50+ Sample Vacation Leave Formats

What Is Vacation Leave?

People have different reasons for temporarily leaving work for a few days or weeks. Some have to address impending agreements with other people or take time to relax. Attending weddings, family reunions, or birthday parties may be an excellent reason for taking a vacation leave, especially if the people involved are close to the person filing the form. In some cases, staff members coincide with their application for leave during the holiday season.

Like what the name suggests, vacation leave is one of the benefits individuals receive when they become regular employees in the company. In most companies, regular workers get eleven to twelve paid vacation leaves in a year. The purpose of the leaves depends on the desires of the worker. But for the most part, it is time to be away from the pressures of the work environment. Do note that policy for vacation leaves is based on the rules and regulations of the company.

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), companies are not required by law to provide payment for the times (days) when employees file for sick and Vacation Leaves or other holidays.

In 2017, the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) conducted a survey that showed several companies employ a system where the years of service affects the number of vacation leaves enjoyed by the employees

In 2015, The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that 90% of full-time or regular workers employed in various private institutions do enjoy paid vacation credits.


Planning: Things to Do Before the Vacation Leave

Whether the head of the office or a regular employee, everyone deserves a pause from the daily challenges of work. Moreover, it also avoids draining the energy and motivation of the people employed by the enterprise. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), companies are not required by law to provide payment for the times (days) when employees file for sick and vacation leaves or other holidays. The advantage of having leave credits falls under the responsibility of the employer. Therefore, the hired worker should make sure that the agreed contract has this stipulation in one of its sections. But prior to filing the leave request, what are the things to accomplish before leaving the office?

Back-up Plan: Some workers plan their vacation leave months before the actual dates, like summer vacation or out of the country travels. And others file the leave request form and take off the next week. Either way, the employee should have a back-up plan to assist the people who will be handling his or her job position in the meantime. Remember, the higher the position, the bigger the responsibility. That means the worker should provide a work plan for those left behind in the office.Train the Substitute(s): This section mostly focuses on the administrative-level officers, like managers and supervisors. When they take vacation leaves, the temporary substitute(s) must possess a functioning knowledge of the workload and obligations. Hence, the proxy should be trained by the supervisor. In many cases, the admin staff should have an alternate schedule of leaves to ensure the continued function of the office. For instance, two executives must refrain from filing vacation leaves at the same time, unless for emergency purposes.Have a Contingency Plan: In any sort of business, contingency plans are essential in avoiding potentially disastrous events from ruining the growth and branding of the company. In that sense, contingency plans also contribute to employees going on breaks. People in higher positions, principals or directors, must have contingency plans to prepare for anything that might happen when they are away for vacation. Included in the plan are people to contact, alternative routes to proposed projects, and contact details.Smoothen the Workload: As much as possible, the representatives should not be overwhelmed with the workload left by the officer. With that, the manager or director should accomplish complex tasks ahead of time. The activities that will be under the supervision of the substitute must be in-line with their capabilities and skills. Bombarding the proxy with overloaded work can only bring discomfort and uncertainties.Hand in a Manual: Lastly, having a manual—not longer than four to seven pages—can help the assistant. As the final guide, the work manual can ease tension and lessen the hassle for everyone. The essential information on the material should be rules, answers to questions, and responses to possible inquiries. Shortcuts and location to crucial files can also be part of the manual. The guide needs enough details, but not too much.

On Leave: Activities to Try When on Vacation

In 2017, the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) conducted a survey entitled Paid Leave in the Workplace to determine how corporations manage leave policies and plans for their workers. The result showed that several companies employ a system where the years of service affects the number of vacation leaves enjoyed by the employees. On average, a worker who has rendered a year of service can get up to 17 vacation leaves. After five years, it becomes 22 days, and after 20 fruitful years of employment, the personnel receives almost a month of vacation leaves. Do note that the amount varies with the decision of the company. Now that there’s time for new adventures, what are some exciting things individuals can do on their vacation?

Trying a New Hobby

With some time in your hands, it’s probably the perfect opportunity to work on a new recreational activity. You can start experimenting with a modern art style to decorate different rooms in the house. Or begin learning a few tricks in the kitchen in case some friends over for brunch or dinner. Some even start a regime to increase stamina or lose weight. There are hundreds of approaches you can try to find the hobby that fits well with your schedule.

Complete Unfinished Projects

A buzzing work schedule disrupts home projects and plans. With all the tasks piling up at the office, you tend to forget some crafty and artsy ideas you had in mind. For instance, you have unfinished pieces of crochet bags and pillows lying in the corner. On this vacation leave, you have the option to complete them.

Explore Another City or Country

Perhaps one of the most popular things that you can do when on vacation is traveling to another city or country. In reality, planning a trip somewhere far has its pros and cons. But it’s an excellent way of finding peace and happiness. Many people treasure journeys outside the country because of the profound effect once they come back home. Nevertheless, it is essential to carefully plan the trip and make sure the finances are sufficient.

Going to the Beach or Forest

Instead of staying indoors, some people spend their vacation camping in the forest or by the beach. Being close with nature can bring a different vibe of jubilation to these folks. In general, going for outdoor activities can be a fun approach to lessen stress and increase motivation. Although these adventures are not for everybody, it can still be something to think about.

How to Make a Comprehensive Vacation Leave Format?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) did a study in 2015 to measure the percentage of employees who receive the paid vacation benefit. The findings of the research showed 90% of full-time or regular workers employed in various private institutions do enjoy paid vacation credits. Having this compensation helps employees whenever different situations require their attendance and attention. If you are running a business, getting a vacation leave format is necessary.

Step 1: Identify Required Information

When making the form, begin by pinpointing the necessary details that will be relevant to the HR Department. For example, the dates of the proposed leave (month, time, and day), the reasons, the department where the employee is stationed, and the immediate heads. Other information can be contact details, position in the company, and ID number. The final output depends on the decision of HR.

Step 2: Organize the Content

If all the blanks are complete, the next part will be the organization of the content. The vacation leave form should be consistent and easy to read. Moreover, the document has to be professionally written, with elegant fonts. To save time, it must have a systemic guide for the convenience of the admin.

Step 3: Include Reminders and Notice

To finish the material, you can include simple reminders about leave notices and emails to superiors. The form should also incorporate the rules of leave credits to remind everyone about the company policy. On some occasions, particular sections in the company regulations guide can be present in the leave form.

Step 4: Print the Document

After everything is complete, the planners can start printing the material. Since possible changes can happen in the office, only print an adequate number of copies. Send the document to the respective departments that need them and wait when one employee files for a vacation leave.



Can anyone directly file for a vacation leave?

Every employee can take the day off and have absences, but not everyone gets paid for it. To apply for a paid vacation leave, the employee must be with the company for more than six months. As a regular employee, he or she is entitled to leave benefits, including sick leave credits. This agreement is still dependent on the provisions of the company.

What happens if I used all my leave credits and needed to leave work again?

In this circumstance, the employee can file for leave but will not receive pay. When this happens, it will be known as “leave without pay.” Additionally, having many absences can taint your record as an employee of the enterprise. If that happens, you should talk with the HR manager to smoothen things out.

Will I receive payment from my unused vacation leave credit?

Some companies convert unused leave credits into cash at the end of the year. On the other hand, other businesses encourage their employees to make use of the leave credits before the year finishes. So, this scheme depends on the business plans of the company. Check the information from the Human Resources Department before signing the contract.

Do I need a letter when I want to use my vacation leave credit?

Having a letter is unnecessary if you already signed the document. The vacation leave template serves as the request form for the desired time off work. But if the employer demands a letter from you, then have to provide one.

Everyone considers time a valuable asset when it comes to business and work. Being on schedule, following plans, and finishing reports—all of these pertain to a sense of constraint in time, completing everything before the deadline. But not all have to be centered on work and the development of the business. At certain points, we should also be enjoying our time living in our personal spaces or going out there to learn something new. Hence, taking a vacation to appreciate the simple joys of life matters.