What Is a Graduate School Statement?

A graduate school statement is an essay that demonstrates that a student is suited for a course. It is a requirement for the application to a graduate school program. This may help you have a prompt for your needed personal statement. You may base your essay on the topic of the prompt that will be given to you. You ought to be careful when making one since you need to impress the academic committee with your writing. You have to show an interesting character that they will like. This is your chance to be accepted into graduate school. So, you have to give your all to write at your best.

Some examples of a graduate school statement are a graduate school statement of purpose, a graduate school statement of interest, and a graduate school statement of goals. In these statements, you have to prove that you have good objectives for the graduate program. Focus on the best aspect of your personality. You have to convince the academic committee that you will be able to finish your course. That you are a good student who is suited for the course that you want. You need to portray good qualities and outstanding characteristics. Showcase your academic skills that can contribute to society.

You have to write something specific in your personal essay. Show ways that make you unique as an individual. So, using anecdotes will be advisable for you to impress your audience. You have to remain true while you are writing the essay. Consider the structure and comply with the standards of the university. Know what can be appealing to the audience. Highlight what you can do. You should tell what you expect from the program that you want to have. Having these things can let the academic committee know about your character. They can judge if you will be suited for the program that you desire.

To be a professional is one of our greatest dreams. To be sure that you can be headed in the right direction, you need to be great in your personal essay. The personal statement should be approved by the academic committee. This is your only chance to enter the graduate school program. Let the committee know about your purpose for pursuing admission. If they will know about your dreams, they can sympathize with you and give you a chance to be admitted to the university. For one thing, you need to set a good image in the eyes of the committee. So, you have to ascertain that you can state good traits about yourself in the personal statement. This can make the academic committee admire your guts and they can trust in your abilities.

Tips on Graduate School Statement

As a beginner, creating a graduate school statement from scratch can be daunting when you don’t know where to start. So, to help you ease your concerns, we offer you a few tips you can use in the future. They are the following:

Use Good Points: By being able to state some good points in your essay, you can make it interesting. You have to tell good things to make the academic committee see that you have a good background. They can consider you a strong candidate if you will be able to enumerate good points in your essay. If you have to say something, select a good standpoint to explain everything. Everything should be well said so that you can have a great essay. You can also catch the attention of your readers if you have great storytelling techniques. Remember, you have to make your audience hooked with your essay. They must be able to understand your viewpoint. This way, they will approve of everything that you have to say.Be Specific: You have to be specific in your personal statement. If you are going to tell something, you do not have to tell a very long story to say your point. Be definite with everything that you have to say. Being specific is a good work strategy that can help you to express yourself to the audience. You can be able to make them know about your character. They will not be misled by any misunderstandings. You can be sure that they will get what you mean. There is no reason for being obscure in your essay. You have to prove that you are a good writer that can deliver what you have to relay. Be specific and the readers will understand your purpose.Do Your Research: You should be responsible for doing your research. There must be some winning statements that the university has been accepting. You should know them. This way, you can tailor the statement specifically for the university. You will know the likes of the academic committee and you will be aware of their standards. You can write rightfully if this will happen. You can be sure that whatever you will write will be according to the preferences of the committee. You will know how you can praise the university that can be according to their taste. You will not sound like a fool in your essay. You can know whatever you have to do to make your personal statement great.Address Any Gaps: You should address any problem with your application. Defend yourself for any gaps that the committee may find. If you have low grades on standardized tests, you may want to explain your reasons why it has happened. If you have low grades on your transcript, you should explain the reason also. Just be sure that your reasons are valid. Do not bother to explain if the reason is your negligence. Whatever problem the academic committee may find in your application, be swift to explain. If you have valid reasons, then it is your right and responsibility to explain what has truly happened. Somewhere out there, if you have valid reasons, the academic committee will understand you. So, you can pass the test even if there is a great gap in your application.Start Strong and Finish Strong: A great introduction is an essential key to your essay. You have to start strong. You have to show that you have good character. By starting strong, you can show that you have a good bearing and you have the confidence to make it to college. By doing this, you can immediately get the interest of your readers. They will like whatever you are going to say if you will start strong. They will have interested to read your personal essay up to the end. Also, you need to finish strong. You have to make a good conclusion for your essay. Or you have to end on a very positive note. It is as if you are having a good climax to your essay. Be sure that your audience will be entertained by whatever you will be saying. By finishing strong, you can leave a good impression on the academic committee.Have the Right Tone: You must speak in a good tone to catch the attention of your readers. Speak like a professional to let them see that you are suitable for the professional world. Be professional in your writing. You need a good tone so that the audience will like your personal essay. Show a glimpse of your personality so that the academic committee will have a hint of your character. Do not make jokes or use any humorous writing. It is not the time to make jokes. You ought to be completely professional in your writing. Show the academic committee that you are a good student who can be trusted and can be good at writing.Read Instructions: You have to be careful in reading the prompt. You should read it carefully. You have to remember that instructions are important. You can get the academic committee disappointed if they will see that you have mistakes in following the instructions. This may get your essay rejected. So, before writing, read the prompt carefully. Be sure to follow the instructions correctly. You can keep the standards of the university by following instructions. This is very important in any admission essay. If you can keep their standards, you will have a sure chance that you will be admitted to the graduate school program.Proofread and Proofread Again: After writing, everything is not finished yet. You have to be sure with your personal essay. To do this, you need to proofread your essay over and over again. Do not be content with single proofreading. You must ensure that you have no grammatical errors in your essay. You have to ascertain that you have written well. If there is some incoherence in your writing, you may want to edit your essay. This way, you can better express what you have to say. You can better explain your point. Remember that you have to proofread your work a couple of times. This will make your work perfect.Ask Help: Making your personal statement is a one-time opportunity. You have to ascertain that you will not fail on this chance. To be able to do this, you must ask for the help of your friends and family in writing your essay. You may have friends who are good at writing and they can teach you how to write a great essay. Ask their opinion about the concept that you will have for your essay. This way, you can gather ideas that can help you to write better. Ask for a moment of their time to teach you to write better. Meet with them for some time to help you prepare to make your graduate school statement. Friends and families are meant to be shared with good times. You should share with them your chance of being admitted into college.Have Reflection: You will have to make your personal statement once so you have to ponder about everything. What are you going to write? How can you touch on the topic? What stories can you include in your personal essay? There are questions that you may need to ask yourself first so that you will know what to write in your essay. Have a self-reflection so that you may be able to reflect your character in your writing. Remember, your essay should mirror your good qualities. So, you have to be good at how you are going to express them.Be Authentic: The academic committee can know if you are being phony. They know what is genuine from what is not. So, you have to be true to everything that you have to say. Make the audience see that you are speaking true and accurate things. You cannot fake your essay. It will just make it be rejected.Keep It Relevant: You must know that you should include relevant things only. You must not use any jargon in your essay. Use the right information only. Speaking only of things that you know will impress the readers. Everything has to do with your good qualities and unique character.

How to Write a Graduate School Statement

To make your graduate school statement professional, convincing, and well-written, you need to follow the format required by your school and you need to constantly write, review, and correct your content every now and then. If you need help in the process, below are a few simple steps in writing a graduate school statement.

Step 1: Know What is Ask of You

First of all, you must know what the university requires. You must know what they need in a graduate school statement. To be able to impress them, you must comply with their preferences. Doing this can make you create an essay outline that will be according to their standards.

Step 2: Be Selective with Details

You have to be selective with the details that you can give for your essay. You should ensure that what you will be going to say will impress your readers. Your stories must earn good points for you. Do not include irrelevant things. They can just make your statement less interesting.

Step 3: Make Your Statement Unique

Your statement should be one of a kind. So do not copy generic statements that will just make your statement speak like a robot. Be sure that you can mention unique and interesting things about yourself and your dreams about the program that you want to take.

Step 4: Ask for Feedback

After you have written your statement, there is one thing that you need to do. You must ask for feedback evaluation. Ask your friends or family for their opinion of your essay. Is it good enough? What is lacking in your essay? Do they find your personality good? Can you be accepted into the university because of it? You need to know their opinions so that you can adjust your essay to be better. After knowing what they think, you must edit your essay. Make it perfect.


Should I use a template for my personal statement?

Yes, ready-made templates are best at giving you a headstart when writing your grad school personal statements since they already provide you with a pre-written format, structure, and content to guide you in the process. However, note that you also need to make your content unique and original.

Is a graduate school statement necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. The university has to know the character of the students. They should know if they are suitable for the graduate school program.

If you truly want to have a graduate degree, you should start practicing writing the graduate school statement. It can help you to be admitted to the program that you want. You can have your dreams if you are prepared for writing. To give you a headstart, you can make use of our graduate school statement templates. This post has 5+ SAMPLE Graduate School Statements in PDF. Create a great statement with the help of these templates. Download now!