Merge PDF

What Is Merge PDF?

A Merge PDF is an efficient and professional application software designed to combine and manipulate multiple PDF documents, forms, and other files such as invoices and mail documents for personal or professional use. It is a one-of-a-kind document editing program that allows the user to easily and quickly combine, merge, and split any documents in a variety of file formats. Business owners, project managers, and other working professionals, as well as high school and college students, use a Merge PDF app to combine different files into a single PDF document.

Based on a 2020 statistical report, many employees and workers spend an average of 50% of their time creating, editing, and revising documents like data reports. To solve their document management issues, business firms search for effective document management apps like PDF editors and PDF merger software applications to reduce their errors and expenses.  So, a Merge PDF app is a useful document processing software that helps you to minimize errors and reduce file management costs. 

Best PDF Merger Tools

Create fillable PDF versions of your important business documents, edit them thoroughly, and merge your PDF documents faster using the perfect PDF editor and PDF merger tool. What are the best PDF merger tools that you can use to combine PDF files quickly? 

1. Adobe Acrobat 

Also referred to as Adobe PDF, Adobe Acrobat is an impressive app software commonly used in diverse fields and sectors for project management and documentation. It is a Windows, Mac, and web-based program that offers a free trial and paid versions, allowing you to split and combine PDF files and organize the same document through different methods such as arranging, extracting, inserting, rotating, and replacing pages.

2. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is a powerful PDF merger platform for cloud connectivity that lets you alter and merge your PDF documents. Use this software to batch PDF import options, keep the original PDF size and orientation, and split documents to remove any unnecessary pages from their original versions.

3. PDF Merge

PDF Merge is a PDF merger tool specifically for Android users. Easily arrange your PDF documents in your preferred order and import them from multiple sources like on a website. Plus, it acts as a PDF compressor as it offers PDF compression options while maintaining the original document quality intact. Having a simple and modern user interface design, PDF Merge is a fantastic app that enables you to rearrange PDF files before merging, compress documents, encrypt the merged PDF file with a password for security, and combine a limitless number of PDF documents. 

4. PDF Candy

If you are always working with PDF documents on the go, use online document processing tools like PDF Candy for your convenience. It is a wonderful web-based PDF editing tool with an intuitive interface and compatible with Windows, Android, Mac OS, iOS, and Linux that allows you to combine PDF files without a hitch. 

5. PDFSam Basic

One of the impeccable desktop-based PDF combiners for Windows, Mac, and Linux is PDFSam Basic. As a free, limitless, and open-source PDF merging tool, you can merge unlimited files and use batch processing tools if you have multiple PDF files to work with. You can choose to combine specific pages, page ranges, or overall PDF documents. It also helps you to organize the bookmarks of your merged PDF files when you drop the existing ones to save space or create new bookmarks as a whole. 

Benefits of PDF Merger Tools

A 2018 report stated that document management issues account for more than 21% of daily work productivity loss. Many business firms, institutions, and organizations facilitate the use of various PDF editors and Merge PDF tools to boost their work efficiency and minimize file management issues. What are the major benefits of using Merge PDF apps and PDF merger software programs? 

Mail Merge: Most PDF editor and PDF combiner tools allows their users to merge a list of names and addresses to a single letter that can be delivered to different individuals in their respective names and addresses. PDF combiner tools also enable them to create categories, a single letter document with variable information fields inside, or labels. So, these excellent PDF combiner tools help you to easily customize a mail merge when you organize the address data and combine it into a single PDF document.Saves a Lot of Time and Promotes Sustainability: PDF merger apps and software programs are beneficial because they save a lot of time and work effort when you organize your PDF documents and other files in other file formats such as Docs and Word. They are eco-friendlier and more sustainable than the traditional method of organizing papers, printing, and scanning hard copies of documents. A free PDF file merger is ideal for you if you always deal with documents that are often getting revised or rewritten such as construction license agreements, house sale contracts, and legal letters. Seamless Project Collaboration for Teams: Professionals, as well as students and teachers, utilize Merge PDF tools when they have projects that require multiple individuals to submit or share their files and to combine important files. If you need to work and meet with each other remotely and are unable to hold an in-person meeting with all your team members, your team can use PDF editor and PDF combiner software programs to work efficiently and simultaneously as you deal with various documents such as proposals and plans, and projects that require comprehensive research progress reports. These apps can help you share essential data with ease with other people, for example, when you need to send your CV, cover letter, project portfolio, and recommendation letter for a job application. Thus, use fine PDF merger software to speed up the process of your work and make sure that your document has everything it needs. Document Archiving: If you need to securely store documents that have information that is no longer regularly being used in your office or department, there are PDF combiner software platforms out there that allow you to keep your files secured for extended periods. Use PDF merger tools to store files and documents electronically and to combine endless archives into a single document. In this way, you can access the fundamental information seamlessly rather than navigating from one file to another one. These document management tools are great for researchers who mostly work on managing archive files. Saves Storage Space: Using a PDF combiner can help you organize your large PDF files that usually take up extensive space like 3D graphic illustrations, images, vector charts, graphs, and tables. Transfer your files and PDF documents between your devices in just a second when you use a Merge PDF app. It helps you consolidate each document into one compact file. No need to worry about how much storage space you will need. 

How to Merge PDF Documents

If you are having a difficult time organizing your PDF files and other documents, select the right Merger PDF tool to increase your work productivity. What are the simple steps and methods to combine PDF documents using PDF merger tools?

Step 1: Edit and Merge Digitally Signed PDFs

It is hard to combine PDFs and maintain digital signatures intact at the same time. However, you can perform other methods to combine them properly. Use a stamp to include digital signatures in the merged PDF document.

Step 2: Insert a PDF Document into a Google Doc

Use an online or web-based PDF combiner to bring your PDF and Google Drive workflow to the next level while you work on integrating your PDFs and Google Docs. For example, use a PDF to JPG online converter tool to merge your PDF into your Google Doc.

Step 3: Convert Google Doc to PDF and Merge

Open your Google Doc, navigate to File, click Download, then PDF Document (.pdf), and save the file to your desktop or mobile device. Open the PDF file you want to attach to the former Google Doc in a PDF combiner tool. Tap the Edit tab and click on Merge.

Step 4: Combine PDFs in Windows and Mac

Use Adobe Acrobat DC to edit and combine your PDF documents if you are using Windows. For Mac users, utilize the Preview app to drag and drop the individual page thumbnails or the entire PDF file into another thumbnail to combine them and make a single document.

Step 5: Merge PDF Files on Android

Download and install the PDF combiner app compatible with your Android device. Open the application and choose the Merge PDF option and select the documents from your device storage that you want to combine into a single document.


Can you combine PDF documents for free?

Yes. For example, you can use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe PDF editor to combine PDF documents with ease and comfort because you don’t need to create an Adobe account or sign in to your Adobe account to accomplish this. 

How to combine multiple files into a single document in Microsoft?

If you need to merge different MS Word files into a single document, go to MS Word, select Object, and choose Text from File from the drop-down menu. Then, select the files you want to merge in the order in which they appear in the file list into the current document and press and hold the Ctrl key. 

What are the best Merge PDF tools?

Some of the best Merge PDF and PDF combiner tools highly recommended in many industries are Adobe Acrobat, Soda PDF, Google Drive, PDF Candy, and PDFSam Basic. 

Merging PDF documents and other files is an easy task that you can quickly accomplish even without having basic technical expertise. There are a vast of PDF merger or PDF combiner tools available out there that are all-inclusive tools with an intuitive, minimalist user interface design that you can easily use to edit documents with text, tables, and images, sort PDFs automatically, and merge unlimited files into one compact document. provides wide-ranging PDF document and form templates for cluster sampling and other processes that you can download and use for your document management work