are participating in an event, this makes the planning process easier for them.

How do I get people to sign-up?

Depending on the purpose or activity, there are several ways to make people sign-up for it. A general method of attracting people to sign-up for a cause is setting-up a marketing campaign for the event. You do not have to spend a lot of money on advertising. Simple things like giving out flyers to random people on the streets, mass e-mailing people, or starting a Facebook group will suffice.

Sign-Up/Sign-In Sheets are a great tool to help event planners keep track of its participants. Creating one is fairly easy. All you need is to determine what data you want to collect from the people attending the event, include it in your sheet, and have the participants fill-out and sign it. What you choose to do with the information, is up to you. You can send them future updates about your organization, or notify them of another event you are planning. You have their contact information at your disposal so use it wisely.