Diversity Statement

What is a Diversity Statement Sample?

A diversity statement sample is a written example of a personal statement that showcases an individual’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. These samples are often used in various contexts, including graduate school applications, job applications, and within organizations. An individual’s personal experiences, perspectives, and values in relation to diversity and inclusion are generally brought to light in a diversity statement. By providing a diversity statement sample, individuals can gain insight into how to craft an effective and compelling statement. These samples can also provide guidance on what to include and how to structure a diversity statement, making the process of writing one more manageable and less daunting.

Several statistical reports showcase the importance of using diversity statements and a diversity action plan in many businesses and organizations. A diverse workforce is vital when evaluating job offers, according to a Glassdoor poll of 67% of job searchers. In a Deloitte research, 69% of CEOs classified “diversity and inclusion” as a fundamental element for their organizations. Similarly, a McKinsey research discovered that firms with racial and ethnic diversity in the top quartile are 35% more likely to have financial returns that are higher than the national industry medians for each of their various fields.

Types of Diversity Statements

Diversity statements come in various types, each with a unique purpose and audience. These statements range from personal diversity statements to those for graduate school or graduate school statements, job applications, and organizations. 

Diversity Statement for Graduate School: This type of diversity statement highlights an individual’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the academic setting. It often focuses on experiences and perspectives related to diversity in the classroom and research. Personal Diversity Statement: A person’s unique experiences, opinions, and aspirations in relation to diversity and inclusion are expressed in their personal diversity statement. It can be applied in a range of situations, such as job applications and organizations. Teaching Diversity Statement: Also known as an academic diversity statement or a school statement for diversity, a teaching diversity statement emphasizes an individual’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the classroom. It typically includes examples of how the individual has incorporated diversity and inclusion into their teaching practices. Diversity Statement for Job Application: A diversity statement for job applications highlights an individual’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It typically includes examples of how the individual has promoted diversity and inclusion in their previous work experiences. Law Firm Diversity Statement: A law firm diversity statement highlights a law firm’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. It commonly includes examples of how the law firm has implemented diversity and inclusion initiatives. Statement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: An organization’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion is reiterated in a statement of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Examples of how the organization has implemented diversity and inclusion efforts into practice are usually presented, along with the organization’s principles in this regard. Graduate School Diversity Essay: Similar to the diversity statement for graduate school, the diversity essay highlights an individual’s experiences and perspectives related to diversity and inclusion. It is typically required as part of the application process for graduate school. Medical School Diversity Essay: The medical school diversity essay showcases a student’s dedication to encouraging inclusion and diversity in the medical community. Examples of how the person has worked to promote inclusion and diversity in the past are frequently included. Company Diversity Statement: A company’s commitment to encouraging diversity and inclusion at work appears in its diversity statement. Examples of the company’s diversity and inclusion activities are often included, along with the company’s diversity and inclusion-related principles. Leadership Diversity Statement: A leadership diversity statement demonstrates a leader’s dedication to initiating inclusion and diversity within their company or sector. The leader’s beliefs about diversity and inclusion are usually stated, along with instances of how they have been put into practice.

Benefits of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in a Society

Diversity, equality, and inclusion are crucial in creating a fair and just society. They help to promote acceptance, understanding, and respect for all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds or differences. Here are some of the notable benefits of diversity, equality, and inclusion in a society that you may include in your diversity statement:

Enhanced Social Cohesion and Community Building: A society that values diversity and inclusion fosters a sense of belonging and community, leading to greater social cohesion and cooperation. Improved Economic Performance and Competitiveness: Companies and societies that embrace diversity and inclusion are more attractive to a diverse range of talent, leading to improved economic performance and competitiveness. Also, a culture that promotes diversity, equality, and inclusion offers chances for everyone to flourish personally and professionally, regardless of their backgrounds or differences. Improved Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Diversity of thought and experience leads to more effective problem-solving and decision-making, as different perspectives and approaches are considered. Increased Innovation, Creativity, Engagement, and Participation: More perspectives and insights are attainable in a diverse society, which leads to more distinctive and innovative approaches to problems. An inclusive society encourages participation and engagement from all individuals, leading to a more active and engaged community. Increased Empathy, Respect, and Understanding of Others: Exposure to many cultures and viewpoints fosters empathy and multicultural awareness, which increases tolerance and reduces prejudice. Diversity, equality, and inclusion foster respect for and understanding of many cultures, viewpoints, and experiences, which results in a society that is more amicable or harmonious.

How to Develop a Diversity Statement

Developing a diversity statement requires careful thought, reflection, and consideration of the organization’s values and goals. The statement should clearly articulate the organization’s commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion and how it plans to promote and maintain these values. Here are some steps to develop an effective diversity statement.

Step 1: Define Your Values and Goals

Specify your organization’s values and goals around diversity, equality, and inclusion. This can involve reviewing sample diversity statements, such as those for graduate school, job applications, law firms, or companies, for inspiration and guidance.

Step 2: Consider Your Target Audience

When crafting your diversity statement, consider the target audience, whether it’s graduate school admissions committees, potential employers, or the general public. You can then modify your statement to make it more dynamic and interactive.

Step 3: Provide Concrete Examples

Provide specific instances of how your company supports and upholds diversity, equality, and inclusion in your statement to increase its impact. This could include specific initiatives, policies, or practices that demonstrate your commitment.

Step 4: Evaluate and Revise Continuously

Developing a diversity statement is an ongoing process. Maintain consistency with your organization’s values and goals and the promotion of diversity, equality, and inclusion by periodically reviewing and revising your statement.


Where can I find short diversity statement examples?

There are eclectic resources online where you can search for short diversity statement examples, such as on university and college websites or career development websites. 

Where can I find a diversity statement for a job application?

Many employers now require job applicants to submit a diversity statement as part of their job or employment application materials such as job application forms. You can find examples of diversity statements for job applications on career development websites, or you can consult with your career counselor or mentor for guidance on crafting a strong diversity statement.

What is a personal diversity statement?

A personal diversity statement is a written document that highlights an individual’s personal commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It typically includes information about the individual’s background, experiences, and values related to diversity and how they plan to promote diversity in their personal and professional life.

What is a statement of diversity, equity, and inclusion sample?

A statement of diversity, equity, and inclusion sample is a written document that outlines an organization’s commitment to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace or community. In most cases, it outlines the organization’s principles and objectives in relation to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as the practical steps it intends to take to pursue diversity.

A study by the Center for Talent Innovation found that companies with more diverse workforces are better able to innovate and develop new products and services, which can lead to a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Therefore, diversity plays a significant role in our society, and promoting it is integral for creating a more inclusive and equitable world. Individuals and organizations may effectively convey their commitment to expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion by using diversity statements. Individuals and organizations can find guidance and inspiration from diversity statement examples to assist with writing captivating statements that encapsulate their unique views and life experiences. These forms, regardless of whether they’re diversity statements for job applications, corporate or law firm diversity statements, or teaching diversity statements, can support the development of a more multifaceted, equitable, and inclusive society. Easily access and download from our unique collection of sample statement templates such as credibility statements, university equity statements, and dissertation problem statements