What Is HR?

A company can produce products and services of the highest quality when various teams and departments at all levels work together seamlessly, like cogs and gears. Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Operations, and Human Resources work hand in hand to make the best out of an organization. But, there are instances when lesser importance is given to Human Resources because most of its activities are seen to be liabilities rather than assets. However, the role of this department is not only limited to recruitment strategies and events organizing within the company. It aims to cultivate the ideal work culture and environment that is beneficial to both the management and employees.

Types of HR Documents and Forms

As one of the primary structures within a company, Human Resources has several HR documents and forms with particular uses. Usage of these documents helps in the faultless executions of the department’s processes. Here are several types of Human Resource documents and their purpose:

Recruitment Forms: Human Resources aim to bring in a superior workforce to increase the advantage of the company over others. Our website provides recruitment-related forms for both the management and applicants.

Leave Forms: Another central task is to track the number and types of leaves the employee is entitled to. It includes sick leaves, vacation leaves, maternity leaves, among others.

Performance Management Forms: Together with the direct managers of the employees, HR is also responsible for keeping a record of the performance of the employees. It handles the trackers and the survey questionnaires.

Employee Handbooks: Employee handbooks contain rules and regulations to make sure that the area is conducive for both professional and personal growth.

Improve HR Processes Using Our Samples

Start-up and small-time businesses often overlook the importance of having a separate department for Human Resources because of financial issues. But, a sector that focuses on the welfare of the employees is essential in any context. We have ready-made and professionally-written HR documents that you can easily customize to fit your company needs. We already compiled the necessary documents for you, so download your copies now!