51+ Sample Employee Lists

What Are Employee Lists?

An employee list is an official document used to gather all the basic and essential information of every employee in an organization. The list would note the employees’ names, emergency contact info, job positions, base salaries, visa status, compensations, and many more. Once new hires are under an employment agreement, they will officially be added to the list. And these lists are used as references for whatever business-related purpose.

Based on a 2019 report, there were over 155.76 million people employed in America.

The Common Elements of an Employee List

In every business, an employee list’s content doesn’t have to be the same. It depends on the company on what specific details should be covered in the list. But generally, employee lists would tackle the following:

Employee’s Basic Information: An employee list naturally inputs each employee’s name, address, contact number, job position or department, birthday, and other basic employee information form. And it all leads down to identifying who the employee is.Essential Business Documents: Sometimes, the list gathers details about important business documents and attachments. For example, the list covers the tax identification number, bank account number, visa status, and more.Salary or Payroll Data: In a company, not all employees are paid the same amount. So HR can refer to the employee list about all the workers’ base salaries and other data of the payroll report.Emergency Contact: One of the most important elements is the employee’s emergency contact list. This section is for tracking purposes. In case you can’t contact an employee’s phone, social media, or email, at least HR can refer to the employee’s list of emergency contacts, may it be the worker’s spouse, family, or best friend.Leave, Compensation, Insurance Details: Other relevant data would be each employee’s available sick or vacation leave, compensation, insurance information, etc. Other examples go further depending on the manager’s purpose for making the list.

How to Craft an Employee List

It’s time to apply what you learned to the next level by creating the employee list itself. You can easily create such lists with sample employee lists, as seen above. Just pick a template to set the content, format, style, design, and more. And in order to perfect your employee list’s details, kindly follow these steps:

Step 1: Know Your Purpose and Goals

First of all, what are your company’s purpose and smart goals for making the employee list? Do you want to collate specifically on each employee’s personal information or maybe for payroll and accounting purposes? The point is you would know what set of employee information is worth gathering when you settle your goals ahead.

Step 2: Organize with Tables and Other Graphical Data

As you begin listing all the employee information required, don’t forget to arrange your data with tables, bar graphs, charts, and other graphical data. Indeed, a general list merely incorporates a numbered set of data for each employee but you can also be more creative and organized with visual organizers. And if they are making your list easier, the better.

Step 3: Focus on Relevant Employee Information Only

While it is good to be detailed with the employee list, try to avoid overdoing it as well. Maybe you grabbed too much information sheet like what an employee does every single minute. Relevance is the key. So if you need the information for recordkeeping, focus on recordkeeping-worthy data alone.

Step 4: Update the List Regularly for Possible Changes

Everything written in the employee list can be changed from time to time. So be prepared for regular updates like when the salary amount changes, bank account changes, or if a new employee shall be added. Thus, take evaluations form regularly in case you need to change the list’s details so that the employee list stays dependable for long.


Why is an employee list important?

Employee lists are important depending on the intentions of making them. One common example is for the sake of organizing all the employees’ files or business documents. Also, an employer can tell which employees met and failed to meet their expectations. More so, the list is useful in setting a training plan and checking who else has not completed the employment requirements yet.

What are other names of an employee list?

An employee list can be referred to as a rota, roster, master list, daily schedule, or simply list of employees.

What does EIN mean?

EIN is an acronym for an employer identification number. It is a unique serial number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) towards companies in America for identification reasons.

Employee information plays a crucial role in the employment sector. Without it, HR might be unsure of who they are working with. And using an employee list is helpful for many reasons besides simply identifying each worker. So the next time you need to make an employee list pronto, download sample employee lists right away!